Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pray For The Gulf Coast

Just remember to lift up those who are going through this. This is much worse than we could have ever imagined. God be with them!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane Reporters

There is nothing more hilarious than when they send out these poor shlubbs out into the eye of the hurricane to report on what's going on. I wonder if they realize what they are there for. CNN already knows what it looks like inside a hurricane. So what's going on? You guessed it! They are hoping to be the station that has their reporter beaned in side of the head with a Burger King sign. And strangely enough that is what all the rest of us are hoping to see as well. Half the time they can't even face the camera because of the stinging rain. Couldn't they just leave a camera running. Yesterday I was watching one station and their reporter just barely missed getting hit with a large chunk of metal by inches. I was like, "Dang it! So close!".
Ok, so maybe I don't really want that to happen. But you know if it did the ratings would go through the roof. Especially after they replayed it 10,000 times.
Let's all hope they at least get hazard pay. Being out there is kind of like being in a war zone, except with a lot less turbans.
If I were a hurricane reporter I'd be sitting in a Chili's about 30 miles away from the hurricane eating ribs. "The wind is really blowing here so you can imagine what it must be like in the actual hurricane. This is Aaron reporting from hurricane Sally....I'm out!"

I'm out.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Top 10's Songs

It's top 10's. Finding out what people watch, listen to, and read is interesting to me. It fascinates me. Also it doesn't have to be 10, just give your top 5, or even top 3.

Let's go for Songs. Ok, here's my top 10 songs in no particular order. Keep in mind that my list changes a lot. This is my current top 10:

* A Change Is Gonna Come -- Sam Cooke (Probably my favorite of all time.)

* It Is Well With My Soul -- Phillip Bliss

* Never Going Back Again -- Fleetwood Mac (outstanding guitar song!)

* Abide With Me -- Henry F. Lyte

* Bad As They Seem -- Hayden

* The Blowers Daughter -- Damian Rice

* This Year's Love -- David Gray

* Let It Be Me -- The Everly Brothers

* Fields Of Gold -- Eva Cassidy (Best voice I have ever heard.)

* These Arms Of Mine -- Otis Redding

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Friday, August 26, 2005

Crawford Texas Becomes Mental Ward

Today would be a good day to rob a home for the mentally insane because most of them are down in Texas. I mean it has become a virtual who's who of quacks and leftist hacks down in Crawford. I heard a report that even PETA has set up camp down there.. What, are too many ticks getting killed in Iraq?
Today I read that Al Sharpton was heading down to Crawford to join the "peace mom". You know that you've hit the Academy Awards of insanity when the good Rev. Sharpton takes time away from his oh so busy day, probably preparing this Sunday's sermon for his church flock, to come to join your cause.
Let me just speak on the stupidity of calling this woman a "peace mom". That's laughable. This woman and the other treasonous weasels surrounding her could care less about peace. (I call her the "Soros mom". She probably hopes we'll forget that George Soros bought her paid in full.) The media refuses to report that she recently called the terrorists, the very same ones that killed her son, "freedom fighters." You can not believe in peace, yet call the terrorists freedom fighters. It's insanity on a higher plane. They carved up 3,000 Americans, killed and are still killing countless innocent lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are still trying to kill Americans...They are not Freedom Fighters. Meanwhile Americans are going out of their way, even at the cost of their own lives, to spare enemy soldiers. Often even after they have been shot by that very terrorist.
Cindy Sheehan has dollar signs in her eyes..There is no longer any doubt in my mind about that. I'm quite sure there is a payment in her bank account from Michael Moore or George Soros himself. And you can bet a book deal is forthcoming. Nice try Cindy! Peace loving protestor my foot!

In other angering news..

The report that the anti-war protestors were at Walter Reed Army Medical Center with coffins lined up on the sidewalk chanting "maimed for lies" should infuriate everyone. I think most of us would turn a blind eye if anyone one of those wounded soldiers would like to come out of the hospital, take off their artificial leg, and proceed to beat any one of those protestors like it's going out of style. That would be enough to make me stand and applaud. These men are wounded for life, and now they have to put up with pansy, wannabe hippies don't even have enough courage to move out of their parents basement, much less give their bodies for freedom and their country. Each of these soldiers deserves a parade, not this embarassing display of self-serving mockery and disrespect.

