Friday, May 13, 2005

Stupid Things Taught
In Schools Pt. II

I have specific recollections of the sex education program at Hamilton Middle School in Wichita Kansas. The whole sex education week was hellish and uncomfortable for me. I think it was for most kids that were raised in homes where sex was a subject that wasn't taken lightly. I think I was finally exempted from the week for my final year at the middle school. But the previous years were already in my memories.
Each year we were given instructions on what and what not to do when it comes to sex. I don't recall all the details. I do recall a few things that were pretty graphic, or at least graphic for middle school students at the time. I just kept wondering why we were being taught this. Why we were being encouraged to have sex. Yes, I felt like we were being encouraged to go for it when the time felt right for me. No instruction on what "when the time feels right for me" actually means. We watched a teacher put condoms on bananas. We watched a cartoon I remember vividly called "Captain Condom". Captain Condom chased after the evil arch enemy Gon-Areeya. It was insane. I'm not making that up.
It is a mortal sin to a liberal to mention the word abstinence to a child. We make up cute little cartoons that dance around that subject. I'm convinced that some liberals actually believe that abstaining from sex can harm children. Some are so brainwashed as to think that kids turn out bad if they are told that waiting might not be such a bad idea.
I do not recall ever being told that waiting until I was married was even a possibility. I remember being told to wait until I really loved someone and it was "my time". Whatever that means. I'm not sure if they realized that middle school students can brush up next to a girl and then suddenly "love" her. We were all hormones and candy at that age.
Here's the argument you get.. Whenever kids are asked to sign pacts saying they will abstain then they end up having even more sex then kids that are taught only safe sex. If you then suggest to them that possibly we could teach safe sex along side abstinence with a strong emphasis on abstinence you get more whining about how abstinence is bad. Here's the deal, I don't think too many conservatives are really advocating that kids be forced to sign abstinence pacts. These are things that are usually done in church youth groups not public schools.
The fact is: When abstinence is practiced the incidence of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease is absolutely zero. None. This is a fact. But so very often kids aren't even told this. They aren't told this because liberals are so terrified of the "a" word that they will go to great lengths to avoid it. They will go so far as to tell a child that they can't abstain if they tried. This is the jist of their argument. Pretty pathetic indeed.
What kids need is Abstinence based sex ed. Not total abstinence. Abstinence needs to be more than just a brief mention in passing. Not straight safe sex ed either. But liberals want straight safe sex taught with a brief mention of abstinence. Not good enough. How can we possibly negate the 100% accurate method?
At the very least parents should have 100% control over being able to opt out of any public school sex ed program. I have read incidents where schools have fought the right of parents to pull their kids out of these programs. As if somehow the government has the right to usurp the will of the parent when it comes to these kind of subjects.
The bottom line is that liberals want to teach sex to our children. I don't know why liberals are so sex happy. But they find abstinence "dangerous". Parents ought to be able to decide what is taught to their children about sex, not the government. The government is notorious for screwing anything and everything up. Something as delicate as sex, you know, the thing that can kill you, ought to be decided on by those that are trying to raise these kids.
But it does sort of go along with liberals "it takes a village", socialism theme. They need your kids to further their leap towards socialism and state run America. If they can get your kids to believe that they know best when it comes to evolution, history, sex, and even homosexuality as we will see in Pt. III then they can take them the all the way to socialist town.

By the way, did I mention that a girl that says she is waiting until she is married is one of the hottest things ever?

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