Saturday, July 16, 2005

Top Ten: Songs

It's top 10's. Finding out what people watch, listen to, and read is interesting to me. It fascinates me. Also it doesn't have to be 10, just give your top 5, or even top 3.

Let's go for Songs. Ok, here's my top 10 movies in no particular order. Keep in mind that my list changes a lot. This is my current top 10:

* A Change Is Gonna Come -- Sam Cooke (Probably my favorite of all time.)

* It Is Well With My Soul -- Phillip Bliss

* Never Going Back Again -- Fleetwood Mac (outstanding guitar song!)

* Abide With Me -- Henry F. Lyte

* Bad As They Seem -- Hayden

* The Blowers Daughter -- Damian Rice

* This Year's Love -- David Gray

* Let It Be Me -- The Everly Brothers

* Fields Of Gold -- Eva Cassidy (Best voice I have ever heard.)

* These Arms Of Mine -- Otis Redding (R.I.P. Dang it, I miss this show!)


Jackie said...

Uuuuum....Aaron? You forgot to post your two FAVORITES...I don't see either Elimidate OR 5th Wheel on this list. Were you half asleep when you wrote it or something?

Anonymous said...

my 10 fav shows... no particular order... *sigh*

1. L O S T
2. Roseanne
3. Seinfeld
4. Wonder Years
5. The Abrams Report
6. Judge Judy
7. Spongebob Square Pants
8. The Graham Norton Effect(UK version)
9. The Apprentice
10. How Clean is your House

Keri said...

Hmmmm.....lets see....well in no particular order, here's the list...

1. ER
2. Law and Order SVU
3. Cheers
4. Friends
5. Whose Line Is It Anyway
6. Roseanne
7. The Wonder Years
8. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
9. Celebrity Fit Club
10. Life Goes On

Not real interesting....but there they are! Enjoy!