Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm Sick Of This

It's time now. It's time for the world to rise up and put down terrorists for good. The time for chatting and dialog is long past. As the man said, It's time for the heads to roll. You cannot plead with Muslim extremists. The only message they will understand is when they're hanging from a tree and their lifeless legs quit kicking.

We need to form a new alliance. Bush should go back to each nation and ask them to join us in Iraq and Afghanistan plus leave a huge military force in their own nations. On top of that, we must put North Korea, Syria and Iran on alert. They need to know who is next. It's time people. Let the Arabs who are responsible for all of this terrorism be warned. I also pray that the Arabs who do not wish to terrorize or kill others will rise up against those that are bent on death.

Let's do this and do it now.


Gribbit said...

I'm with you Aaron. Too many innocent, good, decent people are losing their lives over lunitic ideology.

Thank you for responding to my plea. Our cousins across the pond deserve our support and respect and you are helping to bring attention to that. Thank you so much.

Saije said...

I think it is possible that the terrorists who did this today were not simply Arabs but British citizens, possibly native born.

Aaroncoal said...

Most likely of Arab background. It's not like we're trying to demonize the Arab people, we are simply calling a spade a spade. Most terrorists in today's society are Arab and Muslim. That's a fact.