Thursday, June 30, 2005

Helping Stop The ACLU

At this point it should be clear that the ACLU isn't an accurate representative for the U.S. Constitution. They don't have individual rights in mind. They have their agenda in mind. The only way they can enforce this agenda is to set up a ruse. This ruse is the claim that the ACLU is fighting for the Constitution the way the founders intended it, the truth is that they are fighting for Marx's vision. Socialism and eventual communism seem to be the ultimate goal.

So how can we get involved in keeping America free? How can we fight to stop the hijacking of our individualism. Well there are some great choices out there. There are places you can go to get involved. In this post I just sort of want to give a couple of links that you can visit to show your support, whether that be financially or just voicing your opinion.
As always I think the best place to begin is to write a letter or an email, or put in a phone call to your senator and/or congressman. This is a great way to let your representative in Washington know that you won't stand for the ACLU. Be polite and just voice your concern. You can reach your congressman by visiting here or senator by visiting here

Your next stop needs to be to visit my friends over at From there you can find the links necessary to get involved. There are also ACLU alternatives. The ACLJ is a great organization that takes up causes beyond the ACLU's narrowminded agenda.

Any one of these links are a great start. The most important thing is not to let up. The second we get complacent, the ACLU will tighten it's grip on American politics. Let's fight to stop them altogether.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

50 Gmail invites

Good news everyone. I have 50 Gmail invites. If any of you want to try out the new Gmail, which is still in it's Beta version and is available by invite only, let me know. Anyone who asks will get one from me.

All you have to do is email me at or leave your name and email address in the comments of this post.

Gmail has at least 2.3 Gb of space. You will never have to erase an email ever again. You simply archieve it and you can use the google search engine to find old emails. Plus there are lots of other cool features. Give it a try, it's free!

Monday, June 27, 2005

The Absurdity Of Evolution

Ok, It's time for me to get back to debating what I love, and that is the creation vs. evolution debate.

I'll start off with a simple yet relevant quote from Dr. Fred Schwarz...

"If one believes that mankind is created by a purposeless and accidental arrangement of atoms and molecules which has resulted from evolution during billions of years, why should it be such a tragedy if that particular molecule arrangement ceases to exist? Maybe in billions of years another accidental arrangement will produce a similar or even an improved brand of consciousness."

This post really deals less directly with evolution and more with existentialism and philosophy. But Do you understand what that means? If evolution is true then why do we get so upset when one set of molecules ceases to be. Why do we cry at funerals? What is emotion but molecules arranged in certain patterns? What does it all even matter when life is purposeless in the first place? Life is meaningless. We as beings which exist through accident and chance cannot give it purpose because we do not hold the power of purpose. Meaninglessness cannot create meaning.

This is one reason why the philosophy behind evolution has no legs to stand on. Friedrich Nietzsche had it right, if God is dead, than hope is dead too. If God is dead then man is God, if man is God then all hope is lost. Why do some praise Nietzsche but at the same time attempt to assign meaning to the universe?

Friday, June 24, 2005

Your Top 10: Books

It's top 10's. Finding out what people watch, listen to, and read is interesting to me. It fascinates me. Also it doesn't have to be 10, just give your top 5, or even top 3.

Let's go for Books. Ok, here's my top 10 pieces of literature in no particular order. Keep in mind that my list changes a lot. This one was a bit harder for me since I read, but not as much as I probably should. This is my current top 10:

* The Bible -- God

* Mere Christianity -- C.S. Lewis

* Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism -- Ann Coulter

* Rocket Boys -- Homer Hickam

* Band Of Brothers -- Stephen Ambrose

* When Character Was King: A Story Of Ronald Reagan -- Peggy Noonan

* Wyatt Earp : The Life Behind the Legend -- Casey Tefertiller

* Of Mice And Men -- John Steinbeck

* Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity -- David Limbaugh

* The Complete Far Side 1980-1994 (2 vol set)

P.S. Mark and Tim, you better post your top 10 cause I want to know!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The ACLU And Flag Burning

