Sunday, April 17, 2005

Condi Rice: U.N. Should Reform Or Die

I knew there was someone in the White House who had the guts to say it. And I knew that someone would probably be Condaleeza Rice. The U.N. is basically a useless organization these days. It may have had its glory days after in the past decades but it quickly failed. The problem is that no one wants to talk about it, especially the liberals. Look at the oil-for-food scandal where countries and even individuals were getting rich at the cost of an entire country. Many starved due the greed of many U.N. nations and leaders. Look at Africa where many U.N. peacekeepers have been raping women. Look at Somalia where rebels control the country while the panzy U.N. doesn't have the guts to go in and take control, meanwhile people are starving. Look at Saddam, How many resolutions was it going to take before action was taken? Finally Bush ended that cat and mouse game...Thank God! So just exactly what is the U.N. doing to help the world??

Thanks Condi, now lets put our money where our mouth is!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't read any of your post, but I love Condi. -
Condi 4 Pres. 2008!!!