Saturday, April 30, 2005

2nd Semi-Annual Things I Love Awards

It's that time once again. As you know, every December we have the Things I Hate Awards. But in April it's the big one, it's the Things I Love Awards..Brought to you by Nabisco.

So let's get started...

1. George W. Bush -- He takes the cake again this year. He has his low points of course. But as of today he has liberated 2 countries both of which have had elections since then. This is something new. This is bigger then we can imagine yet. The removal of any dictator is a massive undertaking and I don't think anyone could have imagined it could have ever happened. Sure the libs hate it, but the pattern goes that if the liberals truly hate it then it is probably the best thing for the country. Great Job president Bush! Now just take that energy and turn it onto our borders.

2. The Phil Hendrie Show -- It just doesn't get much better than the Phil Hendrie radio show. If you want to laugh so hard that you bleed from the eyes than this is your man. The show is sort of like Saturday Night Live plus a reversed Crank Yankers. He has "guests" on his show with extreme stories, opinions, and premises. You'll get so mad that you'll want to call in and give these "guests" a piece of your mind. If you do, than you become a part of the bit. The callers have no clue that the whole thing is parody and they have just become a part of the comedy. Top all of this off with the fact that Phil Hendrie is as funny as he is talented and you have great radio comedy.

3. Lost-- I hate TV, I've said that many times. I just don't watch it unless I am so bored it hurts. But I am completely hooked on ABC's Lost. It has everything, suspense, action, drama, and best of all Lost has Evangeline Lily. That in itself is enough...Trust me!

4. McDonald's -- Everybody hates McDonald's, or so they say. Not me. I'm a real American! I love everything about McDonald's. I even love Ronald. I wish the mayor of my town was Mayor McCheese. But the hamburgers are superb. The fries are outstanding even if they have been under the heat lamp for a few hours. Most people who say they hate McDonald's are lying. They think it is uncool to like McDonald's so they diss it in public but when they get behind closed doors they have Big Mac special sauce all over themselves from inhaling a #1 with a large coke. Traitors! If you hate McDonald's then the terrorists win. But, the Filet O' that is nasty.

5. COPS What can I say? I love watching bad guys get taken down. I love watching shirt-less guys get what's coming to em. Maybe it's because I was the underdog in school. Maybe it's because I really respect police. Or maybe it's because I get to sit at home while wearing a shirt and watch half naked bullies get thrown to the ground and cuffed. And I love it when they cry like a baby when the cuffs are too tight. It's the best reality show of all time by far. Mainly because it's actually real. Anyway you put it, COPS is just good TV and I know what I'm going to be doing Saturday nights at 7.

Congratulations to this year's recipients.

Ok, I'm off to Omaha for a mini-vacation for 3 days so I won't be able to post until Wednesday night. Now my 3 loyal readers can take a break from my useless opinions for 3 whole days...enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Mc Donalds food is a bunch of shit and you have no taste.

Get a good homecooked meal sometime and you'll never thing about going back to that reconstituted partially hydrogenated irradiated imitation beef product crap.