Sunday, June 12, 2005

Guantanamo Bay Torture

Hour by hour logs of the methods used to extract information from Gitmo detainees came out this week and Time Magazine obtained a copy. All along we've heard from the left that Gitmo is a place of torture. And they are right, except that Americans don't torture to bring pain. They torture to save lives. It's not true torture either. In Iraq or Iran, bamboo shoots would be stuck under the victims fingernails until they are praying for death. In America the worst that could happen is sleep deprivation or water dripping on the forehead.

I've got to tell you, I'm all for it. The more info we get out of the detainees could save countless lives. They aren't just going to talk, we have to make them talk. Reasonable torture should be acceptable. If you read the logs you'll see that when the Mohammed al Qahtani, the detainee written about in the logs, became dehydrated, painstaking care was taken to assure that his health was cared for. From the article:

A 24-Hour Time Out: But a much more serious problem develops on Dec. 7: a medical corpsman reports that al-Qahtani is becoming seriously dehydrated, the result of his refusal to take water regularly. He is given an IV drip, and a doctor is summoned. An unprecedented 24-hour time out is called, but even as al-Qahtani is put under a doctor’s care, music is played to “prevent detainee from sleeping.” Nine hours later, a medical corpsman checks al-Qahtani’s pulse and finds it “unusually slow.” An electrocardiogram is administered by a doctor, and after al-Qahtani is transferred to a hospital, a CT scan is performed. A second doctor is consulted. Al-Qahtani’s heartbeat is regular but slow: 35 beats a minute. He is placed in isolation and hooked up to a heart monitor, TIME reports.

When is the last time you heard of a prisoner from Syria or Iran having their heart monitored? More than that, when was the last time a Gitmo detainee had their head chopped off on national tv? America needs to show that we will fight for our lives with unrelenting force, yet at the same time our restraint must remain intact. And it has.

Liberals who cry foul over the methods being used at Gitmo must have their motives examined. My personal thoughts are that they seriously have it in for America. That's right, some liberals really do hate America. Keep in mind none of us should give the U.S. a free pass. We make mistakes like any nation. Individual soldiers get angry and possibly cross the line, And who can even blame them? All I know is that so far I can see nothing wrong with the methods being used at Gitmo.


Ray said...

Torture is not really the American thing however, I would do a lot worse to them to obtain information that would save American lives. The ends do not justify the means and I would dislike being in a position of having to do anything like that but the very fact that detainees health is being carefully watched is a sure sign that these people will live to see another year where no prisoner of the countries they came from would likely make it back alive....There is a difference....

Aaroncoal said...

I think you are right. Torture is not the word for it. Torture involves a threat of death...this is no more than controlled discomfort.

Anonymous said...

I think the people who were beat to death at Gitmo would beg to differ if they hadn't been killed by said "controlled discomfort™".