Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Know Your Blogger Pt. V

* He unknowingly had his fly open for over half of his first date.

* Big furry mascots in theme restaurants are attracted to him and feel they need to pick him out of large groups as one they want to hug.

* When he was around 4 years of age his parents would make him and his sister take their bath at the same time. Once he was in the bathtub with his sister and he picked up what he thought was half of a chocolate bar floating by. It wasn't. Chaos ensued. His sister got up and ran from the tub. To this day both him and his sister claim the other one was the culprit.

* One of his fears is seeing people throw up. On a mission trip in Utah he forgot to drink enough water. So when he was hauled to a hospital with dehydration his punishment for not following the rules and drinking enough water was to be placed in the same room with a girl that had tried to overdose on Tylenol...which of course was remedied by pumping her stomach for over an hour. Or as he calls it, the grossest hour of his life.

* His dad once through a bouncy ball at him that bounced off the wall and then flew into his open mouth and got stuck in the back of his throat. His dad then immediately and heroically reached in and dislodged it from his windpipe. What a hero!

* He once accidently spilled his entire fountain drink onto the cash register at a Phillips 66.

* Even up until his first year of college he could shave simply by just plucking out the one hair that grew on his chin. Utterly pathetic!

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