Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hillary Vs. Condi: The Coming American Catfight

It seems so strange to already be talking about the 2008 presidential election. I mean we just wrapped up the last one. We'd probably still be having it if the vote would have been closer and the democrats had been able to round up some minorities to say they were disenfranchised. It's their new election day tradition.
The real battle is just ahead, a battle that will probably seal the deal on a completely divided America. It almost feels like the building storm before world war 4 breaks loose. We know the democratic choice, there is no question about it. The only other question is who are we going to put up to go toe to toe with Hillary.

Dick Morris says he knows the answer. In fact he has a new book coming out in September about it. I believe the title is Hillary Vs. Condi, but I'm not positive on that. In this book he will claim that Condi is the GOP's only chance to win the election in 08'. If he's right and the Republicans take his advice then we will see a milestone crossed in America, the first woman president. And if Condi were to win we'd see 3 milestones crossed, the first woman, the first black, and the first black woman president. Also you might add first black woman with a 60's flip hairdo. Wow what a time it will be.
These are two completely different women. In the book Rewriting History also by Dick Morris. Mr. Morris explains (And he would know, being the Clinton's top campaign manager and pollster from Arkansas to the White House.) that Hillary's accomplishments have all been in the shadow of her husbands accomplishments. She would never gotten as far as she did if she didn't have Bill Clinton's prior achievements.
In Dick Morris's upcoming book he will explain how Dr. Condi Rice worked her way through college the hard way and finally got her Ph.D from the University of Denver in 1974. She has assumed many different governmental roles at the national and state levels. She has sat on the boards of many different organizations. But this is not the important part. What's important is that she did this all without lurking in the shadows of a husband or other family member. So does this make her more qualified to run the country? I guess we'll have to wait and see.
The only thing I know is this, if Hillary and Condi go at it in 2008, the ensuing catfight will be like none this country has ever seen. It'll make foxy boxing look like thumb wrestling. My money is on the one with the Ph.D.

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