Monday, March 21, 2005

Euthanasia, Abortion....
Don't Liberals Just Kill Ya!

So far I have remained quite silent on the Terri Schaivo case because I didn't know which way I believed on the subject. I was leaning towards the opinion that she ought to have more time. Now after hearing the democrats doing everything they can to make sure this girls dies I realize how heartless these political leftists are.

The only way the democrats would want keep Terri Schiavo alive would be if we had her drown her kids in a bathtub or kill a cop. Most of the die hard left only support life for hardcore criminals and rapists. The rest of the innocent ones aren't worth their time. A small baby that hasn't had the convience of being born yet is open season for these democrats.

Most of the left would support putting people in prison for life if they were caught starving a dog to death, but Terri Schaivo isn't a dog so she is fair game.

And this mantra talking point that says that she is a vegetable. Vegetables can't do anything and are on full life support. She isn't even brain dead. She is able to make sounds and move limbs, she breathes on her own. If there is an iota of a chance that she could come to then she should be saved...and there is a great chance she could one day wake up. But my guess is that Terri would never be able to vote again so she is useless to the Democrats. Same goes for an unborn baby. This kid wouldn't be able to vote for 18 years and most of the current politicians will be retired by then so their lives don't equal much to them...
But... A murderer now that person has a chance of voting again if the libs can get that legislation through so we better just spare their lives.

Kill the innocent and save the guilty...Democrats, what's not to like?


Commanded Citizen said...

It is disgusting. This is one "lib" who is standing up for Terri. There are others speaking out as well but not nearly enough of us. Here is one place to check out:

John said...

They are the party of death. But...your title is what is killing me. I'm dying laughing. really isn't funny. We are talkin about death. And the liberals love death.

Death to the liberals!

Gribbit said...

If you are innocent, you are a legitimate candidate for death in the eyes of liberals. They only have mercy for those who have committed the most horrible of crimes against God and man.

Tom Harper said...

You're absolutely right! A vegetative state is no reason to kill someone. What, you're saying someone wants to kill George W. just because he's a vegetable? Ouch! That's so harsh.

Just let him be a vegetable for 3-1/2 more years and then someone (hopefully a mammal) will replace him.

Aaroncoal said...

"huh huhu huhhhuh...I called George Bush dumb"

My guess is that he has one more degree from Yale and Harvard than you do my friend.

Lord Smert said...

The MOST aggravating thing you can possibly do is take something you hear and then make it sound completely different. For instance: the Democrats believed that the husband has the right to decide the fate of his wife. Luckily for him the LAW is on his side. THE LAW! Congress intervened in this very VERY personal issue and the Democrats were against it because: IT IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION FOR THEM TO IT! Congress (and the Republicans and conservatives) do not have the right to overturn rulings they do not agree with this. Since when is believing in the separation of powers as outlined in the Constitution pro-death?

So, the Democrats are not "pro death." The Democrats are pro-law, and pro-Constitution. Simple as that. So don't regurgitate news items that you overheard on some right wing talk show. Or maybe you heard that the Democrats were fighting to keep the feeding tube out of Terri and didn’t bother to hear the rest.

I have all the time in the world to talk to rational people who are willing to discuss an issue. However, embellishing the topic like you did is completely out of line, and just plain wrong. Get your facts right, get your story right, then you can form your own opinion.

And speaking of liberals killing. Remind me which side of the political spectrum the death penalty resides.

-Lord Smert (

Aaroncoal said...

Apparently you haven't read article 3. The congress DOES have the right to intervene.

We call them the party of death not because they are following laws but because they go out of their way to save criminals that deserve to doe and to kill innocents that have the right to live.
Even Iraqis deserve to die according to them..only because a republican is in the White House that would get the credit for saving them.

Death is a tool used to attempt to gain political power.