Monday, March 28, 2005

"Fox News Is Bad" Cries Big Baby

A man from Tulsa OK, has "invented" This device that when screwed into the back of your TV will block the Fox News Channel. Apparently this man hasn't heard of any television made after 1984. Any idiot with enough sense to boil water can easily program a TV to block or receive any channel they want. Yet this guy thinks he's making a statement or something. He compares Fox news to "supermarket tabloids." It goes to show you that democrats or as he calls himself, an "independent" will say anything that comes down the pike as long as someone with a D by their name said it first. It's truly the party of the talking point.
And it's not like we can't see through this total adolescent, immature, jealous hissy fit that the left is going through over Fox news. Face it leftists, you lose now when it comes to forcing your views on us during newscasts. Fox News is better than you. And there isn't much you can do about it. Just because Fox doesn't show dead kids in Iraq from stock footage from 15 years ago doesn't mean they are "conservative biased". It means they found a way to do the news better than the competition. To report it in a way that appeals to more.

Have you watched Fox lately? It's just brighter. Have you noticed that? It just feels better. You can tell they aren't pulling punches. Because if you crazies who right them off as right-wing haven't noticed..There are plenty of democrats on Fox. So Mr. Crazy leftist inventor, you can come join the adults again as soon as you snap out of your little fit and wipe the tears from your eyes.

Plus Fox has Laurie Dhue ----> Nuff said!

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Pauly Revere said...

You missed the point. He figured out how to make a buck off of the left. Really he should be praised. I am a left person, I know how to change the channel. But if other left people can not figure that out and he can make money off of it, good for him.