The ACLU wants the burning of the American flag to remain an acceptable form of free speech. This subject has divided even the staunchest of conservatives. But I'll try and give my take on it as honestly as I can.
My take on it is that it ought to be banned. Not banned because flag burning is unacceptable speech, but because flag burning isn't speech at all. I'm torn though. I absolutely believe that the right to dissent ought to be preserved. No government should dictate the will of the people. If one hates America they should have the right to write letters, give speeches, make phone calls, and in my opinion even burn maps of the U.S., let em burn what they want....but not the flag. You see the flag represents the very right they have to say and feel what they want. To burn the flag in a way seems counter to what they are trying to protray, it's like forfeiting the right to any freedoms at all that come with living in America.
If anything we shouldn't allow the burning of the flag for the simple fact that setting anything on fire like that in public is illegal.
I don't think any of us are advocating that we put flag burners away in prison or anything like that. But it's symbolism just represents too much to just let it go without at least fining someone who desecrates it so disrespectfully. Too many people died raising that flag up on battlefields across this world. Let's just try and hold on to the dying art of respect for a country that gives so much without asking all that much in return. Let the ACLU know that it wouldn't be here without that flag. In fact without the American flag, most members of the ACLU would be hanging from trees. What a beautiful country that allows open beliefs. Whatever you can dream up or imagine here, you can believe in it and follow it without fear of government restriction...Let's keep it that way by holding onto the respect for the flag and what it represents.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fun Facts

* It may not be a coincidence that Dick Durbin's last name rhymes with turban. Think about it.

* When God was handing out noses, somehow I accidentally got in line twice.

* PETA is thinking of officially changing their name to KBSW, which of course stands for Kill Babies, Save Whales.

* Florida is known as the Sunshine State, Texas is known as the Lonestar State, and Kansas is now known as the NASCAR Beach Towel State.

* Exclusive fact: I just found out that the name of U2's next album is, 'More Of The Same...Suckers' ...Oh man that sounds like a good one!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Couple Of Observations....

* Cell phone etiquette is terrible in this country and getting worse. Maybe it's just manners in general that are so bad. Turn off your freaking cell phone whenever you enter churches, theatres, funerals, etc. I know what you are thinking, 'No one is going to call me.' Yes, Yes they will...they always do, you bonehead.
Also, it makes me furious when a group of people are quietly watching a movie and someone in the group gets a call and just decides to go ahead and answer it and hold a conversation while the rest of us try and watch the movie. Oh man if you tell someone to turn the TV down, I may just lose could be violent.

* The Democrats are on crack. Dick Durbin started running his loose mouth like a toilet, and the rest of the crats o'dem fell in line, some of them supporting his claim that U.S. servicemen are "Nazi's." Not exactly setting up the big 2008 comeback that we've been hearing about. The 2008 comeback seems to be right in line with the 2004 comeback...and you know where that got them. Now Durbin has apologized. The apology was basically, 'I'm sorry you took what I said wrong'. Gee Dick, 'The serviceman remind me of Nazi's' seems pretty self explanatory. Maybe 2008 is just too soon for the "party of the people." They still haven't told us which people they are refering to.

Friday, June 17, 2005

House Votes To Cut Funding For PBS

The House planned to cut the budget for PBS. This is a half victory in my opinion. PBS should have been cut off as soon as they became a bullhorn for the left. NPR is one of the most left leaning newscasts you will hear, and I am funding it! That's wrong.

Their budget is being cut by 25%. My question is why do we need government run television? Government is notoriously dishonest and too big for it's own good. Television shouldn't be a project for the government. It'd be different if PBS ran children's shows all day. Sesame Street is a wonderful program, although even it has these liberal undertones especially when it speaks of families. I wonder what liberals would do if Fox News were subsidized by the government. Most of them I imagine would burn themselves alive in the streets. Well that's exactly what PBS is to us conservatives. It's government funded liberal television. If PBS could somehow level itself out and show neutral programs and get unbiased reporters than probably most of us would be for keeping it fully funded. But since the left took over than you might be able to see why some of aren't so fond of opening up our wallets to fund it. That money is needed so much worse elsewhere. I'd love it if they took that extra 25% and used it to armor Humvees in Iraq and Afghanistan.

