Thursday, June 09, 2005

The ACLU's War On Christianity

The war on Christianity is a silent battle coming from the left. But leading that battle is a not-so-silent organization known only as the ACLU. You might say, "but the ACLU is simply trying to protect the line that separates the church from the state," but you'd be wrong. If you take even a surface look at the cases that the ACLU takes up you will notice that they skew heavily against Christians, not religion, but Christians. Numerous times the ACLU has taken up the Muslim cause. This is not a bad thing, we are a nation that allows open religious expression and it works. But Christianity is often kicked to the wayside while other religions are ushered in. The constitution promises religious freedom But apparently the ACLU never got that memo. The examples are too many, but here is one that caught my eye:

In 2002 Franklinton, Louisiana had signs on it's outskirts that read "Jesus is Lord over Franklinton." The signs were put there by area churches. So what was the problem? Well the ACLU found one, and they didn't flinch. Their first claim was that the signs were near state roads and that this violated the U.S. Constitution. Their second claim was that city road crews had helped the churches put the signs up, another violation of the separation of church and state they claimed. It was later learned that they had no knowledge that road crews helped put up the signs until after they had already made the charges about the state roads violation...In other words they were searching for any reason to get rid of the signs. So how are private billboards along state roads any endorsement of any religion? Secondly, How does road crews helping put up any sort of sign equal a government endorsement of what ever is on the sign?
The signs were up for two years without a peep. Than one motorist from New Orleans, 55 miles away, drove by and told the ACLU that the signs offended him. Guess what, the ACLU won. The signs came down. The outcome was decided by the claim of one citizen versus tens of thousands who fought to keep the signs, and that citizen that claimed offense didn't even live in that community.

As an afternote, 3,000 people from the small town of Franklintown in protest of the decision put signs in their yard that said, "God is Lord over all." In history, whenever someone has tried to snuff out Christianity, it has thrived in even greater numbers.
The ACLU will lose it's battle over Christianity in the long run, because as Christians we already know the final outcome. But Lord knows they are going to do everything they can to keep Christians out of the public domain. It's a war that liberals are setting the stage for. The battle lines are being drawn. The ACLU is at the front and it is not going to back down.

Freedom of religion, not freedom from it...Never forget that...The ACLU already has.

The above example from the town of Franklinton, Louisiana was paraphrased from the book Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity, by David Limbaugh(Pg. 177-178).


itinerant said...

Please, my friend, read the Gospels and ask yourself this question: Did Jesus come to earth to win a culture war? As Christians, we are not faithful to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) when we drive away non-believers by our hard-hearted insistence on our rights. Is it more important that we have religious paraphernalia hanging over the freeways or that we do everything we can to avoid alienating those who aren't Christians? Why do you think the prostitutes and "sinners" of our day won't come near the church, when these are precisely the people who crowded around Jesus? I think it's because we're too busy fighting for our "rights" to show them the love that Jesus would show them.

I'm only a sinner, saved by the outrageous grace of my Lord. I don't need billboards that say my religion is the best. I just pray that my actions and attitudes will never drive others away from the faith that means so much to me. I am afraid that we as Christians are making our faith repellent to those who don't share it. Is this really what Jesus wants from us?

Aaroncoal said...

Believe me, I doubt there are any Christians that are of the impression that Jesus needs a cheerleader to be relevent. The point of fighting for this basic right isn't because Christianity needs defending.
Humanism and atheisim are religions. We fled England because the governement was forcing it's form of religion on everyone...all we are trying to do here is to prevent the same thing.

The ACLU isn't offending me, God is not mocked. But the ACLU is telling me what I can and can't do. And that isn't something we ought to just lie down for.

Hey, it's not like we're rioting here, we are simply arguing for our rights. I see nothing in The Bible that says that you can't voice your opinion.

Read it, Don't you think that if Paul had the right he would have shouted his love for Christ with a sign if he could have..He would have stood on his roof day and night and shouted The Gospel!

We live in a free representitive democracy where religious freedom is a birth right...something that the apostles could have only dreamed of, let's fight peacefully for that right while we still can. Soon doing that will bring us the gallows.