Friday, April 08, 2005

More Police Codes

As you know, police use a number code to describe different situations and conditions. For instance a 187 is code for homicide, a 207 indicates a kidnapping, a 211 is an armed robbery. Well once again I exclusively found some lesser known codes that the police use...

1213 -- We got a midget riding a dog like a horse in the street.

722 -- Making crystal meth without a license.(Arkansas only)

3221 -- Officer being tickled.

414 -- Playing a John Denver song in public.

1023 -- Intentional flatulence in an elevator.

209 -- A guy not wearing Wrangler jeans trying to buy Skoal in a convience store.

210 -- A woman less than 40 wearing mom jeans.

4560 -- Dog not properly tied up under the porch at a trailer park.

2221 -- A guy wearing a novelty beer holder hat at a funeral.

232 -- Lighting your cigarette off of the eternal flame at JFK's grave.(Washington D.C. only)

2412 -- We got a redneck trying to force a squirrel to wear a miniature saddle.

188 -- Officer up.

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