Thursday, July 14, 2005

The ACLU Loves Terrorists;
Hates The Boy Scouts

Wouldn't it stand to reason that if you truly love this country then it's safety would be the #1 priority? I mean if you love your wife would you sacrifice her life so that she can have the right to free speech? How could she have any speech at all if she's dead?

In this country an organization is attempting to give murderers more rights than it's law abiding citizens. That organization is called the ACLU. Time after time the ACLU has coddled to the lowest in society. Why? Is it because they really care about the downtrodden? I don't think so. I can think of more than a few examples of ways that the ACLU actually harms the downtrodden. They supported NAMBLA which preys on the weakest and most precious among us. They support legalizing all drugs which would most likely ruin the lives of so many that are so harmfully addicted to mind altering drugs not to mention how many people would be killed by drivers or thieves who were high on meth or crack.
I submit that the ACLU supports terrorists because they are against real America. They aren't against the America the real estate. They want to keep the land. But they simply can't stand Americans who hold on to a personal morality. The state should be the only morality that counts and they can't enforce state induced hedonism when you have these patriotic Bible-beaters interfering with the ultimate agenda. So they support anyone who can help them in that cause even if that person has America's demise as their plan.

So let's see, what did the ACLU do directly after 9-11. Did they realize that survival calls for harsher tactics in the face of such evil terror threats?

No, they immediately went to work attempting to ensure that the government did nothing to prevent such atrocities from happening again.

So what has The ACLU done since that time? Why they are defending known terrorists of course! They are leading the false claims at Gitmo that prisoners are being tortured, They've sued American serviceman. They are putting America at risk because apparently asking Muslims to give fingerprints and have their picture taken is just too "racist". As if taking 5 minutes to put your fingerprint on a piece of paper is so hard and so torturous. It's laughable what the ACLU defines as torture.
Also.. Instead of just being on the defensive to help those that want to hurt America, the ACLU also chose to go after those that want to help America. Apparently those evil badge wearer's known as the Boy Scouts were a little too loving towards America and the unthinkable thought of a higher power had to be attacked. What better way then to try and take away the dreams of little boys who are trying to learn to be honorable gentleman. If this society needs anything, it would boys who become men who put others first and learn to respect nature. The Boy Scouts teach I guess they have to be attacked. It's insanity.

So as you can see the ACLU isn't exactly a beacon for those that are grateful that we live in the greatest country on God's green earth. They hate that we question their patriotism yet can't seem to grasp the idea that safety and freedom for ALL people is the only patriotism that matters. How can you love the United States when all signs point to the fact that you hate it? I'm pretty sure that everyone would agree that governmental checks and balances are needed. But what good is a checks and balance system when those that monitor the government are trying to write laws themselves? Why should we trust the ACLU when it's goals are beyond what the Constitution allows? We will not give up our safety so that the ACLU can further it's agenda. Stop the ACLU now!

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