Monday, April 18, 2005

Michael Moore's Next Movie

I think Michael Moore is great for the Republican party. What a great guy! So I'd like to help him if I could and give him some ideas, titles if you will, for his next documentary.

--Soilent Crude: How Haliburton Is Killing Children And Turning Them Into Oil

--Apocalypse Wow: Bush's Secret Plan To Push Minorities And Women Into The Sea

--More Michael: The Republicans Evil Plan To Fatten Me Up So I'll Look Even More Gross

--Soldier Of Misfortune: American Soldiers Are Now Only Killing Innocent Crippled Children

--Pope Floats: Why Bush Had The Pope Killed

--Shameful Gay Daughter: The Mary Cheney Story**

--Million Dollar Baby: How I Got Rich Off The Death Of Americans

I hope you can use those Michael! Looking Forward to the next installment.

**probably a Lifetime channel original

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Zendo Deb said...

Consider joining the Alliance of Free Blogs... We had a Percision Guided Humor assignment on moore's next movie some time ago.

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