Tuesday, May 31, 2005

When Nerds Take Over The World...

Girlfriend-less loners rise up! ....Actually first ask your mom if you can borrow the car.
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Monday, May 30, 2005

We Will Never Forget

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." -- John 15:13

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005

Political Bands: The Shocking Truth

Yeah, down with the man! So you went out and bought the new System Of A Down CD to prove your hatred of the system, or maybe you went for an Audioslave CD, or maybe even Greenday's new one. Good for you! You showed the corporate world what the revolution is like. Or maybe you just fell for the biggest con game in the business.

System Of A Down, Rage, Audioslave, and Greenday, to name a few, spent hours, maybe days(probably more like minutes), trying to shape their anti-American lyrics to have the maximum impact. But in reality all they did was just do their best to shock you. Greenday was trying to shock you. Audioslave was trying to shock you. And now since anti-American political band is an industry basically unto itself they have to try and one up the band from last week. This is done to maximize publicity which intern lines the pockets of the band, the label, and the corporation. Right back to the man you are trying to screw.

Did you really think that you were helping fight a revolution? Did you think you were raising awareness for Armenian genocide recognition?

In SOAD's new video you see soldiers marching in a Nazi-like fashion with helmets that have scrolling digital text across them...The text scrolling says various things like "Obey", "Die", and "Buy".

It's no secret that the SOAD crowd freely call George Bush a Nazi. Yet somehow you can never get them to give an iota of example of how Bush can be compared to one of the worst mass-murdering tyrants that ever walked the face of the earth. Could it be that comparing Bush to Hitler might just shock you enough into heading down to Best Buy to pick up a copy of their CD? When Greenday calls everyday people in the U.S. "American Idiots", and even poses in pictures mocking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, that they just might think you dumb enough to go and buy their album because of the, dare we say, shock of it all?

Gee how come we never see Serj from System Of A Down on MTV Cribs? Is it because MTV is a corporate pig? Or is it because maybe if you saw how he is living you'd laugh at his calls to "screw the system"?

It's a farce and unfortunately Americans are buying it up in droves not realizing that their money isn't going to some anti-American charity or even to anything remotely close. You are buying mansions for the government fighters themselves. Don't get me wrong, I'm a true capitalist. I think it's a great idea, but of course I'm not the one that thinks the system needs screwing.

The stupidest part of it all is that on System's new song they call America a fascist nation...Yet the very style of government they idealize is socialism and communism...The fascists themselves. Or is it Anarchy they are hungry for...I forget? Either way more deaths have occurred under any one of those systems then capitalism. How can we believe any band that seems to just be only about hate?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Civil Rights?
The ACLU Shows Its True Colors

I'm surprised the ACLU even mentions the constitution in their mission statements. I mean when they talk about the constitution amongst themselves they must kind of get this smirk on their faces, or maybe even sometimes burst into a full maniacal laugh. The ACLU doesn't care about the actual constitution. Their ideal bill of rights compared with the current would be polar opposite. They aren't going to admit this of course. Their real goal is to shape their agenda with a mask that looks like they are innocently looking out for the rights of Americans as per the U.S. Constitution. But even Stevie Wonder could see that something ain't what it seems....

Many documented cases show the ACLU remaining silent on cases where the oppressed party happened to be a pro-life group or a conservative leaner. This site documents what is probably a drop in the bucket. Is it some kind of joke to the ACLU? I mean they know that they have a liberal bias. We know that they have a liberal bias. So why do they even deny it? And they do deny it.

But the ACLU DOES stand up for conservatives...I mean they helped Rush Limbaugh in Florida when the state was making his medical records public....This is the typical response and yes once a year some ACLU execs sit around a big room and look for one trophy conservative case they can take up so that they can continue to call themselves "for all people". But it's like stabbing someone thirty times and then giving them one bandaid and declaring yourself a friend to them for it. It just makes no sense.

The ACLU is to civil rights what the U.N. is to America. In otherwords... The ACLU is to conservatives what the KKK is to African Americans.