Thank you to the American soldiers who are putting up with this. If I had my way, the penalty for treason would still apply...if you know what I mean!

And remember, if a PETA protestor approaches you, just hold a gun to a baby ducks head until they back away!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Living Document And
The Unelected Legislature

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The first amendment states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise therof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grieveances."

The far-left have some other constitution they call a "living document." It's first amendment says, "There is an inseperable wall between Church and State. Religion shall be supressed to only being expressed in private...."
Or something like that.

Through constant judicial activism, the ACLU has been one of the primary founders of this "living document", as well as many activist judges who have written it from the bench.

For example, the ACLU has constantly tried to redefine the First Amendment's protections of press and speech to include all kinds of filth and perverse things including child porn.

The Establishment Clause is one of the most abused sections in the Constitution, completely twisted out of context from its original meaning. For example the ACLU's claim that a voluntary prayer made by a high school valedictorian, selected on completely neutral grounds, or the posting of Ten Commandments by organizations with private funds on a public Courthouse lawn, somehow violates the Establisment Clause. Neither of these acts are done by Congress, nor are they "laws" that establish religion.

Many local governments across Georgia and other states begin their meetings with a prayer and reference the Christian deity during the invocation. However, the ACLU says doing so is unconstitutional, and last year federal courts in South Carolina agreed with them.

"The courts have said that if they are going to have these prayers, they have to be inclusive," said Maggie Garrett, a staff attorney for ACLU of Georgia who filed earlier this month against the Cobb County government for the practice.Source

What the majority thinks doesn't matter anymore. Former ACLU Executive Director Ira Glasser made that clear when he said in an ACLU press release after Alaska voted for a constitutional amendment to preserve the traditional definition of marraige, "Today's results prove that certain fundamental issues should not be left up to a majority vote."

See, the ACLU believes they know what is best for America, not the people. And this type of elitism defines them. Somtimes it is very obvious such as comparing religion to terrorism. And this guy was serious.

I'm gonna go ahead and start promoting a book that will be coming out very soon, which I highly suggest you all go out and buy when it does. I was sent an advance copy, and to illustrate my point...I'm gonna quote from The ACLU Vs. America by Alan Sears and Craig Osten.

"Dennis Prager, a well known columnist and radio host, perhaps best expressed the ACLU's worldview (and that of its allies) and its antagonism toward American values, when he wrote the following:"

To understand the worldwide ideological battle - especially the one between America itself - one must understand the vast differences between leftist and rightest worldviews and between secular and religious (specifically Judeo-Christian) values.

One of the most important of these differences is their attitudes toward law. Generally speaking, the Left and the secularists venerate, if not worship law. They put their faith in law-both national and international. For most of the Left, "Is it legal?" is usually the question that determines whether an action is right or wrong....

To the Left, legality matters most, while to the Right, legality matters far less than morality. To the Right and to the religious, the law, when it is doing its job, is only a vehicle to morality, never a moral end in itself. Even the Left has to acknowledge this. When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama, bus in 1955, she violated the law. Therefore, anyone who thinks she did the right thing is acknowledging that law must be subserviant to morality...

And why is the Left so enamored by law?

First, the Left, which is largely secular, regards morality no as absolute, but as relative. This inevitability leads to moral confusion, and no one likes to be morally confused. So instead of moral absolutes, the left holds legal absolutes. "Legal" for the Left is what "moral" is for the Right. The religious have a belief in a God-based moral law, and the Left believes in man-made law as the moral law.

Second, whereas they cannot change God's laws, those on the Left can and do make many of society's laws. In fact the Left is intoxicated with law-making. It gives them the power to mold society just as Judeo-Christian values did in the past. Unless one understands that the leftist ideals function as a religion, one cannot understand the Left.

Laws are the Left's vehicles to earthly salvation. Virtually all human problems have a legal solution. Some men harass women? Pass laws banning virtually every flirtatious action a man might engage in vis-a-vis a woman. Flood legislatures with laws preventing the creation of a "hostile work environment." Whereas the religious world has always worked to teach men how to act toward women, the secular world, lacking these religious values, passes laws to control men.

In fact, since it lacks the self-control apparatus that is a major part of religion, the Left passes more and more laws to control people. That is why there is a direct link between the decline in Judeo-Christian religion and the increase in governmental laws controlling human behavior.

