Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Evolution Only A Theory....If That.

I'm no scientist..Duh. When people try to explain quantum physics to me I generally pretend I know what they are talking about and then I walk away even more confused. Apparently I'm not ever going to fully understand it. But that's the point of this post. Modern scientists who are out to show us that we are only here after billions of years are failing us. They are trying to get us to take them at their word when they aren't even sure about it themselves.

It's like pulling teeth to get anyone from the world of science to admit flaws in the theory. But THIS article from admits to some dilemmas that are leaving scientists scratching their heads. It's refreshing.

I still want anyone who believes in only natural causes for our universe to explain to me how something came from nothing....Anyone?


John said...

Great post! I'm wanting to do one on the debate of intelligent design vs evolution. I know it will take a lot of I keep pushing it into the future. Thanks for the resource. Thats great!

jeremy said...

How something came from nothing, it's quite an interesting notion. But if one assumes that the universe could not have arisen out of nothingness, postulating God as the creator of the universe, then there remains the question of the origin of God. Did God come from nothing or did God always exist? If it's acceptable for God to have always existed, then it must also be acceptable for the universe to have always existed. Similarly, if we insist on an original creation of the universe, we must also insist on some creation of God, and we are in the same dilemma of having something created out of nothing. Obviously, we don't know any of this for sure, but there is no necessary reason to suppose that the universe had an original creator. If it's unacceptable to think that the universe always existed without a creator then it must be equally unacceptable to suppose that God always existed without a creator. So either we end up in an endless cycle of creators or we admit that it is not necessary to have an ultimate creator. And if the latter is true, then it is unneccesary to suppose that the universe had a beginning point with a creator of it.

Cuevas said...

Very good point jeremy, it's funny how they can't except a world came from nothing, but it's fine that a made up god can come from nothing. It's so silly that people don't believe evolution. There is more evidence then ever proving it. National Geographic just had it on their cover a few weeks back. People evolve, it's just a fact.

Aaroncoal said...

See but that wasn't my question. If the universe is eternal as you say (which is not any theory that scientists have adopted) than basically you are saying that the universe is God. The universe has the power of existance within itself.

You are confusing self-creation with self-existance. Two totally seperate concepts. God was not created by anything. God himself created the concept of time.

If something exists than something exist necessarily. I can see no other way around this. So either the universe is a God or a living God exists that has purpose in mind with his creation.

Anonymous said...

"I still want anyone who believes in only natural causes for our universe to explain to me how something came from nothing....Anyone?"

I still want anyone who believes in only supernatural causes for our universe to explain to me how they ever arrived at that conclusion logically because the supporting evidence for it was that damn unimpeachable....Anyone?

And realize that "Ignorance, therefore God" is logically bankrupt.