Thursday, June 30, 2005

Helping Stop The ACLU

At this point it should be clear that the ACLU isn't an accurate representative for the U.S. Constitution. They don't have individual rights in mind. They have their agenda in mind. The only way they can enforce this agenda is to set up a ruse. This ruse is the claim that the ACLU is fighting for the Constitution the way the founders intended it, the truth is that they are fighting for Marx's vision. Socialism and eventual communism seem to be the ultimate goal.

So how can we get involved in keeping America free? How can we fight to stop the hijacking of our individualism. Well there are some great choices out there. There are places you can go to get involved. In this post I just sort of want to give a couple of links that you can visit to show your support, whether that be financially or just voicing your opinion.
As always I think the best place to begin is to write a letter or an email, or put in a phone call to your senator and/or congressman. This is a great way to let your representative in Washington know that you won't stand for the ACLU. Be polite and just voice your concern. You can reach your congressman by visiting here or senator by visiting here

Your next stop needs to be to visit my friends over at From there you can find the links necessary to get involved. There are also ACLU alternatives. The ACLJ is a great organization that takes up causes beyond the ACLU's narrowminded agenda.

Any one of these links are a great start. The most important thing is not to let up. The second we get complacent, the ACLU will tighten it's grip on American politics. Let's fight to stop them altogether.

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John said...

Awesome job! Thank you so much. I just put up something at my site...a new post that you must see. It is things like this that makes it all worthwhile.