Thursday, June 23, 2005

The ACLU And Flag Burning

The ACLU wants the burning of the American flag to remain an acceptable form of free speech. This subject has divided even the staunchest of conservatives. But I'll try and give my take on it as honestly as I can.
My take on it is that it ought to be banned. Not banned because flag burning is unacceptable speech, but because flag burning isn't speech at all. I'm torn though. I absolutely believe that the right to dissent ought to be preserved. No government should dictate the will of the people. If one hates America they should have the right to write letters, give speeches, make phone calls, and in my opinion even burn maps of the U.S., let em burn what they want....but not the flag. You see the flag represents the very right they have to say and feel what they want. To burn the flag in a way seems counter to what they are trying to protray, it's like forfeiting the right to any freedoms at all that come with living in America.
If anything we shouldn't allow the burning of the flag for the simple fact that setting anything on fire like that in public is illegal.
I don't think any of us are advocating that we put flag burners away in prison or anything like that. But it's symbolism just represents too much to just let it go without at least fining someone who desecrates it so disrespectfully. Too many people died raising that flag up on battlefields across this world. Let's just try and hold on to the dying art of respect for a country that gives so much without asking all that much in return. Let the ACLU know that it wouldn't be here without that flag. In fact without the American flag, most members of the ACLU would be hanging from trees. What a beautiful country that allows open beliefs. Whatever you can dream up or imagine here, you can believe in it and follow it without fear of government restriction...Let's keep it that way by holding onto the respect for the flag and what it represents.

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Anonymous said...

Burning the flag is and has always been the traditional method of disposal of worn-out flags. So take that into consideration.