Saturday, July 09, 2005

New Blog Alert

Hey everyone. I appreciate so much the huge response I have gotten here at The Life And Times. I hope everyone continues to visit. Plus I have exciting news. Along side this blog I am the main contributor to a new blog, . This will be a project that I plan to take seriously. I will be helping expose the agenda of the Kansas chapter of the ACLU. Each state is going to have a blog representative. I volunteered and was selected for the Kansas blogger. I'm very excited because now I can be directly involved in the movement to take down one of the most dangerous organizations in America.

Early posts maybe slow until I get into my stride and run with it. Please check daily for new info on the Kansas chapter of the ACLU. Especially if you live in Kansas. If you are not familiar with the ACLU, their mission statements, or what their ACTUAL mission is, then visit Then come on over to and help keep Kansas free for everyone.

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John said...

It is greatly appreciated, and...just got you all added to the blogburst blogroll.