Friday, May 27, 2005

Political Bands: The Shocking Truth

Yeah, down with the man! So you went out and bought the new System Of A Down CD to prove your hatred of the system, or maybe you went for an Audioslave CD, or maybe even Greenday's new one. Good for you! You showed the corporate world what the revolution is like. Or maybe you just fell for the biggest con game in the business.

System Of A Down, Rage, Audioslave, and Greenday, to name a few, spent hours, maybe days(probably more like minutes), trying to shape their anti-American lyrics to have the maximum impact. But in reality all they did was just do their best to shock you. Greenday was trying to shock you. Audioslave was trying to shock you. And now since anti-American political band is an industry basically unto itself they have to try and one up the band from last week. This is done to maximize publicity which intern lines the pockets of the band, the label, and the corporation. Right back to the man you are trying to screw.

Did you really think that you were helping fight a revolution? Did you think you were raising awareness for Armenian genocide recognition?

In SOAD's new video you see soldiers marching in a Nazi-like fashion with helmets that have scrolling digital text across them...The text scrolling says various things like "Obey", "Die", and "Buy".

It's no secret that the SOAD crowd freely call George Bush a Nazi. Yet somehow you can never get them to give an iota of example of how Bush can be compared to one of the worst mass-murdering tyrants that ever walked the face of the earth. Could it be that comparing Bush to Hitler might just shock you enough into heading down to Best Buy to pick up a copy of their CD? When Greenday calls everyday people in the U.S. "American Idiots", and even poses in pictures mocking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, that they just might think you dumb enough to go and buy their album because of the, dare we say, shock of it all?

Gee how come we never see Serj from System Of A Down on MTV Cribs? Is it because MTV is a corporate pig? Or is it because maybe if you saw how he is living you'd laugh at his calls to "screw the system"?

It's a farce and unfortunately Americans are buying it up in droves not realizing that their money isn't going to some anti-American charity or even to anything remotely close. You are buying mansions for the government fighters themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm a true capitalist. I think it's a great idea, but of course I'm not the one that thinks the system needs screwing.

The stupidest part of it all is that on System's new song they call America a fascist nation...Yet the very style of government they idealize is socialism and communism...The fascists themselves. Or is it Anarchy they are hungry for...I forget? Either way more deaths have occurred under any one of those systems then capitalism. How can we believe any band that seems to just be only about hate?


John said...

I really enjoy Audioslave's talent and music...I was looking forward to buying their new album. thanks for the warning...I won't be doing so now.

Anonymous said...

download it
pass word:
system of down

Regular Ron said...

Great write up...I've known this about these bands. Granted I'm not much of a fan of eith of them, but they are talented.

Hell alot of the bands I listen to are pure Commie Pinko's..Naplam Death, Bruce Springsteen to name a few. Does it piss me off to hear Bruce rip on America??..Sure, but then I hear "Born to Run" and forget what he just said. It's just entertainment.

Are SOTD and Audioslave hypocrits?? Of MTV a big part of it?? Of course.

Me?..I just turn the crap off.

A side story on SOAD..A few summers ago they toured with Metallica, and they were in my area on the 4th of July.(By the Metallica is VERY Pro-American) These moron's decied to bring out some other nation's flag. Guess what happened..The trash went into the air..the boo's loud and clear..and they walked off the stage with their tails inbetween their legs.

Regular Ron

Aaroncoal said...

Metallica rocks. I saw them last year. I don't lump them in this category.

But as for Audioslave...These guys are straight up pinko, pillow biting, commies.

Check out the reccommended reading from their activism site: