Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Republicans...Stop Being So Pansy!

I am not happy with the way my own party is acting lately. We are better than the other party when it comes to ideas and more importantly WE WON the election overwhelmingly so let's act like it!
There IS NO such thing as "minority rights" when it comes to politics. Why are we letting the democrats get away with that bogus claim? They lost and they have to show they can win again with their ideas. Instead they are just whining and claiming minority rights. But worst of all, the republicans are just sitting around while the dems use left wing quack judges to circumvent the will of the people. So let's start changing laws so that this can't happen. Find ways.

And when it comes to democrats filibustering to stop votes on appointed judges..let's drop the nuclear bomb. Do it now! Some of the wussier republicans don't want to do this because they want to be able to use the filibuster against the dems later. NO, we don't need to do this. Let's just allow an up or down vote. The log jam in Washington is unnecessary. We just need the Reps to grow a pair and get it done. Do it, and do it now!

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