PBS and NPR are really just toys of the left, along with the NEA(National Endowment For The Arts). There is no dire need for these. We don't need the government run television for much, maybe for amber alerts, weather, and emergency broadcasting. Sesame Street and Mister Rogers are nice to. But for everything else let the people take care of it, not the government. Supply and demand. If NPR is really what the people want than that would be paid for privately after we cut funding for it. The demand for it would bring about a supplier and then the government could allocate the funding for it into things that are needed more.
If you take away PBS the left act like you have taken away their first born. This is very telling of the types of programs they air and who they are intended for. Some of us are paying for programming that is nothing more than tools of the left.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The ACLU Supports Child Porn

It's no secret that the ACLU has supported some of the most evil people in society. They have supported murderers, thieves, and even terrorists. But the one that angers me more than any of that is the fact that they support child molesters. Of course they won't tell you that they support child molesters, you have to read the fine print. Well, not that fine..They support the "first amendment rights" of NAMBLA, otherwise known as The North American Man Boy Love Association. I mean think about that, these are our children. These nasty men want to be able to solicit, lure, and eventually engage in sex with underage boys, some as young as 8. SICK, SICK, SICK!

Not much more needs to be said. The ACLU is using it's resources to defend an organization that the devil himself would think twice before defending.

To read more on this abomination check out this piece from Deroy Murdock written last year.

I'd love to hear from someone who agrees with the ACLU's stance.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Top 10: Movies

I'm going to start a series of fun topics that will be intertwined with the ACLU/liberal bashing that is coming in the next couple of weeks.

It's top 10's. Finding out what people watch, listen to, and read is interesting to me. It fascinates me. Also it doesn't have to be 10, just give your top 5, or even top 3.

Let's go for movies. Ok, here's my top 10 movies in no particular order. Keep in mind that my list changes a lot. This is my current top 10:

* Tombstone

* Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

* October Sky

* Braveheart

* It's A Wonderful Life

* Best In Show

* Dumb And Dumber

* Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

* Citizen Kane

* Airplane!

P.S. Mark and Tim, you better post your top 10 cause I want to know!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

If The Liberals Had Their Way

The picture to the left is what everyday America would look like if the bleeding heart liberals had their way. It's obvious that they could care less if 9-11 happened all over again. In fact, deep down I know that they desire the very thing to happen again. This way they can keep up their blame America for everything method. They'll say, "see look what we brought on ourselves for retaliating against the first attack that we deserved in the first place."
This week they have been salivating at the possibility of the Gitmo prison shutting down. Why? Is it because they actually believe in the poor war combatant's rights? No, it's because they have a deep seeded hatred for America, or what they call "Jesusland".
They found out that the Americans were actually trying to get information out of Osama Bin Laden's former body guards and they started sounding the whining gong. The very same gong that has cost them half a decade of elections. They still have yet to answer the questions we ask of them. For example, What would you have us do with the admitted 20th hijacker? Release him back in to his regular life as if he had learned his lesson? Do you think he would have stayed on house arrest?
I thought that libs hated fundamentalism. They keep sticking up for these war criminals, the very same ones that believe women are sub-human, even lower than cattle. Where is National Organization of Women and the feminists? These fundies that we are picking up support an organized religion where those that don't follow this religion to the strictest letter of the law are to have Jihad declared on them. Where is the ACLU? I know where they are, right there supporting the terrorists.
The left's mindset is bankrupt. They get up on their soapbox and preach freedom of religion and tolerance for all sex, race and creed. But apparently all of this only applies if you are on their side in the war against "Jesusland". It's fascism on their terms. That kind of contradiction just doesn't hold logic. Most of these lefties can't get through half a sentence without using the word logic, yet it only applies to everyone else. So is this how America is going to become a "progressive nation". I'm not going to sit by and let that GOP if you love this country, otherwise it's time to get ready to be a citizen of the new liberal America, a land where anything goes, unless you happen to believe in anything beyond socialism and hedonism. I think Ann Coulter said it best: "We've finally given liberals a war against fundamentalism, and they don't want to fight it. They would, except it would put them on the same side as the United States" Nuff said!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Your Top 10: CD's

I'm going to start a series of fun topics that will be intertwined with the ACLU/liberal bashing that is coming in the next couple of weeks.

It's top 10's. Finding out what people watch, listen to, and read is interesting to me. It fascinates me. Also it doesn't have to be 10, just give your top 5, or even top 3.

