Thursday, March 10, 2005

Pandering...The Liberal Way

Why can't democrats be who they are? Have you noticed this? Recently Hillary Clinton made positive comments about pro-lifers...That's unbelievable. And I know why she did it...Hillary Clinton is in full on pander mode because she is setting up audiences everywhere to get ready for her now definite 08' presidential run. She is pro-life in front of pro-life audiences and she is pro-abortion in front of liberal groups. She is a champion for women's rights in front of feminist groups and she is a pro-family conservative in front of right-wing groups. And of course I can't begin to name all the positions John Kerry took in order to attempt to get elected president. He was everything to everyone because he thought that we wouldn't notice that he wasn't being himself. Is the party as a whole just a facade? Well no, At least Howard Dean says what he means. For the most part. And where did that get him? Certainly not elected.

I know the answer to the opening question. The reason current modern day democrats can't be who they really are is because at heart the majority of them are anti-individual, anti-American socialists, and for some reason that doesn't go over to well with the majority of Americans. Generations of people have had family members and friends that have died on foreign soil in order to keep individual freedom alive. So you can possibly comprehend why some of us wouldn't be so keen on turning America into Europe-West.

So why would we want to vote for mask wearing socialists? They offer us freebies like so many shady characters offering kids candy from a windowless van. The answer is: I don't know why anyone that isn't a card carrying socialist or commie would vote democratic. But what do I know anyway? Don't answer that.


Unadulterated Underdog said...

I greatly appreciate being called a "card carrying socialist or commie" but I must ask how you draw this conclusion. I also want to know how you wil enjoy living in a society where big-business runs everything. It's coming. Every time we have Republican leadership it gets closer. Why do you want that? You doubt it will happen but it's already happenig friend. Look at the powers Bush is giving them and the rights he is adding to it. He's making it harder for little people to earn an honest living. Cutting education funding and making it harder to hold companies accountable are anti-American. Do you believe every American deserves freedom or just the richest few? It's your choice friend.

Ray said...

I disagree with your previous poster. He wants to penalize businesses and hard workers for what he called freedom for the little people. That translates into a free ride at hard workers expense. Freedom isn't free friend. You have to work for it. Its a privilege. Freedom of speech is a right. "FREEDOM" is a privilege of the vigilant, brave and determined.

Aaroncoal said...

Bushblogger..You seem to be trying to deny being a "card carrying socialist" by flashing your socialist card. And this is done by touting democratic talking points about how Bush is only a friend to the rich.


Everyone who paid taxes got a tax cut..everyone. Those who paid more got more back. To do anything different would be to re-distribute wealth..And that's called socialism...punishing achievement.

CheekyMoo said...

She is desperate and grasping at straws. What I don't understand is why the Dem's think the answer is Hilary. When I see people on the news, or talk to people in person, and they talk about her presidential run I feel like saying "Really, you're saying that with a straight face and everything?"