Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Let Me Clarify

My last post has caused some to get angry. And I can see why. It's an angry subject. For me. For both sides.

Let me clarify when I speak of those teachers who have their hands out, I'm speaking generally about the NEA. Not just any teachers union. The NEA is your typical mob-like liberal union. You can test this theory by joining the NEA and then publicly touting your support for conservative candidates and see how you are treated after this declaration. Unions in general are corrupt and greedy. They were a wonderful tool but the pendulum moved to the other side and you have abuse. The NEA is a prime example. Obviously not every solitary person in the NEA is greedy. But the organization as a whole seems to threaten more people than it should over money. I don't know much about the other educator unions.

But that wasn't the point of my post. My point is that liberals are playing their old game by brainwashing children as early as grade school. I concede to the commenter that evolution probably isn't taught in any Kindergarten classrooms. But I do recall learning the "billions of years" mantra very very early on in school.

There are many teachers who pour their heart into the their work. I don't mean to lump them into this. Teaching is not easy I'm sure for any teacher. I also realize that generally speaking teachers do not select the teaching material. I blame the school boards for this.

Equal time for all theories is all that I think most conservatives would ask. Also it would be nice if liberals would avoid altering history with their fractured opinions.

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Unadulterated Underdog said...

The problems unions have is the same problem that any political organization has: those at the top taste power and become corrupted by it. I believe that neither Unions nor Companies should be allowed to contribute to campaigns. They both create bias, which makes it hard to get anything done that is mutually beneficial. Imagine a government without special interests and I'll show you a better future for all.