Monday, June 27, 2005

The Absurdity Of Evolution

Ok, It's time for me to get back to debating what I love, and that is the creation vs. evolution debate.

I'll start off with a simple yet relevant quote from Dr. Fred Schwarz...

"If one believes that mankind is created by a purposeless and accidental arrangement of atoms and molecules which has resulted from evolution during billions of years, why should it be such a tragedy if that particular molecule arrangement ceases to exist? Maybe in billions of years another accidental arrangement will produce a similar or even an improved brand of consciousness."

This post really deals less directly with evolution and more with existentialism and philosophy. But Do you understand what that means? If evolution is true then why do we get so upset when one set of molecules ceases to be. Why do we cry at funerals? What is emotion but molecules arranged in certain patterns? What does it all even matter when life is purposeless in the first place? Life is meaningless. We as beings which exist through accident and chance cannot give it purpose because we do not hold the power of purpose. Meaninglessness cannot create meaning.

This is one reason why the philosophy behind evolution has no legs to stand on. Friedrich Nietzsche had it right, if God is dead, than hope is dead too. If God is dead then man is God, if man is God then all hope is lost. Why do some praise Nietzsche but at the same time attempt to assign meaning to the universe?


Anonymous said...

I don't see how your life becomes more or less valueable if there is no true religion and everything is a product of natural, not yet fully know forces. We didn't lose our reason for living when we discovered that Zeus didn't control lightning, so why should it be any different if there is no Zeus or any other supernatural entities at all for that matter?

In fact, life becomes all that more rare, valuable, and precious when you can't just trade it in like a used car for an infinite life.

Things like an unlimited amount of gold would make gold lose it's value because we treasure these things due to their rarity. A limited lifespan makes life all that much more valuable.

If you have an eternal afterlife waiting for you after this one, then this life is really trivial. The only thing you really have to get out of the way is securing whatever goals your religious belief deems necessary while you're alive, and that's it. After you've got that out of the way, what good does this life do you? You've got an infinitely better one waiting on the other side.

Kind of makes this live trivial then.

This life would be a perfect example of child neglect if the whole system was set up like most people believe it is.

We're put here without a choice in the matter and seemingly without purpose. We're so lost and confused that we invent thousands of religions in an attempt to explain some of this madness and give us direction.

Billions of people are honestly mistaken and unknowingly pick the wrong religion or no religion at all (if such a thing as a "right" religion even exists), and according to Christian theology they end up burning in hell for what is essentially not guessing the right numbers to the "religion lottorey".

That's a load of bullshit, not justice. It's a corrupt, flawed, sadistic, and injust system that has no place in a world supposeably with a benevolent creator who allegedly cares about it's creations. That would mean that the majority of people that are living, the people that will live, and the people that have ever lived merely existed for the sole purpose of adding more fuel to the hellfire (which an omnipotent creator would have known well and advance) for not guessing the right religion (assuming it's your religion for the sake of argument).

It's a system that doesn't care who you are or what you've done. Your individual merits as a human being is irrelevant. All that matters is what idea of reality you happened to think was most likely when you died.

It all boils down to that. And a system that completely ignores individual merit and only focuses on irrelevant opinions like belief in order to determine ones final destination is not a system worth having.

Anonymous said...

So if God created life through evolution then there's no hope?

Glad I don't have such a narrow perception of things.

Anonymous said...

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Aaroncoal said...

Landover. funny. But it's just cheap landover humor. It's just mockery and farce.