Wednesday, April 20, 2005

President Bush..Please Protect Our Borders!

I have to say that I am more than just a tad upset with our President these days. He seems to be doing precious little concerning our badly neglected borders. He even discouraged citizens who finally got fed up enough to do something about it by forming the Minutemen border patrol.

Someone has to do something. I'm thoroughly convinced that the next terrorist attack will come from someone who came in illegally over the Mexican or Canadian border.

I understand President Bush that Mexican President Vicente Fox has sweet talked you into remaining lax on the situation...But President Fox won't be cleaning up the mess when another one of our buildings gets blown up. He won't be informing the loved ones. Besides all of that Vicente Fox has money tied up in the whole deal. Illegals come into America get jobs and then send that money back down to Mexico which causes the Mexican economy to grow. He's not exactly looking out for our interest.

And President Bush, I realize that Hispanic voters are are beginning to vote republican and that they want the border open. But since when does the republican party put votes over the best interest of the United States?

We need the national guard to set up patrols around hot spots along both the Canadian and Mexican borders. We must do this soon before its too late. I mean even Arnold is on board with closing the borders. The time is now. What part of illegal are we having trouble understanding!

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