Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Stupid Things Taught In Schools

Let's face it, liberals run the public school system across the nation. Liberals run the teachers union. Liberals are in charge of the science programs, the sex ed, and the psychology/sociology taught in our schools. Even history, there are countless examples of history ignored and even changed in the text books because liberals didn't like it.

I'm not sure if I can put my kid in public schools. It's out of control. And the lazy good for nothing teachers union have their hands out for more money daily. They give you mediocre education with their hands out for raises and benefits more often than a mob boss. They are going to give you as little for your money as possible. Granted teaching today's children isn't exactly the easiest job in the world. I mean no telling when some kid with a messed up home life is going to come in shooting up the place. It's actually a half dangerous job. But this doesn't excuse the lies, half-truths or lazy teaching style.

For instance, the obvious example, Kids as little as kindergarten are taught that there is no God, that what ever mommy and daddy and the preacher from church told you is wrong. They do this by trying to tell them that evolution is fact...All the while they keep a straight face. Evolution is fact is the biggest lie ever to be forced through the academic world. Rocket science is fact, I mean we can observe it, we can touch it, we can even smell it. I don't know of one person that is old enough to have observed evolution. I don't know of any scientist that is able to recreate millions of years in a lab. Yet your kids are told that there is simply know other way that we could have gotten here...Hogwash.

Most theories regarding evolution don't even fit the criteria to qualify as theory. Are the kids told this? They should be. It's silly for them not to be. I'm not suggesting that we start preaching in school. I'm not even suggesting that we use the G-word. But we at least owe it to our children and the parents that simply want to raise kids their own way to tell the truth. To stop calling things that we don't have the evidence yet to make the call. I think Christians need to admit that we often ignore science to the point of negating it. We need not do this. But on the flipside I think that the atheist world needs to slow down and stop feeling so threatened by skeptics of their "faith". When science produces the smoking gun than those of us who are honest and grounded in reality will fall in line. Until then we must at least be honest with our kids. If the theory is so compelling then they will choose it as their beliefs when they grow up.

Ok Part II on this subject is coming by the end of this week. And this next part especially I want some feedback on. I'm going to examine why children are taught that homosexuality is a normal healthy lifestyle and why that is wrong. Controversial yeah, but I eat controversy for breakfast... No, no I don't. But you can imagine what it would be like if I did!


Mark said...

Where to start on this one? Okay, you said that liberals haved changed the history books and left things out, because they didn't like it. To what are you referring to? Where's your evidence?
Do you also incinuate that school boards, which choose curriculum are also made up of liberals?
Do you think that kindergarten age kids are old enough to understand evolution v. creation? Can you name one instance of a teacher telling 5 year olds that there is no god?
Can you not grasp the idea that both evolution and creation can exist together? Does God not have the right or power to change the beings he/she/it created in any manner he wants? If God wants to change people, animals, or plants I don't see why it's not possible.
Lastly, do understand what teachers get paid? In some districts teachers are payed less than a McDonalds manager who holds only a high school diploma if that. What are you griping about? It's a free education, if you don't want it for your children put them in a private school that can teach them any agenda they see fit.

Right On! said...

You missed the first lesson of accusation. I agree that the Public School System is REALLY messed up... but you wasted my time by ripping into 'facts' without citing evidence.

BTW, Evolution is more tangible of a concept than Creationism is. I can pull up photo's and illustrations demonstrating fossil evidence of species modification, but I challenge you to pull out one bit of fossilized evidence or bone evidence that points to Creationism.

John said...

I'm not sure if I can put my kid in public schools. It's out of control.

I feel the same way. I have a five year old in daycare, and even there they are filling his head with socialist ideas already. They played some game...they all got medals. Everyone won! Absolutely no competition. Sure he's only five, but this is just the beginning of the subtleties. It happened to me growing up, and I'm lucky I resisted the indoctrination. I keep thinking I will homeschool my son, but that is gonna be hard too. I will be praying about the right thing to do.

