Friday, June 17, 2005

House Votes To Cut Funding For PBS

The House planned to cut the budget for PBS. This is a half victory in my opinion. PBS should have been cut off as soon as they became a bullhorn for the left. NPR is one of the most left leaning newscasts you will hear, and I am funding it! That's wrong.

Their budget is being cut by 25%. My question is why do we need government run television? Government is notoriously dishonest and too big for it's own good. Television shouldn't be a project for the government. It'd be different if PBS ran children's shows all day. Sesame Street is a wonderful program, although even it has these liberal undertones especially when it speaks of families. I wonder what liberals would do if Fox News were subsidized by the government. Most of them I imagine would burn themselves alive in the streets. Well that's exactly what PBS is to us conservatives. It's government funded liberal television. If PBS could somehow level itself out and show neutral programs and get unbiased reporters than probably most of us would be for keeping it fully funded. But since the left took over than you might be able to see why some of aren't so fond of opening up our wallets to fund it. That money is needed so much worse elsewhere. I'd love it if they took that extra 25% and used it to armor Humvees in Iraq and Afghanistan.

PBS and NPR are really just toys of the left, along with the NEA(National Endowment For The Arts). There is no dire need for these. We don't need the government run television for much, maybe for amber alerts, weather, and emergency broadcasting. Sesame Street and Mister Rogers are nice to. But for everything else let the people take care of it, not the government. Supply and demand. If NPR is really what the people want than that would be paid for privately after we cut funding for it. The demand for it would bring about a supplier and then the government could allocate the funding for it into things that are needed more.
If you take away PBS the left act like you have taken away their first born. This is very telling of the types of programs they air and who they are intended for. Some of us are paying for programming that is nothing more than tools of the left.

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