Friday, March 18, 2005

The Worlds Biggest Lies

"I have held one position on Iraq throughout this campaign"
-- John Kerry --during the last presidential debate and after spending an hour pandering to anyone over 18.

"And I swear that I don't have a gun"
-- Kurt Cobain

"There is no terrorist threat"
-- Michael Moore--Yeah right Michael, and there IS cheese cake left in your fridge.

"I support the troops, just not their mission."
-- Most Liberals

"Don't worry Mary, I'm a great driver"
-- Ted Kennedy-- uhh ok


CheekyMoo said...

I'm in a pissy mood today. I hate Michael Moore. Have you seen Farenheit 9/11? I didn't see it in the theater. A family member had me watch it prior to the election in hopes to change my vote.

He has to be one of the biggest hypocrites breathing in oxygen. Way back in December I blogged about this. He exploits these people who have lost a child in the war, zooms in on their pain, and uses it to further his agenda. He talks about Bush, his finances, and all of these underhanded deals. Yet he takes clips of 9/11, peoples pain, suffering, people dying, and throws it up on the big screen so people can pay $7 and munch on some popcorn like it's entertainment. Then he slaps it in a DVD box and ships it off to Wal-Mart for $19.99. And where does that money go? His pocket.

John said...

I like this post! Here is another one. "The ACLU looks out for the civil liberties of all Americans."