ESOOLimeS said...

school i feel is a jail for kids, but we still havnt found a better way to educate our children.

first you must look to what you can do at home to help your kids, but this world is so that both parents have to work to support the family hence we expect the schools to do more than they can then we are dissapointed with the results.

lets not blame the school but the government. blaming the school is the easy option.

Jen E. said...

Wow, I can't even understand how people are saying that evolution is a more tangible theory than Creation is. If you found a log cabin in the woods, would you assume that the trees had their limbs ripped off by high winds, and happened to fall into the correct formation, and nails and varnish MYSTERIOUSLY appeared? The odds of that happening are far more likely than the odds of a living thing magically appearing from the primordial slime. (And we actually understand where log cabins come from! can you explain the concept of life to me?!) I am currently a student in the public school system, and let me tell you that I have been taught evolution in school since I was age 7. I find this insulting and ridiculous. Teachers, please keep your own opinions to yourself. I'm tired of them.

Jackie said...

Hm...I agree that some pretty dumb things are taught in public schools. I, also, don't plan to put my kids there...I actually plan to home-school. Working in a public school system, I know how much it sucks not to be able to teach things the way I believe. 2 things, however, that I'd like to point out:
* I have never seen evolution taught in a kindergarten class. It's actually not supposed to be taught until AT LEAST the intermediate grades...generally, not until late junior high or high school. ESPECIALLY not in the context of the beginnings of the universe...that's actually considered pretty taboo in the majority of districts.
* Unless something drastically has changed since...well, since you know...last year...teachers in the district where I work make about the same amount of money per year as YOU do. Only a couple thousand more. These are degree-carrying, capable educators. Lazy and greedy? Nah. Sure...there are some teachers out there with lazy teaching styles. But you really can't generalize...I have yet to meet a teacher...and I've met many...who works less than 50-55 hours/week. Over half of the people I work with are in their classrooms from 7:30 in the morning until 5 at night. And all of them take plenty of work home. I think they are entitled to hold out their hands for a raise every now and again.

Aaroncoal said...

Several things. One need not look farther then any section written in a history text book about Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan. I had a class at WSU where the professor was 90 years old...and he WROTE the text book. How scary is that? Well the text book was so skewed left it wasn't funny. It wasn't that it was outright lies. It's just that opinion was written without the disclaimer that it was opinion. I knew it was opinion because the arguments were tired old ones.

Anonymous said...

This post wins the award for the most ignorant bullshit I've ever seen on the web.

Deek Deekster said...

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shannon said...

Actually, kids aren't taught that there isn't a god. They just aren't indoctrinated with Christian beliefs. This is actually helpful for right wingers- you wouldn't want them to teach them that Allah was the one true god,eh?

And if you want your child to be selfish(i.e. non socialist) all you have to do is model that behavior yourself. I'm sure you're doing a great job of teaching them not to be able to deal with difference or to share.

Also, Richard Dawkin's Blind Watchmaker is a good book if you want to learn about evolution. Also try the works of Stephen Jay Gould.

Aaroncoal said...

Actually I'd suggest you read a book called Refuting Evolution 2, the author of which escapes me now for some reason.

You didn't read my post closely. I don't want God, Allah or any religion taught in public school. I just want theories called theory and a well rounded science criteria taught.

Anonymous said...

"Refuting Evolution" is a book wrote by a creationist.

If you want a scientific criticism of evolutionary theories, read peer-reviewed scientific literature and you'll see what did and didn't make it based on supporting evidence. Lamarckian evolution obviously didn't make it. It was discredited by scientists and didn't require any creationists to establish as false.

Just as you wouldn't rely on your philosphy professor to fix your car, you shouldn't rely on creationists (who have either an obvious misunderstanding of biological science or an agenda to push) to teach you about evolutionary science.

You don't ask scientists questions about theology, so don't rely on theologians to anwer questions about science.

Especially if they just try to discredit a particular scientific explanation and inject theor own ancillary theory sans evidence. That's how you know when an agenda is being pushed.

