Friday, March 25, 2005

Liberals Are Wrong

"Maybe this hat will distract people from realizing that I hate America"

After reading Larry Elder's brilliant column this week about how the liberals are wrong and wrong often, I was inspired to tell my own experience with the liberals and why I think they are wrong. Have they ever been right? Well liberalism is not wrong in and of itself. Jesus may have been considered liberal. He made changes that shook society at its foundation, and he was killed for it. Liberalism changed society so that blacks could vote and be counted as humans. These and other issues are great. Liberalism must be a tool that changes society for the better. But not all change is good, and this is where the modern liberal joins the picture.

The modern liberal is generally a democrat that has opened his or her mind so much that their brains have fallen out and onto the floor. describes liberalism as:
A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority
But that is either an old description or just a really biased one because today's liberalism is nothing more than hedonism, humanism and socialism with all of their boundaries running together. The funny thing is that their "openmindedness" isn't really open at all. It's open until one veers from their path of thinking. For instance, This week the editor of Playgirl magazine was fired because she told the world that she voted republican. Keep in mind I do not endorse pornography of any sort. But the point remains that not thinking like a liberal can cause you to lose your job...Hardly openmindedness.

Liberals are wrong on several levels. For one, socialism and hedonism are terrible ideologies. But that of course is another post, a subject that could have books written about it. But mostly liberals are wrong because they don't even practice their own sermons. They are far from openminded. They will generally drop their openminded stance the second the find out that doing so may buy them an ounce of power. And power may be the one factor that drives liberal politicians to do what they do...The problem is that when power is an ends rather than a means it's society that falls on the losing end.


Ljly said...

I'm think was right on!

Aaroncoal said...

I think is probably written by a bunch of libs with agendas so they padded their own definition not unlike they would do with their resumes.

Anonymous said...

This editorial is painfully biased, saying little about liberalism and a lot about the division that such terms as "liberalism" and "conservatism" engender. The lack of open-mindedness you cite (the editor of Playgirl losing her job) can easily be cited where conservatives lack the same open-mindedness, and project open hostility to those with different points of view, often accompanied by aggression or violence.

If you hate liberals and are willing to say anything to drag their name through the muck, make any generalization necessary to draw your point, then just say that.

Unadulterated Underdog said...

My view of politics is this: if you can not see value in your opponents point of view then you are an extremist. I am a moderate Democrat and I admit Socialist leanings. Not Communist, but Socialist. That means I think everyone should be taken care of and no group of people deserves preferential treatment. On the other hand, I don't think abortion is right except for rape and health cases. I also think the Ten Commandments is fine in schools and courthouses as long as there is still seperation of church and state. I think most Americans fall near me in the political and social spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath and get over yourself. You have no idea.

Aaroncoal said...

There's no need for me to "drag liberalism through the muck" Liberals are scared of their own title because of what it conjures up.

Liberals avoid being called liberal like the plague. Even Hillary won't go near it.

I am very very biased. I am a right-winger without apologies. This is an op/ed piece.

Keep in mind that the line between liberalism and socialism is blurred. This is why they are trying the bait and switch by trying to change the name to "progressives". Fortunatly most people can see through that facade.

Gun-Toting Liberal said...

The Michael Moore picture is, unfortunately what everybody sees in their minds when the word, "liberal" is uttered. This is our own fault, as a "group" for not separating ourselves from this kook and his ideology.

Futher, our failure as a group, to rush to Terri Schiavo's aid when her civil right to live is endangered helps to further the perception that we are hypocrites (in accordance to the true definition of "liberal"). I'm thoroughly disappointed in this recent tendency.

The "right" is playing it a lot smarter than the "left" is right now. Y'all are smart enough to grab the mic and shut the cameras off when your far, outer fringes (i.e., Roy Moore) clamor for publicity, while we, on the "left" have allowed our far, outer fringes (i.e., Michael Moore) to mouth off internationally as if he represents the typical "liberal".

We are completely to blame for this. How can I argue with you? I can't. Rock ON.