Thursday, April 14, 2005

The ACLU Is Just A Bunch
Of Pinko Commies

Stop The ACLU! has a great post today about the not-so-secret communist ties that the ACLU has. It's almost breathtaking. Why are we not laughing them right out of the country? On a government level communism is just as evil as it always was. More people died under communism then did in most wars. Most starved to death. And look at China. People there are terrified of their government.
At the very least the ACLU is striving towards socialism. You know, the very system that enforces mediocrity on all at the cost of individualism and personal achievement.
The ACLU must be stopped. You don't have to be a right-wing Christian to be against the ACLU. If you love the American dream, if you love having the option to succeed in life, if you love having a name instead of a number, than stand up against the ACLU.

Any group that supports pedophilia, legalizing all drugs, and kicking God out of public deserves to be stopped in it's tracks!

Make sure you visit often and see how you can help.

Another good place to visit would be The ACLJ is a great organization that counters a lot of the damage done by the ACLU.

Remember, the ACLU is supposedly "enforcing" the constitution....Since when is socialism and communism a part of the Constitution??


John said...

Thank you! Good post you have too! :)

John said...

Wanted to invite you to tonights chat! 8 p.m. EST till whenever!

Unadulterated Underdog said...

I have a curiosity. If Socialist programs in our nation were ended (farm subsidies, tax breaks for companies, medicaid, medicare, social security, public education, mass transit to name a few,) what would Republicans offer in their place? Republicans talk so often about eliminating the Socialist agenda, what do they plan to do instead? LEt everything just fade away back into the dirt?

Aaroncoal said...

There is a difference between "social progams" and socialism. I doubt you will find too many republicans who want to end all government programs. We don't want to end government altogether, just make it minimal and effecient. Less taxes, not no taxes.