Ken Romero said...

I have often wondered myself how prevalent evolutionary theory would be today if children weren’t told about it at such a young age and it wasn't presented as fact. What happens in schools when the subject of evolution is brought up pretty much amounts to a brainwashing. The fact is that evolutionism has practically proven itself wrong already but no one knows about that or wants to believe it because the only other option right now is creationism. You want evidence? OK. The fossil record is the ONLY tangible evidence for evolution, and right now it is "incomplete". Scientists expect to find the rest of the fossils and just fill in the gaps like they did with the periodic table but they won't be able to. The reason they won't is because to fill in the tremendous gaps left in the record they would have to find thousands of fossils for animals that are now extinct (or never existed) and many of them would have to come from each continent. Sorry to burst your bubble but there is no way that the scientists and paleontologists have missed that many fossils over the last two hundred years and there isn't anywhere else to look. On the other hand the Bible says that the Earth was created by God in six days. It's not testable or observable but other things in the bible are, and everything that can be tested has been tested dozens of times by people that simply refused to admit that they needed God, and every time the Bible has held true. And aside from testable facts more than 80% of the prophecy in the Bible has already come true, down to the letter exactly as written. So if everything else in the book is 100% accurate how is the very first thing going to be doubted? On the other hand science books are updated every single year and always with at least one major change-something that was thought to be true has been proven to be only half right or completely wrong.

Ken Romero said...

In response to what Anonymous posted just before my post (I wish I had read it before I posted) Yes, Refuting Evolution probably is a book written by a creationist. But the Scientific Journals are written by Scientists! Are suggesting that I should accept someone's Agenda as long as they are qualified to have one? Well OK, I'll try it your way! I happen to own a book called "Making Sense of Creation and Evolution" by Donald A. Bierle, Ph. D. He wrote that it is more likely that a fully functional 757 Jet could be created by a tornado going through a garbage dump than the first life just happened to poof into existence in the primordial ooze. He also wrote this book after years of research spent trying to disprove the bible. He struggled for years to find something wrong with the Bible before shifting his attention to evolution and immediately discovering numerous inaccuracies and very little evidence. So, in other words, a highly educated scientist tried for years to prove evolution was sounder than Creationism and found overwhelming evidence that creationism was actually far more believable. So what happened then? He had to have his book published by a Christian publisher because none of your scientific journals would publish his fact based, well researched, and well documented findings!

Anonymous said...

"For instance, the obvious example, Kids as little as kindergarten are taught that there is no God, that what ever mommy and daddy and the preacher from church told you is wrong. They do this by trying to tell them that evolution is fact...All the while they keep a straight face."

This assumes that every preacher teaches that evolution is false. Not every Christian preacher does. Case in point, Rev. Michael Dowd.

Why do so many people believe that a world created by God is a world without evolution? God could have created a process of evolution. What God did by creating the Earth was an extremely complicated thing. All of Chemistry and Physics and Biology has to work the way that God designed it to. 2H_2+O_2 -> 2H_2O is the language man uses to describe the creation of water, but the truth of the process is so much more complicated than that! When a child asks their mother why the sky is blue, is it better for her to respond that the sky is blue through a process of Rayleigh Scattering, showing the child all of the Partial Differential Equations first to impress upon the poor thing the complexity of that which they ask, or is it better for her to start simple, from the basics?

If God were writing the Bible and trying to explain the difference between right and wrong to a sinful people, would he teach his message better by saying that he created the world in all of the glorious details about how he did it? No! Not even the greatest minds in the world would be able to understand that piece work! If the purpose of the Bible is to teach people how to live, and to know the difference between right and wrong, then spending one hundred thousand pages explaining how he *really* created the world would miss the point of the book. Instead it's much better to explain the creation process simply, as what is written below, and to spend more time concentrating on moral ways to live your life...

Michaela Kaulitz Park said...

Private schools are the worse.

Anonymous said...

I agree with some things you have to say but saying that evolution is a lie is bullshit.