Of course, the more laws that are passed, the less liberty society enjoys. But to the Left, which elevates any number of values above liberty-e.g. compassion, equality, fairness- this presents little problem.

All this helps to explain the Left's preoccupation with controlling courts; passing laws; producing, enriching and empowering lawyers; filing lawsuits; and naming judges. Laws and the makers of laws will produce heaven on earth. And that is why the Left hates the America....(that) says morality is higher than man-made law.

A very well written piece there that very accurately describes the situation. It isn't just the ACLU's fault that America is losing its moral values, a big part is also played by the judges who rule in their favor. Relativive moralism, and Political Correctness are eating America alive.

This type of thinking leads to totalitarian societies that the ACLU and its leftist allies say they oppose but Roger Baldwin admired during their "struggle in a transition period to Socialism." When society exalts individual rights over collective responsibility, then speech or actions seen as interfering with the right of the individual must be silenced. When law, instead of God, is seen as the salvation of mankind, more and more restrictive laws are passed to ultimately limit freedom rather than expand it.ACLU Vs. America

That is exactly what is happening. The ACLU is shaping America in its ugly socialist image. It is restricting liberty rather than protecting it. They censor speech rather than protect it. Public school teachers are scared to say "Merry Christmas", and County Commisions are afraid to pray in the name of Jesus.

If they continue their agenda unchallenged, they will create an America far from what our founding fathers fled in order to find freedom, and instead, we will become more like the countries the fled from.

But hope is not lost. ADF and other grassroots groups like Stop The ACLU, and other legal groups are here to fight. We can't do it without you. We want to expand our reach by getting an ad in the Washington Post. Go Here to see how you can help.

This was a production of Stop The ACLU blogburst. Almost 100 blogs already on board. If you want to join us go to our portal and register. Its very simple. We will add you to the mailing list and send you the rest of the info at that point.

Sites Already Onboard:

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Popular Online Petitions

I'm so gonna sign up for that whale one!

This was from The Onion. Last weeks edition.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pat Robertson

Why are we still getting shocked everytime Pat Robertson says something over the top? This week he wants to assassinate a world leader. A terrible, terrorist-harboring world leader no doubt, but a leader none the less.

Does Mr Robertson not pick up his Bible ever? Nations are the entities that makes these policies, not televangilists. And that's the way God planned it.(See Romans 13:4 ) I don't think that the U.S. should ever have a permanent policy of assassination. Now there may be times when a nation must do so in order to preserve life on a grander scale. But this certainly isn't one of those times. Not yet anyway.

I wish that Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell would step down from making statements to the press or on their various programs that clearly are designed for shock value. God doesn't need a spokesmen. Preaching the Gospel in America doesn't require shocking statements of a political or spiritual nature. Frankly I think our lifestyle should do the least here in America.

Anyway.. I think most Christians long ago distanced themselves from Pat Robertson. This round is no exception.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Pro Choice? Yeah right!

I was listening to a show called The Young Turks this week. The Young Turks is a rare leftwing radio talk show. Generally as a rule liberals are not good at radio..This show is no exception, but I sometimes listen anyway. Jill Pike often co-hosts the show. Well the topic last night was abortion. She starts going off about how people who have funerals for their unborn babies who have died due to miscarriage are "freaks". She went on to say that she is against any kind of attempt to "humanize the fetus."

Can you believe that? We've always known that the pro-choice movement is not pro-choice at all but simply pro-abortion...And in this case simply anti-child. We are called anti-abortion by the media because pro-life puts us in too much light for their taste. So if that's going to happen, then at least they ought to be called what they really are as well.


Saturday, August 20, 2005

Things You'll Never Hear People Say...

"What Scotch? Now? But it's only noon."
--Ted Kennedy

"Is it possible that I could get low fat dressing on that salad."
--Reuben Studdard

"I think I'll just sort of carelessly toss the soap around while I take my shower today."

"I'm sick of this dial-up. Honey I say we splurge a little and get broadband."
--Bill Gates

"First off, I'd like to thank the Academy......"
--Jessica Simpson

"I think I'll wear my khaki pants today."
--Richard Simmons

"The Communist Manifesto? No way, I don't have time to read that right now."
--Any ACLU member

"Chuck E. Cheese? No way, I don't have time to go there right now."
--Michael Jackson

"Dumb And Dumber was so much funnier the second time"
--Stephen Hawking (In a robotic voice)

"Phone call? I can't answer my phone now, we're in a theatre."

