Tuesday, June 14, 2005

If The Liberals Had Their Way

The picture to the left is what everyday America would look like if the bleeding heart liberals had their way. It's obvious that they could care less if 9-11 happened all over again. In fact, deep down I know that they desire the very thing to happen again. This way they can keep up their blame America for everything method. They'll say, "see look what we brought on ourselves for retaliating against the first attack that we deserved in the first place."
This week they have been salivating at the possibility of the Gitmo prison shutting down. Why? Is it because they actually believe in the poor war combatant's rights? No, it's because they have a deep seeded hatred for America, or what they call "Jesusland".
They found out that the Americans were actually trying to get information out of Osama Bin Laden's former body guards and they started sounding the whining gong. The very same gong that has cost them half a decade of elections. They still have yet to answer the questions we ask of them. For example, What would you have us do with the admitted 20th hijacker? Release him back in to his regular life as if he had learned his lesson? Do you think he would have stayed on house arrest?
I thought that libs hated fundamentalism. They keep sticking up for these war criminals, the very same ones that believe women are sub-human, even lower than cattle. Where is National Organization of Women and the feminists? These fundies that we are picking up support an organized religion where those that don't follow this religion to the strictest letter of the law are to have Jihad declared on them. Where is the ACLU? I know where they are, right there supporting the terrorists.
The left's mindset is bankrupt. They get up on their soapbox and preach freedom of religion and tolerance for all sex, race and creed. But apparently all of this only applies if you are on their side in the war against "Jesusland". It's fascism on their terms. That kind of contradiction just doesn't hold logic. Most of these lefties can't get through half a sentence without using the word logic, yet it only applies to everyone else. So is this how America is going to become a "progressive nation". I'm not going to sit by and let that happen...vote GOP if you love this country, otherwise it's time to get ready to be a citizen of the new liberal America, a land where anything goes, unless you happen to believe in anything beyond socialism and hedonism. I think Ann Coulter said it best: "We've finally given liberals a war against fundamentalism, and they don't want to fight it. They would, except it would put them on the same side as the United States" Nuff said!


Anonymous said...

Liberals hate freedom, they hate Jesus and steal from their grandmothers. It's all documented in my new book "CONVERT or we Kill You"

Bill Clinton is solely responsible for the Spanish-American war! All Liberals eat babies! Global warming is a communist plot! TOM DASCHLE INVENTED CRIME.

- Ann Coulter

Anonymous said...

Let them eat war.

Aaroncoal said...

Also known as the book of things we wish Ann Coulter had actually said that way we can take the attention off of ourselves. Author: Every Leftist.

Anonymous said...

Maybe people wouldn’t be so quick to call Ann Coulter a hatemonger if she didn’t write so much like...well, an ex-Klansman. Here are twenty-five statements, some from Coulter's best-selling book Slander, others from writings posted by David Duke at his Web site, David Duke Online (including excerpts from his book, My Awakening). Duke is thought of as a man with, well, issues about black people, and while that’s true, a visit to his site shows that the real bee in his bonnet is Jews. So I’ve chosen Duke passages in which he talks about Jews, while the Slander passages, needless to say, concern liberals.

Can you tell which is which?

1. ...[liberals/Jews] are bitter. The one impulse that consistently unites them is hate.

2. You will never appreciate the full savagery of [the left/Jews] until you get in their way.

3. Powerful [liberals/Jews] in media and government around the world frequently act to exert control over the peoples among whom they live.

4. [Liberals/The Jewish people] hate America, they hate “flag-wavers,” they hate abortion opponents....Even Islamic terrorists don’t hate America like [liberals/Jews] do.

5. Through the efforts of [liberal/Jewish] and other traitors to the United States, the American government has embarked on a foreign policy that has repeatedly betrayed America’s true interests.

6. Predators are great fun for [liberals/Jews]. Criminals and poor people allow them to swell with a sense of their own incredible self-worth.

7. [Liberals/Jews] hate society and want to bring it down to reinforce their sense of invincibility. Secure in the knowledge that their beachfront haciendas will still be standing when the smoke clears, they giddily fiddle with the little people’s rules and morals.

8. The same media that prohibits even the slightest criticism of [liberals/Jews] has no reluctance to demean other groups....The portrayal of the slack-jawed, green-toothed, ignorant, racist, hateful, murderous, rural White Southerner has become a stereotype in Hollywood films....In stark contrast, whenever [liberals/Jews] are mentioned as a group, it is always with a sort of a hushed reverence.

9. Like all propagandists, [liberals/Jews] create mythical enemies to justify their own viciousness and advance their agenda.

10. Each year, tens of thousands of stories about intelligent, compassionate, unselfish, creative, moral and courageous [liberals/Jews] fill two-foot TV screens and 30-foot movie screens; our newspapers, magazines, and books; our playhouses, pulpits and podiums; our radio waves and satellite transmissions. There are thousands of portrayals of persecuted [liberals/Jews] as innocent, noble and heroic; while their opponents are portrayed as the embodiment of evil. No group on Earth has better public relations than do [liberals/the Jewish people].