So let's start with music. Ok, here's my top 10 CD's in no particular order. Keep in mind that my list changes a lot. This is my current top 10:

* Weezer -- Blue

* Otis Redding -- The Ultimate Otis Redding

* Ben Harper -- Live From Mars

* Sam Cooke -- Portrait Of A Legend 1951 - 1964

* Fernando Ortega -- Storm

* Switchfoot -- Legend Of Chin

* Sleeping At Last -- Ghosts

* Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers -- Complete Recordings

* Deftones -- Around The Fur

* He Is Legend -- I Am Hollywood

P.S. Mark and Tim, you better post your top 10 cause I want to know!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Guantanamo Bay Torture

Hour by hour logs of the methods used to extract information from Gitmo detainees came out this week and Time Magazine obtained a copy. All along we've heard from the left that Gitmo is a place of torture. And they are right, except that Americans don't torture to bring pain. They torture to save lives. It's not true torture either. In Iraq or Iran, bamboo shoots would be stuck under the victims fingernails until they are praying for death. In America the worst that could happen is sleep deprivation or water dripping on the forehead.

I've got to tell you, I'm all for it. The more info we get out of the detainees could save countless lives. They aren't just going to talk, we have to make them talk. Reasonable torture should be acceptable. If you read the logs you'll see that when the Mohammed al Qahtani, the detainee written about in the logs, became dehydrated, painstaking care was taken to assure that his health was cared for. From the article:

A 24-Hour Time Out: But a much more serious problem develops on Dec. 7: a medical corpsman reports that al-Qahtani is becoming seriously dehydrated, the result of his refusal to take water regularly. He is given an IV drip, and a doctor is summoned. An unprecedented 24-hour time out is called, but even as al-Qahtani is put under a doctor’s care, music is played to “prevent detainee from sleeping.” Nine hours later, a medical corpsman checks al-Qahtani’s pulse and finds it “unusually slow.” An electrocardiogram is administered by a doctor, and after al-Qahtani is transferred to a hospital, a CT scan is performed. A second doctor is consulted. Al-Qahtani’s heartbeat is regular but slow: 35 beats a minute. He is placed in isolation and hooked up to a heart monitor, TIME reports.

When is the last time you heard of a prisoner from Syria or Iran having their heart monitored? More than that, when was the last time a Gitmo detainee had their head chopped off on national tv? America needs to show that we will fight for our lives with unrelenting force, yet at the same time our restraint must remain intact. And it has.

Liberals who cry foul over the methods being used at Gitmo must have their motives examined. My personal thoughts are that they seriously have it in for America. That's right, some liberals really do hate America. Keep in mind none of us should give the U.S. a free pass. We make mistakes like any nation. Individual soldiers get angry and possibly cross the line, And who can even blame them? All I know is that so far I can see nothing wrong with the methods being used at Gitmo.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Finally A Diet Drink We
Can All Enjoy!

I hope that it comes with Splenda because that Aspertaime is so unhealthy.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The ACLU's War On Christianity

The war on Christianity is a silent battle coming from the left. But leading that battle is a not-so-silent organization known only as the ACLU. You might say, "but the ACLU is simply trying to protect the line that separates the church from the state," but you'd be wrong. If you take even a surface look at the cases that the ACLU takes up you will notice that they skew heavily against Christians, not religion, but Christians. Numerous times the ACLU has taken up the Muslim cause. This is not a bad thing, we are a nation that allows open religious expression and it works. But Christianity is often kicked to the wayside while other religions are ushered in. The constitution promises religious freedom But apparently the ACLU never got that memo. The examples are too many, but here is one that caught my eye:

In 2002 Franklinton, Louisiana had signs on it's outskirts that read "Jesus is Lord over Franklinton." The signs were put there by area churches. So what was the problem? Well the ACLU found one, and they didn't flinch. Their first claim was that the signs were near state roads and that this violated the U.S. Constitution. Their second claim was that city road crews had helped the churches put the signs up, another violation of the separation of church and state they claimed. It was later learned that they had no knowledge that road crews helped put up the signs until after they had already made the charges about the state roads violation...In other words they were searching for any reason to get rid of the signs. So how are private billboards along state roads any endorsement of any religion? Secondly, How does road crews helping put up any sort of sign equal a government endorsement of what ever is on the sign?
The signs were up for two years without a peep. Than one motorist from New Orleans, 55 miles away, drove by and told the ACLU that the signs offended him. Guess what, the ACLU won. The signs came down. The outcome was decided by the claim of one citizen versus tens of thousands who fought to keep the signs, and that citizen that claimed offense didn't even live in that community.

