Saturday, June 04, 2005

America's Most Wanted

I love watching America's Most Wanted on Saturday night. Maybe I just love watching the good guys win. John Walsh, the host, just has this passion for what he does that just makes you want to watch, and it's easy to see where his passion comes from. Years ago his son was kidnapped and killed and the killers were never captured. So did he sit around and let that bring his life to a stand still. No, he got active. Every week at the beginning of the program they flash up the number of fugitives that caller's tips have helped capture, I always love it when the number is bigger than the week before.
I really wish I had started off my career in criminal justice, because I doubt there would be a greater high for me than seeing justice served. The one thing holding me back is the emotional aspect.

I guess the best thing about it is watching dirtbags get their just due. I only wish that liberals would care for all human life. Can you imagine how much we could reign in the crime rate if we all took a hard hard stand on punishment? All too often liberals cautel to the lowest among us and devalue the real victims.

Thankfully America's Most Wanted takes that hard stand that we need.

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John said...

I like this show too when i get a chance to see it.

I've got a petition up if you have a sec.