Thursday, July 21, 2005

The ACLU And The Coming Civil War

There is something building in this country, a split that is tearing apart our ability to be who we are. I'm predicting an eventual civil war. Probably not one like we saw in the mid 1800's. This civil war will be for our individuality as a nation and our ability to be our own sovereign nation. The ACLU will be leading the battle for the left side.
A brief background...
It started around the era of Richard Nixon. During the Nixon administration the media and it's soon to be permanent slant towards the hard left became public knowledge. Before this time it wasn't as obvious. They kicked Nixon up and down Pennsylvania avenue. They ganged up on him and even after he was down they continued slinging the mud. Even to this day they are still doing it. It mysteriously let up during the Carter and Clinton administrations...strange how that happened. But in between that time, during Reagan, it picked up full steam once again. The papers and news programs were just too quick to demonize issues that were beyond the scope of their personal agendas.

Then came the ACLU. I say then, actually they've been around for many decades, but they started making real headlines somewhere after the hippie generation came and went. And the ACLU thrived on far leftist issues. They of course hid and still hide under the ruse that they are standing up for the constitution, but they say that the constitution is a "living document" that is to be molded to fit the current culture...which translates 'the constitution is outdated and we must mold it to fit our skewed leftist agenda'.

It goes so much deeper than I have the time to get into right now. I'm not sure I want to know how far the ACLU and the media have gone to try and control American politics.
All of this brings me to a set of predictions. I believe that this train wreck has a destination and not a good one. This is why we fight, to avoid becoming West Europe, which of course is the goal of the liberal media and the ACLU.

So here are my predictions..

* The ACLU will continue to attempt to shove Christianity into the private sector. Most Christians will put up little if any fight over this. Tax exempt status for religious organizations is as good as gone. Crosses will be banned from public display if they are within view of a school or other government facility. The ACLU will require that ACLU reps sit in church services to monitor whether or not political speech takes place during services. That is unless they successfully yank tax exempt status first.

* Rush Limbaugh, you know the one "they stood up for that one time", along with Sean Hannity and all other political talk programs will be banned from airwaves within 30 days of an election.(You can thank John McCain for that one.) Of course the liberal media will carry on as usual.

* Internet political blogs will be banned within 30 days of an election, possibly permanently. This blog WOULD NOT obey such a law if it were to come to that. I'd do jail time if that's what it came to.

* High courts will make decisions based solely on international precedents. The constitution will not resemble its original form at all. All drugs and prostitution will be legal. Criminals will enter rehabilitation homes, most will be released back into society very quickly.

* All of this will lead to civil war. Probably it will start out with violent riots that expand until two party's are formed that battle. Chaos and anarchy, and martial law ensue.

Ok, I realize that this is probably over dramatic and alarmist, but I really feel like all of this will come to a head. Look at history, it always does. Empires fall over less stuff than what is going on in America today. I doubt the most radical of my predictions would occur before 75 - 150 years from now, that's because even most moderate leftists don't want to forfeit their freedom for the "common good". But most of the media and the ACLU are not moderates. They are hard core socialists and far left hacks. I mean they are still against Iraq literally only because a right wing president will get the credit for the win. Now that's devotion to your cause. If there ever were to be a civil war, one ironic thing would be that we have all the guns! Take that lefties!

We can stop even one of these predictions from coming to fruition by getting involved and stopping our current momentum. It CAN be done!

Go to and find a way to help out. Get involved in your state's fight against the ACLU. Volunteer, protest, get involved at your church or at other organizations, build strength in numbers, And most importantly VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Do not skip the primaries or the state and local elections. Please help my predictions be wrong. Thanks.

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John said...

Awesome rant! Absolutely awesome!

GM Roper said...

What jay777 said. Furthermore, I will join you in that jail cell if it comes to that. I WILL NOT OBEY any law that limits my freedom to speak out. PERIOD. My own rant against this insidious law is here GM's Corner

And a HEALTHY congratulations on your winning the title this blogburst. It is well deserved!

Lady Jane said...

Congratulations on being the Blog of the Week for your fabulous rant! Good work! Keep it up!

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Excellent work.
You should be proud.

Aaroncoal said...

Thanks everyone, I really apprciate the kind words.

The Uncooperative Blogger said...

Congratulations on winning the contest. Good post, and I too have decided the government can go scratch. Prison is not so bad, three hots and a cot; medical and dental.

I also only hope that your prediction is true and that people in this country have the backbone to revolt if our government keeps on its current path.

The only way to take our country back is to rid ourselves of the party system of politics. Two parties control this country and neither one is worth a darn. Parties lead to power and curruption. If you want to run you should stand on your own.

Elizabeth said...

Kudos to an excellent post! Congratulations!

Brad Todd said...


Being the blogburst of the week is a real honor, you deserve it!

Your post reads like next week's newspaper..If it comes to it, there will be lots of us bloggers in the slammer with you, all dragging our tin cups across the cell bars and demanding justice.

Imagine, going from blogburst to cellburst..we'll all have plenty to write about..send me to Club Gitmo..

Good job!

Anonymous said...

The ACLU was founded by communists and follows the teachings of destruction of our way of life as outlined in Kenneth Goff's book "Confessions of Stalin's Agent". As most of you probably know Mr. Goff was a dedicated communist who couldn't shed his religion and was forced by his own beliefs to eventually renounce communism. He was assassinated by communists for his "Betrayal".

Anonymous said...

You're right about the coming civil war but I believe your timeline is too long. The only question for me is whether the next civil war will occur before the start of the next World War sometime between 2010 and 2015. Unfortunately, it may be that both wars occur simultaneously.