"Hey guys, c'mon, let's not bring our mothers into this."

"Hey, I think I'll sit still through the entire need to get up and leave"

Sorry those last three were kind of inside.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Why It's A Great Time
To Be A Republican

This past decade and a half the Republican base has been on fire. We have haven't been more proud of our president since Reagan. That's because George W. Bush is a real leader. We may not all always agree with his decisions. But hard decisions are being made none the less. As far as I can tell he hasn't once stuck his finger out the door of the White House to see which way the political winds are blowing. And he has stuck by the Iraq people. Thank God for that. Pulling out of Iraq would be a disaster...Isn't it ironic how the libs are always rooting for disaster?
Here are some other reasons why it is a great time to be a Republican...

* Our leaders have a plan and a reason for why they do what they do. The people who vote for them have the same plan in mind.

* Our party's entire plan doesn't consist of taking down the other party at all costs even if the methods of doing so are blatantly dishonest.

* The fringe right are generally still decent, and loving Americans who just desire things that some might find a tad extreme. That extreme is generally still sane and non-threatening. As opposed to the left fringe who just this week talked about how cool it would be if Bin Laden came to America and slashed George Bush's throat.

* Underneath President Bush's desk in the oval office is intern free.

* Even though the entire television broadcast media stations are anti-Bush save one, Our president is still right at historically average approval ratings.

* We didn't get our morals from an opinion poll in the New York Times.

* We are honest with ourselves about the war on terror. It's not a fight for oil. It's a fight for survival. We believe that it still IS a war on terror. Which it is.

* Our convention this year was an awesome display generated by the pride we had in our fearless leader. There's was an 8th grade SGA pizza party. Oh and there candidate was in Vietnam, did you know that!

* We have a healthy fear of the almighty God. God is our God. The liberals only God is themselves and politics. It's scary how many things are justifiable when the only person you have to answer to is yourself and Ted Kennedy.

* We still own guns. If you're sleeping over at someone's house and a murder breaks down the door...Would you rather be staying with a conservative or a liberal. That's right..a conservative, they probably own a gun. What's a liberal gonna do? Give the murderer a fatal papercut with a copy of the Communist Manifesto?

* We win elections. Even after the 8th illegal recount, we win elections.

It's party time over here on the right. It's doom and gloom time on the left. Who in the world wants to vote for a party that only promises appeasement and more taxes??? Vote republican!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sheehan Sells Her Soul To George Soros and Michael Moore

Unfortunately Cindy Sheehan has not backed down from her perch high up on sell out mountain. All around the web, fringe sites like,,, and code pink, have taken up Sheehan's misguided cause.
All it would have taken for Sheehan to have gained credibility for her cause would be if she had told Michael Moore and George Soros to get lost. Michael Moore represents the lunatic fringe of the left and George Soros and his stupid organization have been a great comfort to our enemy. The same enemy that killed Cindy Sheehan's son.

She has lost any and all credibility. If she wanted attention off of her, and on to the troops plight and her son's death, then she would have steered clear of any person or organization that have previously belittled the troops and called them baby killers. And unfortunately as Ann Coulter said yesterday, "I have a feeling every time this gal opens her trap, Michael Moore gets a residuals check."
Her dead son is most likely rolling over in his grave. Casey fought so hard for this country. His mom changed her tune after meeting with the president last year and has now called the President "The world's biggest terrorist."
It's perfectly clear that either Michael Moore, or George Soros got a hold of her and waved a dollar bill in front of her face, possibly even promising her a book deal down the road. And now she is probably coached on every word she says. It's the same script we have heard over and over since Bush got credit for the liberation of hostage nation. It's just a cameo part for Sheehan, the walk on role. Same tired screenplay.

Mrs. Sheehan,

Go mourn for your son in private, you have made your cause and your ideas into a laughing stock by aligning yourself with men and women who have given comfort to the enemies of the United States. The media would have given you a microphone for you to publicly draw attention to your son, but instead you took it and used it to bring the attention on yourself and your warped ideas. Dump Michael Moore and other fringe groups or kiss credibility goodbye.


The Life And Times

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

If Elvis Were Alive Today...