As an afternote, 3,000 people from the small town of Franklintown in protest of the decision put signs in their yard that said, "God is Lord over all." In history, whenever someone has tried to snuff out Christianity, it has thrived in even greater numbers.
The ACLU will lose it's battle over Christianity in the long run, because as Christians we already know the final outcome. But Lord knows they are going to do everything they can to keep Christians out of the public domain. It's a war that liberals are setting the stage for. The battle lines are being drawn. The ACLU is at the front and it is not going to back down.

Freedom of religion, not freedom from it...Never forget that...The ACLU already has.

The above example from the town of Franklinton, Louisiana was paraphrased from the book Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity, by David Limbaugh(Pg. 177-178).

Sunday, June 05, 2005

One For The Gipper

One year ago today Ronald Reagan passed away. He did not live his life in vain. He is the inspiration for this blog and every post I write on here is dedicated to him. If only every president could be a Ronald Reagan.
Mr. President, you are missed.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

America's Most Wanted

I love watching America's Most Wanted on Saturday night. Maybe I just love watching the good guys win. John Walsh, the host, just has this passion for what he does that just makes you want to watch, and it's easy to see where his passion comes from. Years ago his son was kidnapped and killed and the killers were never captured. So did he sit around and let that bring his life to a stand still. No, he got active. Every week at the beginning of the program they flash up the number of fugitives that caller's tips have helped capture, I always love it when the number is bigger than the week before.
I really wish I had started off my career in criminal justice, because I doubt there would be a greater high for me than seeing justice served. The one thing holding me back is the emotional aspect.

I guess the best thing about it is watching dirtbags get their just due. I only wish that liberals would care for all human life. Can you imagine how much we could reign in the crime rate if we all took a hard hard stand on punishment? All too often liberals cautel to the lowest among us and devalue the real victims.

Thankfully America's Most Wanted takes that hard stand that we need.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

What I Dislike Most About The ACLU

There are many many reasons to dislike the ACLU, but here are three that really irk me...

* The ACLU doesn't even really seem to be concerned with what their stated goals are. They claim to be champions of the constitution, yet in order for them to take up someone's cause they must first espouse the ACLU brand of politics and religion which pretty much is just straight up liberal socialism. They will not take up your cause if you are a Christian or a conservative, in fact most likely they will fight against you. I think that somewhere in their copy of the constitution it says that Christians and their beliefs are to be erased from the public sector, a concept that would have infuriated the founding fathers. For the ACLU it's freedom of religion..unless you happen to be one of those Christian kinds, then you are to be segregated from the general public. Also, the ACLU denies the very foundation of what this nation was built on. We left England because of people like the ACLU who were forcing their own brand of religion on the whole country. Humanism is that religion today, but the tactics are the same, squash anyone who isn't bowing at the alter of man himself. Everybody worships something.

* The AClU is actually trying to stop any effort to control the borders to our country. In what part of the constitution does it state that we must let in illegal aliens? I mean just which version of the constitution do they have over there and how much crack was the guy smoking that wrote it? Those that want to get into this country must go through the proper channels. It's a system that would be safe and possibly even reliable if we were able to implement it fully. Could it be that the ACLU needs the votes?

* Drugs. The ACLU wants to legalize drugs...all drugs. Ok, now we know that their version of the constitution is warped. What, did Jerry Garcia find it in the enchanted forest? The last thing we need is a country full of drugged out hippies driving cars, getting weapons, babysitting our children, and teaching our children. They deny that this is what will happen. But they are just straight up wrong about that. Drugs are illegal because they are dangerous, not just to the person using, but to those around that person as well. Just another warped cause that the ACLU champions.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Death Penalty In Kansas

A while back a judge in Kansas declared the death penalty "unconstitutional" and just single-handedly shut it down. If that don't beat all. How in the world we ever got to a point in the nation where far reaching decisions like this can be made by one lone crazy judge, I'll never know. A judge should never be allowed to create law. Even the president can't do this.
But anyway, we need the death penalty in Kansas. This ruling must be overruled. Well now we may get our chance The Supreme Court is gonna take up the case. And I don't know what's going to come of it but I'm glad the high court is going to hear the case.

Why can't Kansas be more like Texas?