It makes no sense for the ACLU to say that they are for civil rights when in reality you must fit their narrowminded liberal mold to be considered civil enough to deserve the rights afforded in the constitution. What's so civil about that?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More Wasp Problems

What is up with wasps again?
Remember the discovery channel when some guy would come on there and say that wasps only get aggressive if you come near their nest. That guy is a liar. I was out working in the garden and I was clearly there first. Probably an hour later I get some renegade kamakaze wasp swarming my head. He's dive bombing me and trying to look all scary. I did nothing to provoke him. And these things are smart too. I swear that for a few minutes before he attacked me he was sitting over on the ground doing his best to try and look like a leaf. I bet he was just sort of snickering to himself just knowing that I was about to walk right in to an ambush.

They always try to say that wasps are simply territorial and that's why they attack. But they seem to search humans out. My theory is that the current wasps are just scouts and they are all waiting and reporting into HQ for a huge wasp ambush. I bet even the enemy of the wasp--the bee, are coming together in accord with the wasps to join in the attack. Kind of like when rival gangs get together to kill whitey.

And you thought armegeddon wasn't real. I think the government better start stockpiling Raid. Man I hate wasps!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Stupid Stuff Taught In Schools Pt. III

Continuing on with the sex education portion. One thing I was taught in school is that homosexuality is natural and a perfectly acceptable lifestyle. In fact we were encouraged to go home and think about the possibility that we might be gay. I went home and examined and found out I was the straightest person I know.

But the thing that always got to me was the claim that homosexuality was natural. What does that mean? I mean granted I don't think it would have been right to tell kids that if they are gay that they are unnatural or weird. But to me homosexuality is very very unnatural.

Think about it. If nature is only here because of survival of the fittest than how does homosexuality fit into that equation? Not to be too graphic but, the parts don't fit. And even if they did fit it wouldn't matter because they cannot produce more life. If I understand evolutionary thinking, we evolve with purpose. The fish don't grow ears because they don't need ears. We don't grow fins because they don't have any function to us. So why would someone be born "naturally" into homosexuality? There is no functionality in a homosexual relationship. If anything, if homosexuals are truly born that way than it is a genetic flaw. A cruel joke played by nature. I'm sure this viewpoint angers homosexuals, but I don't mean for it to. I know that they choose these relationships because they want to; because it's what they desire. But I don't recall learning that things evolve because of what feels the best.

I haven't settled on whether or not I believe that people can be born gay. The evidence is all over the map. And I don't know how that coincides with my belief in the Bible. So I'm waiting to see before I take a hard stance on that subject. But I don't know if we should be teaching children that homosexuality is as natural as rain. I think that we should teach sex ed, without mention of homosexualty.
Unfortunatly I think conservatives will take a loss on this subject. The liberal agenda would never budge on this topic..never. Homosexuality is in public schools to stay. Once again I think parents should always have the right to hold kids from sex ed classes. This has to be the compromise. And sex ed should never spill out into other classes. It should be a contained subject. This way parents can be sure that kids aren't being taught unwanted subjects behind their backs.(the usual liberal method.)

One thing I know for sure. If I did allow my child(when I have one)to attend public school he/she will be well trained to listen to the teacher and report back to me on any thing that goes beyond what I want him/her to learn. I refuse to give up my right to raise my child as I see fit. More parents ought to be more involved in the education process. Thank you.....very much.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

More Pictures That The Left Would
Rather You Not See

Look how badly this American pig is abusing this little Iraqi boy. I bet not seconds after this picture was taken he forced the boy to put underwear on his head. Sick

Thanks to the Phil Hendrie Show website for the pic.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Things I Want
To Do Before I Die...

* Bring a live chicken on a leash into Walmart.

* Go to Denny's really late and ask if Mr. Denny is in. When they say no, I just hand them an envelope with a folded up piece of paper in it and say "Well see to it that he gets this" and then I leave. Later they'd get curious and open it up and all it says is "As if Mr. Denny is a real person......suckers!"

* Play ping pong with an albino midget.

* Tell CBS about my new idea for another CSI spinoff. It's called CSI: Northern Oklahoma It's basically a CSI team sitting around in an office waiting for a case. It could just be them playing waste paper basketball and stuff. And then they'd get a call and the tension would build and then they'd head out to the scene and it'd usually be just some guy who choked to death on a burrito.