It's been 28 years since Elvis died and I was sitting here thinking what would have happened if he hadn't died so many years ago. Here's what I think...

* He'd be 70 years old this year, he'd probably be doing denture creme commercials.

* He'd weigh approximately 489 pounds.

* He'd be on his 4th "Farewell" tour.

* He and Wilford Brimley would be on daytime TV telling us to "Check your blood sugar, and check it often. You see there is just no reason not to."

* Graceland would be unkept, unmowed and Elvis would be down to 99 TV's.

* Elvis would have collaborated and performed duets with such notable modern acts like Cher, REO Speedwagon, Cyndi Lauper, Nelly, and Snoop Dogg.

* He would have probably been in those creepy Liza Minnelli and David Guest wedding photos, along with Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor.

* If Colonel Tom Parker were alive also, then he'd have Elvis doing two shows a day in Branson Missouri.

* He'd have a 23 year old wife.

The king is long gone, but if he were here at least one of the above would have to be true. I just know it.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sheehan Needs Your Attention

Well, now we know that Cindy Sheehan is really off her rocker. I mean I hate to disrespect a grieving mother but she is now quoted as saying this, "You get America out of Iraq and Israel out of Palestine and you'll stop the terrorism." She is also vowing not to pay taxes for 2004.
So now it becomes clear...She needed money to pay her taxes or to buy a car, or maybe a new house so she decided to sell out her dead son's name. I get it. It's sick. She's probably begging for a book deal.
For one thing, in her above statement she's claiming that the only terrorists are America and Israel. Stupidest...idea....ever. If she'd done what she's doing now in an ACTUAL terrorist nation, she'd be dead by now. Women are cattle in those nations.
Secondly, not paying your taxes does not hurt or punish Bush or his administration in the least. The people who are punished by that would be the kids who need schools, the families that need roads to get places, poor families that rely on government aid. It's idiotic to try to get back at bush by not paying your taxes.
It all translates to the fact that Mrs. Sheehan, as much as I hate to say it, is a media whore. Hmm no wonder she aligned herself with that fat commie.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Cindy Sheehan...Meet Michael Moore

Well as if we couldn't see this coming. Cindy Sheehan who last year met with the President and had nothing but praise and thank you's for him is now accusing him of murdering her son who died in combat in Iraq. She has every right to protest all she wants. Her son and others like him earned her that right. But we have every right to examine her possible unscrupulous motives.
Well, who better to help her exploit our nations heroes than then that pinko commie himself, Michael Moore. If you go to, you will see that he has taken her up as his current project. Keep in mind all of his projects are business ideas. They are there to make money from guideless and mindless liberals who eat his anti-Americanism for breakfast. And he has banked because of people who are ever so willing to spend their money on ANYTHING anti-Bush. I'm not joking..Most of them would sell there own mothers into slavery if it meant that George Bush would lose a popularity point.
When Clinton started launching missiles into Iraq..all you could hear were the sounds of crickets from the lefties and their media. When Clinton blew up an aspirin factory in the Sudan to divert our attention from Monica Lewinsky, the media said nothing. But now when a Republican is getting the credit for getting monumental stuff accomplished overseas, they are tripping over themselves to call him a war criminal. It's a level of hypocrisy that is unimaginable. It is why we fight against them so hard and why we will NEVER stop battling with them. Their ideology is deadly.

Mrs Sheehan,

President Bush did not kill your son. He did not drag your son into battle. He did not put the pen in his hand when your son signed on the dotted line. Your son did not get an order from Bush to be drafted. He was under no obligation to fight for his country. BUT he did. And he is a hero. You are doing nothing more than wasting your time. We have a volunteer army ONLY. There isn't one person...NOT ONE, who enlists, that isn't aware of the fact that they may be asked to put their life on the line for the continuation of our freedom. And make no mistake, this war is, more than any other war in our history, a fight for our very survival. Mrs Sheehan, President Bush did not kill your son, The enemy of life itself did. Please point your anger towards terrorism, and Bin Laden, and extremist Muslims. They are the only ones that killed your son.
Furthermore, I hope President Bush does not meet with you. I might have said otherwise, but as soon as I heard that you aligned yourself with the proven liar and war profiteer Michael Moore, I knew that you had officially sold out. You had your chance with president Bush. It's time that he move on from you. I pray that you see the light and that you realize that your actions aren't helping the cause of freedom. It would seem to me that your goal would be to finish our task in Iraq so that your son did not die in vain. I hope that you will listen to your sons family who state "[Cindy] now appears to be promoting her own personal agenda and notoriety at the the expense of her son's good name and reputation." I couldn't agree more.


