Saturday, April 09, 2005

What Is Up With Wasps?

Why are wasps so angry? Did an early human stick his head near a wasp nest and make them so irate that they declared eternal war on humankind? I'm trying to walk for five minutes outside and I every five minutes I have some wasp come buzzing around my head. He has to know that it bugs me because it's almost like he's taunting me. He has that stinger and he will use it, so apparently the wasp gets free reign of my head. You don't see me sticking my head in a wasps nest and just sort of staring at them at super close range.
The next time a wasp lunges at me for no reason I'm going to just staright up punch it in the face. Yeah come at me again punk!

Ok, back to less silly posts tomorrow. Time to get back to calling the democrats on their stupidity!

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