11. The wildly disproportionate percentage of [liberals/Jews] in the media is not an insignificant point. The media determine how the news will be served up, how the players are characterized, what news to report, and what news not to report. The same clich├ęs, biases, and outright lies are constantly reinforced through the media sound chamber.

12. The [liberal/Jewish] domination of American media is long-standing. Even as far back as the 1920s, [liberals/Jews] had influence far disproportionate to their percentage of the population. And even though media operations frequently change hands and the CEOs, chairmen, administrators, and top editors change, [liberal/Jewish] domination is stronger than ever—and the power brokers continue to increase and consolidate their power.

13. Once I discovered the [liberal/Jewish] power over the American media, I resolved never to surrender my freedom of speech in deference to it, no matter what it would cost me. I became determined to oppose the media masters who seek to destroy our way of life and our very life form.

14. During my hundreds of interviews over the years, whenever I mentioned [liberal/Jewish] media domination, my interrogators first would deny the [liberal/Jewish] preponderance of power. Then, when that defense sank beneath a sea of facts, they acted shocked that anyone could even suggest that [liberals/Jews] might use their media power for their own advantage.

15. [Liberals/Jews] don’t try to win arguments, they seek to destroy their opponents and silence dissident opinions.

16. If you live in a major city, the daily newspaper you read will more than likely be [liberal/Jewish]-owned or -edited. So will the national newsmagazine you buy at the news counter. More than likely, the national cable or regular TV network you watch will be [liberal/Jewish]-owned, and if not, [liberals/Jews] will be preponderant in the executive and decision-making departments. The movie you see in the theater or watch on television will very likely have been produced, directed, or written by [liberals/Jews]—and often all three. The publishers of the hardbacks or paperbacks you read, even the record companies that produce the music you buy, will probably be [liberal/Jewish]-owned, and if not, they will very likely have [liberals/Jews] in key executive positions. Bookstores and libraries often select their new book purchases based on reviews by [liberal/Jewish] critics and publications such as The New York Times Book Review, another part of the [liberal/Jewish]-run New York Times.

17. Vast agglomerations of money are deployed to publish and promote [liberal/Jewish] authors. National magazines and newspapers give hallucinatory reviews of books by their fellow [liberals/Jews] and snub books by [conservatives/Christians]. Ludicrous uncompensated advances are made to support [liberal/Jewish] authors, and [liberal/Jewish] jeremiads make it to print without the most cursory fact-checking.
Meanwhile, the entire information industry works overtime to suppress [conservative/Christian] books.

18. Book publishing is perhaps the part of American media least controlled by [liberals/Jews]. Yet they still dominate the most important parts of that industry. All one needs is a printer and some cash to publish a book, and tens of thousands of printers do business in America along with hundreds of small book publishers. Yet here too the [liberal/Jewish] influence is powerful, for writing a book, no matter how intelligent and provocative, offers no guarantee of it being published, and being published offers no guarantee of being professionally promoted, distributed, or even reviewed. The half dozen or so of the largest publishers and distributors handle 95 percent of the biggest-selling books in America. And in those areas of book publishing and distribution, [liberal/Jewish] appraisal is inevitable and [liberal/Jewish] approval is crucial.

19. The spirit of the First Amendment has been effectively repealed for [conservative/Christian] speech by a censorious, accusatory mob. Truth cannot prevail because whole categories of thought are deemed thought crimes.

20. If there were a modern Spanish Inquisition in America today, it wouldn’t be Bob Jones rounding up Catholics. It would be [liberals/Jews] rounding up [right-wingers/Christians] and putting them on trial for hate crimes.

21. As they have gone from outsiders to now thoroughly dominating the Western governmental and media establishment, many [liberals/Jews] have shifted from strong defenders of free speech to some of its most willful suppressors.

22. The [liberal/Jewish] students who dominated the "free-speech" movement at Berkeley in the mid-’60s sang the praises of free speech for the purpose of inviting to campus the likes of the filthy-mouthed and repugnant Allen Ginsberg and the violent, openly Communist, black revolutionary Angela Davis. Today they attempt to silence anyone who dares to speak before a student audience on the issues raised in this book.

23. [Liberals/Jews] need not bother with logical persuasion as long as they can prey on people’s sense of weakness.

24. My assertion that there exists a powerful, cohesive, world-wide [liberal/Jewish] supremacism finds confirmation in evidence mostly provided by the [liberal/Jewish] supremacists themselves.

25. That’s the whole point of being a [liberal/Jew]: to feel superior to people with less money.

Aaroncoal said...

silliest....comment....ever. You could do that with anyone, just replace words with Jew and turn anyone into an anti-semite. Silly. You wasted your time...but thank you for posting on tlat.

Anonymous said...

You can do it with anyone that writes incindiary, hate-filled BS. I concur.

Aaroncoal said...

Hatred for liberal ideology is completely appropriate and warrented. Nothing about hating liberalism conjurs up anti-semitism. Silly. Or more acuratly....dishonest and desperate.

Anonymous said...

The fact that all you have to do in a Klansman's hate speech is change the target and you apporove of it speaks volumes.