The Life And Times

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Merry CHRISTmas To The ACLU

Every year the ACLU thrives around Christmas time when they spend their energy making sure that little boys and girls all over the U.S. are forced to dump the real meaning of the season for one that the tiny heads over at the ACLU can approve of. You might be asking why I choose to talk about this now. Well I just want to remind you of what is to come. The ACLU will only be happy when Christmas day is turned into Happy-Wintry-Snow-Funtime-Day. So get ready for the ACLU's annual attempt to crush religious freedom, it literally gets crazier every year. I mean God forbid someone say "merry Christmas" at a post office. And around Christmas time check back here and also at often. I'll leave you with a parody of the ACLU's Christmas time ideology from

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Let's Get One Thing Straight....

Compassionate conservatism is not dead. In my opinion it's a term we don't use enough. With a few exceptions George Bush is a compassionate conservative. We get that term because the liberal machine created talking points that conjured up bad connotations when conservative alone was used to describe a candidate. They failed to make it stick. Fortunately I think compassionate is an accurate description of who we are as conservatives. Nevermind the fact that every liberal is terrified of being labeled a liberal because of what it conjures up. Since when has accusations of hypocrisy deterred a lib?
I think the best thing as a more compassionate movement is that we are a movement that thrives on others first..

* Our tax cuts are not designed to help the rich, as the libs would have you believe, the tax cuts are stimulus cuts that spur economic growth. Economic growth always benefits everyone across the board. Handouts have never been compassionate.

* Our stance on war is not a love of violence, power, and revenge, it's a love for humanity. The liberals aren't being honest as to who the war on terror is really helping. It's helping women, children and men gain control over their nations. Why would the U.S. just do nothing? Isolationism is never compassionate.

* The pro-life movement is not an anti-woman stance. It's a pro-woman, pro-child stance. We aren't trying to yank choice from anyone, we're trying to give choice to one that isn't able to stand up for his/herself while at the same time offering support and alternative, safer, and more humane options for the woman. Suggesting women abort because they'll be happier or for financial convience is never compassionate.

* Our viewpoint on the death penalty is not a viewpoint of revenge. It is of justice. You CANNOT have compassion without justice. A compassionate conservative is not seeking revenge on criminals but deterrence and justice. We don't believe that a frequent, and swiftly used death penalty law doesn't deter crime.

* We believe in freedom of ALL religions, everywhere.

We are compassionate. We are not perfect, but we believe in right and wrong and we strive to keep that line defined. Every political ideal we have is for a better society, no matter how hard the left says otherwise. Just something to keep in mind.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Fuzzy Facts

* Most experts agree that it would be unwise for the astronauts on the returning space shuttle to roll down the window because quote, "it's stuffy in here."

* If your traveling back in time and you look out the window and see some guy in another time machine traveling into the future, try not to make eye contact because....awkward.

* U2, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, and the remaining members of The Grateful Dead are teaming up to make a brand new compilation album called...NOW That's What I Call Crappy Music Vol. 1. Should be a good one!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Quote Of The Week

"For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?"
--Jesus (Mark 8:36)

Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Couple Of Observations...

* I'm so sick of rappers being allowed to market their slime to teens. Have you noticed how it has once again become ok for rappers to call every woman a "b**ch"? Where is the National Organization For Women? Why aren't liberals jumping all over stuff like this? I think it's because rappers market their version of hedonism and liberals LOVE that. Hedonism is their one and only god. I wish the black community would speak out more. I tell you I have never really liked Bill O'Reilly, but when he successfully boycotted Pepsi after they sponsored the rapper Ludacris, I was excited and glad that he stood up for what is right. Rap music is just nasty now. It's nearly unlistenable. The stuff today makes the infamous 2 Live Crew look like the Mickey Mouse Club. The thing is, I like rap, I honestly do. I have plenty of the cd's from back in the day. But I had to get off that train eventually because rap today goes against everything that is decent in this world, and nobody is saying a thing about it. Boy do I miss Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, and Marvin Gaye more than ever.