* Go out with a girl on a date and at the end of the date I'd ask the girl for a kiss. When she says no, I'd respond "You're probably right, it's for the best, I mean what if my wife found out."

* Instead of saying "Amen" in church, I just keep yelling out "Booooyah".

* Sit through an entire symphony concert while holding a violin in the audience. At the end when someone asks me why I brought a violin to the performance I say "well I was supposed to be the main soloist tonight but they wouldn't let me play because I'm black" and when the lady says "but you aren't black" I'd respond, "Yeah, and I don't play the violin either......sucker!" then I'd grab the program out of her hand and just start running.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Question For The Liberals

Well it's for everyone I guess...

Do you support the socialization
of the United States government?

Pray For Jim

It has come to my attention that a fellow blogger has fallen seriously ill and is now in a coma. Jim from ThinkingRight.net needs our prayers. I just ask that you say a prayer for him sometime throughout the day. We know that through Jesus, all is possible. Thanks.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Cry Babies

I wish people would quit whining when they find a severed human body part in their food at a fast food restaurant. Enjoy it while you can...That place may not be offering that special for long, it's probably for a limited time only. And it's probably only at participating locations....Gosh!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Stupid Things Taught
In Schools Pt. II

I have specific recollections of the sex education program at Hamilton Middle School in Wichita Kansas. The whole sex education week was hellish and uncomfortable for me. I think it was for most kids that were raised in homes where sex was a subject that wasn't taken lightly. I think I was finally exempted from the week for my final year at the middle school. But the previous years were already in my memories.
Each year we were given instructions on what and what not to do when it comes to sex. I don't recall all the details. I do recall a few things that were pretty graphic, or at least graphic for middle school students at the time. I just kept wondering why we were being taught this. Why we were being encouraged to have sex. Yes, I felt like we were being encouraged to go for it when the time felt right for me. No instruction on what "when the time feels right for me" actually means. We watched a teacher put condoms on bananas. We watched a cartoon I remember vividly called "Captain Condom". Captain Condom chased after the evil arch enemy Gon-Areeya. It was insane. I'm not making that up.
It is a mortal sin to a liberal to mention the word abstinence to a child. We make up cute little cartoons that dance around that subject. I'm convinced that some liberals actually believe that abstaining from sex can harm children. Some are so brainwashed as to think that kids turn out bad if they are told that waiting might not be such a bad idea.
I do not recall ever being told that waiting until I was married was even a possibility. I remember being told to wait until I really loved someone and it was "my time". Whatever that means. I'm not sure if they realized that middle school students can brush up next to a girl and then suddenly "love" her. We were all hormones and candy at that age.
Here's the argument you get.. Whenever kids are asked to sign pacts saying they will abstain then they end up having even more sex then kids that are taught only safe sex. If you then suggest to them that possibly we could teach safe sex along side abstinence with a strong emphasis on abstinence you get more whining about how abstinence is bad. Here's the deal, I don't think too many conservatives are really advocating that kids be forced to sign abstinence pacts. These are things that are usually done in church youth groups not public schools.
The fact is: When abstinence is practiced the incidence of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease is absolutely zero. None. This is a fact. But so very often kids aren't even told this. They aren't told this because liberals are so terrified of the "a" word that they will go to great lengths to avoid it. They will go so far as to tell a child that they can't abstain if they tried. This is the jist of their argument. Pretty pathetic indeed.
What kids need is Abstinence based sex ed. Not total abstinence. Abstinence needs to be more than just a brief mention in passing. Not straight safe sex ed either. But liberals want straight safe sex taught with a brief mention of abstinence. Not good enough. How can we possibly negate the 100% accurate method?
At the very least parents should have 100% control over being able to opt out of any public school sex ed program. I have read incidents where schools have fought the right of parents to pull their kids out of these programs. As if somehow the government has the right to usurp the will of the parent when it comes to these kind of subjects.
The bottom line is that liberals want to teach sex to our children. I don't know why liberals are so sex happy. But they find abstinence "dangerous". Parents ought to be able to decide what is taught to their children about sex, not the government. The government is notorious for screwing anything and everything up. Something as delicate as sex, you know, the thing that can kill you, ought to be decided on by those that are trying to raise these kids.
But it does sort of go along with liberals "it takes a village", socialism theme. They need your kids to further their leap towards socialism and state run America. If they can get your kids to believe that they know best when it comes to evolution, history, sex, and even homosexuality as we will see in Pt. III then they can take them the all the way to socialist town.

