Saturday, April 23, 2005


I really don't like it when people just post song lyrics on their blog...But this is a great song...


They won't see the fire you have lit inside of me.
They look up to the stars and wonder where you might be.
They look up
Without realizing they're standing in the palm of your hand.
I can't explain or understand.
I just love you.

It's common knowledge that; you've been dead for a while.
It's well known that the cross is only a burden with pains and trials.
But thinking how come my shoes are so light,
how come I can walk for miles?
And still, just love you?

We have to prove that our love is real, over and over again.
But let them think what they want cause I know It'll never end.
Cause I know when it began.
And my heart still pumps twice as fast whenever you walk by.
Cause I still love you.

So I think I'll stay, caught up in silent prayer,
cause I believe in silence.
Our hearts speak the same words.
So why don't we just walk along the shoreline with our silent song?
Cause I believe in silence.
Our hearts speak the same words, the same words.

Song byBlindside


John said...

nice lyrics...who wrote the song?

Aaroncoal said...

The song is by the band Blindside on the album Silence. They are a Christian hardcore band from Sweden. I assume the lead singer wrote it. It's a slow acoustic song.