* There are still people out there who are defending Michael Moore. I got into a conversation with a liberal friend of mine and found out the he believes that every thing Michael Moore stated in Fahrenheit 9-11 is gospel truth. He told me that he had independently checked out the facts and Moore was right on the money. Even after I told him a few things that Michael Moore got dead wrong he just sort of shrugged me off and said "Well but you got to respect his filmmaking." I do?? The man made an entire documentary based on lie after lie and I have to respect him for that? I told him about the movie fahrenhype 9-11, which is a brilliant rebuttal to Moore's film, and he told me that he'd never see it because it's too biased. I love it. Too biased for the Michael Moore fan, that's a great one.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Is The ACLU For The Little Guy?

Let's face it, most of us will never make a name for ourselves in this country that is known outside our sphere of influence. And I think for the most part people are ok with being in the middle class and less than famous. We learned long ago that personal faith and a humble heart can make someone more happy in this life than fame and fortune. And this country was founded by men who weren't exactly tops in their home land. They weren't all wealthy land owners, and they certainly didn't strive to be famous and worldly. They simply wanted a land where they didn't have to bow to a king before they tended to their own beliefs.
So is an organization like the ACLU looking out for everyday little guys in America?

First you have to define the little guy. I came up with a three characteristics that I think best define an everyday American...

* First and foremost is a faith in something higher than his/herself. It's hard to be a humble if you think of yourself as the #1 priority above all.

* Hard work ethic. The everyday American earns every dime he/she brings in. They are what make America run as an industrial nation.

* Neighbor helping neighbor. The little guy realizes that the community comes together when those around us fall. He does this because he knows that they'd do it for him if the tide was turned.

The ACLU has failed miserably in working for the little guy. It has hurt everyday Americans more intensely than it has ever helped them.

Let's start with the first characteristic of the little guy:

The ACLU claims to be preserving freedom of religion. It is doing the opposite. Examples of this are so numerous, I encourage you to sift through the many examples of the church and state category over at A couple more examples for me that come to mind are
This video, which I posted last week and the Franklinton, Louisiana story that I posted a couple of months ago. The list goes on and on. The truth is that to the ACLU, politics is god, and that belief shapes and molds who they will help and who they will oppose. Unfortunately the little guy ultimately gets the raw end of the deal with the ACLU.

The next characteristic of the little guy is a hard work ethic. Has the ACLU helped the hard working American? Don't count on it. There are several areas where the ACLU has supported programs that are in direct contradiction to the ethics of hard work in America. The most obvious one would be the ACLU's support of amnesty for ILLEGAL aliens. Illegal aliens take jobs that American born citizens and legal citizens should have. The ACLU never even calls them illegal immigrants.
Even if you were to work hard enough to move to an upper class, the ACLU has long been a supporter of socialist and even communistic causes. Even from
their beginnings. Socialism and communism punish achievement. This means that you can work hard all your life, but that won't get you any further than you are now. Everyone becomes a number and a ward of the state. You can never advance an inch farther than the guy next to you at work who does nothing but stand by the water cooler instead of working. The ACLU is striving for this "worker's paradise", which is in reality nothing more than government enforced failure for everyone across the board. The ACLU punishes hard work. The little man has nothing to gain....Literally.

Lastly, Does the ACLU encourage neighbor helping neighbor? This is probably the most obvious failure of the ACLU. If all the programs supported by the ACLU were enacted into law, the US would be the most behemoth and taxing government in the world. It's not suprising when one considers how much the ACLU supports socialism, you know the political philosophy where the government picks up the tab for everything.
The ACLU isn't even that interested in American's being able to hold their own sovereignty. As Bob points out in a piece that was recently posted at
On its site, the ACLU, while talking about the Supreme Courts decisions in 2004, has this to say: the Justices seemed less anxious to undermine meaningful civil rights enforcement, more skeptical about the death penalty, and more willing to look at international law for whatever guidance it can provide in resolving fundamental human rights issues.

This trend of using international law instead of the US Constitution is deeply troubling. It smells of another step toward the relinquishing of American sovereignty to globalized socialism and meddling corrupt institutions like the UN. Read the full article.

You see if neighborhoods pull together to help those less fortunate among them it does two things..