By the way, did I mention that a girl that says she is waiting until she is married is one of the hottest things ever?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

America: What Weight Problem?

After I saw this picture I momentarily considered jabbing both my eyes out with a dull spoon. Ladies and gentlemen, If you have a weight problem, the concept of a tube top and shorts shouldn't even cross your mind. Is this real? I hope not! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Let Me Clarify

My last post has caused some to get angry. And I can see why. It's an angry subject. For me. For both sides.

Let me clarify when I speak of those teachers who have their hands out, I'm speaking generally about the NEA. Not just any teachers union. The NEA is your typical mob-like liberal union. You can test this theory by joining the NEA and then publicly touting your support for conservative candidates and see how you are treated after this declaration. Unions in general are corrupt and greedy. They were a wonderful tool but the pendulum moved to the other side and you have abuse. The NEA is a prime example. Obviously not every solitary person in the NEA is greedy. But the organization as a whole seems to threaten more people than it should over money. I don't know much about the other educator unions.

But that wasn't the point of my post. My point is that liberals are playing their old game by brainwashing children as early as grade school. I concede to the commenter that evolution probably isn't taught in any Kindergarten classrooms. But I do recall learning the "billions of years" mantra very very early on in school.

There are many teachers who pour their heart into the their work. I don't mean to lump them into this. Teaching is not easy I'm sure for any teacher. I also realize that generally speaking teachers do not select the teaching material. I blame the school boards for this.

Equal time for all theories is all that I think most conservatives would ask. Also it would be nice if liberals would avoid altering history with their fractured opinions.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Stupid Things Taught In Schools

Let's face it, liberals run the public school system across the nation. Liberals run the teachers union. Liberals are in charge of the science programs, the sex ed, and the psychology/sociology taught in our schools. Even history, there are countless examples of history ignored and even changed in the text books because liberals didn't like it.

I'm not sure if I can put my kid in public schools. It's out of control. And the lazy good for nothing teachers union have their hands out for more money daily. They give you mediocre education with their hands out for raises and benefits more often than a mob boss. They are going to give you as little for your money as possible. Granted teaching today's children isn't exactly the easiest job in the world. I mean no telling when some kid with a messed up home life is going to come in shooting up the place. It's actually a half dangerous job. But this doesn't excuse the lies, half-truths or lazy teaching style.

For instance, the obvious example, Kids as little as kindergarten are taught that there is no God, that what ever mommy and daddy and the preacher from church told you is wrong. They do this by trying to tell them that evolution is fact...All the while they keep a straight face. Evolution is fact is the biggest lie ever to be forced through the academic world. Rocket science is fact, I mean we can observe it, we can touch it, we can even smell it. I don't know of one person that is old enough to have observed evolution. I don't know of any scientist that is able to recreate millions of years in a lab. Yet your kids are told that there is simply know other way that we could have gotten here...Hogwash.

Most theories regarding evolution don't even fit the criteria to qualify as theory. Are the kids told this? They should be. It's silly for them not to be. I'm not suggesting that we start preaching in school. I'm not even suggesting that we use the G-word. But we at least owe it to our children and the parents that simply want to raise kids their own way to tell the truth. To stop calling things that we don't have the evidence yet to make the call. I think Christians need to admit that we often ignore science to the point of negating it. We need not do this. But on the flipside I think that the atheist world needs to slow down and stop feeling so threatened by skeptics of their "faith". When science produces the smoking gun than those of us who are honest and grounded in reality will fall in line. Until then we must at least be honest with our kids. If the theory is so compelling then they will choose it as their beliefs when they grow up.

Ok Part II on this subject is coming by the end of this week. And this next part especially I want some feedback on. I'm going to examine why children are taught that homosexuality is a normal healthy lifestyle and why that is wrong. Controversial yeah, but I eat controversy for breakfast... No, no I don't. But you can imagine what it would be like if I did!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Where's Michael Moore Now?

No, really, where is he? He's been pretty silent lately. Probably he started to realize that his ego was a cancer on the DNC. Or, maybe he realized he was the cause of the re-election of George Bush.

