Thursday, May 26, 2005

Civil Rights?
The ACLU Shows Its True Colors

I'm surprised the ACLU even mentions the constitution in their mission statements. I mean when they talk about the constitution amongst themselves they must kind of get this smirk on their faces, or maybe even sometimes burst into a full maniacal laugh. The ACLU doesn't care about the actual constitution. Their ideal bill of rights compared with the current would be polar opposite. They aren't going to admit this of course. Their real goal is to shape their agenda with a mask that looks like they are innocently looking out for the rights of Americans as per the U.S. Constitution. But even Stevie Wonder could see that something ain't what it seems....

Many documented cases show the ACLU remaining silent on cases where the oppressed party happened to be a pro-life group or a conservative leaner. This site documents what is probably a drop in the bucket. Is it some kind of joke to the ACLU? I mean they know that they have a liberal bias. We know that they have a liberal bias. So why do they even deny it? And they do deny it.

But the ACLU DOES stand up for conservatives...I mean they helped Rush Limbaugh in Florida when the state was making his medical records public....This is the typical response and yes once a year some ACLU execs sit around a big room and look for one trophy conservative case they can take up so that they can continue to call themselves "for all people". But it's like stabbing someone thirty times and then giving them one bandaid and declaring yourself a friend to them for it. It just makes no sense.

The ACLU is to civil rights what the U.N. is to America. In otherwords... The ACLU is to conservatives what the KKK is to African Americans.

It makes no sense for the ACLU to say that they are for civil rights when in reality you must fit their narrowminded liberal mold to be considered civil enough to deserve the rights afforded in the constitution. What's so civil about that?


John said...

Awesome post! Thanks!

fozcorp said...

The ACLU, also supports child pornography