Sunday, May 08, 2005

Where's The ACLU Now?

A man named a Bill Kriso in Elyria, Illinois simply wanted to thank Jesus, or "the God of his choice" for his new home. He had a bullet lodged in his brain during the Vietnam war so you can understand his gratitude for the chance to be around here a little longer. But, The management of his new housing development says Jesus is not welcome here, at least not publicly. So now Bill Kriso will have to take it to the courts in order to keep his sign up. In other words, he must take it to the courts to protect his free speech. So where is the precious ACLU?
It seems that the ACLU may have already filled their standard smokescreen religious case PR quota for the year. Each year the ACLU will take on one or two cases that actually stands up for a religious person...This is done as a smokescreen so that they can pretend that they aren't the Christian hating socialists that they really are. And then when you argue with them about how they hate God, they bring up their one token case all year long to try and prove their legitimacy. As if preserving the constitution were their actual goal. Those of you who have ever argued with a pro-ACLU advocate about their clear liberal bias have no doubt hear the standard comeback..."Well the ACLU stood up for Rush Limbaugh when his medical records were leaked." They have been using that argument for a whole year. They have one case they can bring That's like saying Hitler wasn't so bad because he personally saved two Jews that were relatives of some of his generals. It doesn't even mask the atrocities that he did. And the token Christian and conservative case done by the ACLU once every blue moon doesn't mask the fact that the ACLU's agenda does NOT involve the free worship of the God of one's choice.
Let's just hope and pray that Bill Kriso wins in this situation. What I think is the best part is that he refuses to take the sign down. In fact he says this, "They can have my sign; they can take it down over my dead body, They're going to have to kill me to get that sign down. I mean that."


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