* It causes those communities to mold friendships and working relationships that do more than just help the one that is less fortunate. It brings a personalty to each community that works as a team to stave off health problems, reduce crime, and generate better schools.

* It keeps communities from needlessly paying for other community problems that do not affect theirs. This brings unity throughout the nation and lessens the overweight and bloated governmental programs that tend to recipricate the very problems it's failing plans are attempting to solve.

The ACLU's only god is government. Therefore it is their answer to any problem that might arise in any one community across the nation, no matter how small the problem or community might be. The ACLU is not interested in neighbor helping neighbor.

As you can see the ACLU is not a friend of the little guy. The everyday american is hurt by the ACLU ten times more than it is helped. That's because the ACLU sacrifices real American's in the wake of their anti-God, anti-individual, pro-government agenda. The examples I presented in this blog post are a drop in the bucket to the real, documented cases that the ACLU has taken up. I urge you once more to go to and read. Read the examples. Then get a plan to help stop the ACLU in your community and on the national level. Sign the petitions that Jay has on that site. As everyday patriotic Americans, it is in our best intrest to stop the ACLU. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bush Appoints Bolton;
Democrats Cry And Whine

Ted Kennedy Asks For His Ball Back, He's Going Home To Tell His Mom.

In an utterly predictable development, The perpetual 7th graders known as the democrats are crying like toddlers because Bush used actual constitutional law to get something done. He appointed John Bolton ambassador to the UN in a perfectly legal recess appointment, effectively sidestepping the senate's attempt to filibuster him until he dropped out. They claim that Bush is not using the Constitutional law as it was intended, but as Rush Limbaugh pointed out yesterday, the democrats claim the constitution is a living document that is to be molded to the present day, that is until the original intent better fits their agenda. It's pretty sad really that they can't even hide their tactics like they used to be able to.

Bush pointed out that Bolton was approved by a majority of the senate but "because of partisan delaying tactics by a handful of senators, John was unfairly denied the up-or-down vote that he deserves." Plus, under the law the senate will have a chance to approve him or disapprove after the end of the next congressional session.

The democrats really have lost their leg to stand on here, but they fight on like a kid swinging at air being held back by the long arms of someone much bigger. It's a modern day three stooges act.

Drudge yesterday posted this list of past presidential recess appointments. Where were the cries of the democrats then?

Where are they now? This whole "minority rights" thing they made up is comical if not pathetic and it's getting them nowhere fast.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Know Your Blogger

Making everyone feel better about their own childhood since 2004.

* He never lets on when he's wimping out. Once when he was 14 he and his dad got on their bikes went for an hour long bike ride in the summer heat. Towards the end of the ride his dad asked him "You doing ok son?" He replied.."Doing great, I could go two more hours." Literally one minute later he threw up, passed out, and fell off his bike. Why can't he just be honest about how he can't handle it? C'mon man!

* He used to dream of just being a farmer. He thought all you had to do was go milk a couple cows in the morning and collect the eggs at night and the money just rolled in. When he found out that it was substantially more work than that he denied that he ever even wanted to be a farmer.

* He fell down the stairs his first day of high scool. Way to make a good first impression doofus!

* He got stabbed in the leg with a pencil in the 8th grade and the mark from it still remains. He tells people it's a tattoo of a period. I guess he thinks that a punctuation tattoo would actually be something to brag about.

* Once for a book report about the history of rock music he was one source shy of the minimum amount of sources that the teacher required...So, he just fabricates a magazine called "Rock Music Monthly", he makes up the article and the author of the article. That unethical little cheater! He still feels bad about it to this day. And who names their magazine Rock Music Monthly anyway...possibly the lamest magazine ever.

* His dad told him "Son, when someone flips you off at school, and they are holding the one middle finger up at you, just say, 'Is that how many friends you had before your dog died?'" He tried it several weeks later at school and received a beating that didn't let up for several minutes. Thanks dad!

* In middle school he had a nasty overbite, this was pre-braces. One bully relentlessly called him "rat boy" and constantly told him he should eat cheese cause he is was a rat. Well two years later that same kid transferred back to his high school. At lunch he was walking down the hall, looks up and sees the bully, and realizes that he is eating a huge bag of Cheese-its. The bully just looks at him and slowly shakes his head and laughed pretty much out loud down the rest of the hall. Irony always hurts the worst. Thankfully braces remedied the situation later on.