Or most likely, he's making another movie, probably about how Bush is planning to have all baby seals clubbed and then turned into oil. It's about time we started trying that!

Either way, speak Michael speak...I need Blog fodder!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Where's The ACLU Now?

A man named a Bill Kriso in Elyria, Illinois simply wanted to thank Jesus, or "the God of his choice" for his new home. He had a bullet lodged in his brain during the Vietnam war so you can understand his gratitude for the chance to be around here a little longer. But, The management of his new housing development says Jesus is not welcome here, at least not publicly. So now Bill Kriso will have to take it to the courts in order to keep his sign up. In other words, he must take it to the courts to protect his free speech. So where is the precious ACLU?
It seems that the ACLU may have already filled their standard smokescreen religious case PR quota for the year. Each year the ACLU will take on one or two cases that actually stands up for a religious person...This is done as a smokescreen so that they can pretend that they aren't the Christian hating socialists that they really are. And then when you argue with them about how they hate God, they bring up their one token case all year long to try and prove their legitimacy. As if preserving the constitution were their actual goal. Those of you who have ever argued with a pro-ACLU advocate about their clear liberal bias have no doubt hear the standard comeback..."Well the ACLU stood up for Rush Limbaugh when his medical records were leaked." They have been using that argument for a whole year. They have one case they can bring up....one. That's like saying Hitler wasn't so bad because he personally saved two Jews that were relatives of some of his generals. It doesn't even mask the atrocities that he did. And the token Christian and conservative case done by the ACLU once every blue moon doesn't mask the fact that the ACLU's agenda does NOT involve the free worship of the God of one's choice.
Let's just hope and pray that Bill Kriso wins in this situation. What I think is the best part is that he refuses to take the sign down. In fact he says this, "They can have my sign; they can take it down over my dead body, They're going to have to kill me to get that sign down. I mean that."


Saturday, May 07, 2005

Best.....Church Sign.....Ever

The big bang theory is a terrible explanation for the origin of the universe. Oh the things that God must laugh at. Maybe he does have a sense of humor afterall. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 06, 2005

The Anger Of The Left

This post comes only from the emails I've gotten because of this site. When I receive email from the liberals about my site it nearly always is filled with hate and anger. Usually it is filled with curse words. The last one actually called me a "faggot" which totally baffles me. Aren't they the ones that are tolerant of homosexuals and treat them with respect..So then they use "faggot" for a term to insult people?

Where does this anger come from?

I'd like to point out that not all democrats are this mean. And not all of my mail has been this bad. OKDemocrat who posts comments often here is very kind and respectful in his remarks. And I'd like to add that sometimes we republicans will also be just as disrespectful and mean in our remarks towards the dems. So exceptions to the rule exist. But I just can't explain why the super majority of outside remarks I receive about this site and it's opinions are so harsh.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Omaha: Vacation Getaway 2005

You may laugh, but Omaha was where we picked to head away for a few days. I mean we're from Wichita...it doesn't take much to entertain us. Here are a few of the many highlights. If only I had a picture of me losing 3 dollars at a casino!

Jeff demonstrates to us how happy teepee's make him. Go Jeff go! Posted by Hello

Vactioning in Omaha Nebraska....Does it get any better? I submit that it does not! Posted by Hello

This goat was not happy to have me petting it. He gave me a nasty look. So I pulled on his horns until he cried uncle. Take that PETA! Posted by Hello

Jeff (pictured right) and I at our fancy hotel in Omaha. We barely got into the frame because I didn't know how to work my own camera. This also explains why it looks like a kid took it. Posted by Hello

Star Wars...Finally It's Almost Over

As a lot of people know, I've never seen Star Wars, well none except for one of the new ones. So maybe I don't understand it really. But now it's more like a badge of honor for me to say that I haven't seen them. I'm sort of an anti-bandwagon kind of person.
But still it's well known that no other movie has bred so many obsessed fans. Fans that choose the fantasy world over a healthy relationship with a woman. This is often border line scary. So I say so long to the geekiest movies ever made. Something tells me that the line between reality and fantasy will never be restored for most of the nerds. If it weren't so sad it might be funny.