Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Things That Are No Worse Than Blogger...

* Listening to a Yoko Ono album while getting a root canal.

* Getting a paper cut on your eye.

* Being trapped in an elevator with Kenny G. and he just so happens to have his saxophone with him.

* Getting caught between Michael Moore and an all you can eat buffet.

* Going for a drive with Ted Kennedy after a party near a lake.

* Not realizing until afterwards that your female blind date has a fist sized adam's apple.

* Being told that you look a lot like Clay Aiken except more feminine.

* Losing an arm wrestling match to Stephen Hawking.

* Having your pants fall down while standing outside of The Today Show window waving on live TV.

* Not being able to get the big wheel all the way around On The Price Is Right.

* Being the janitor for an adult movie theatre.

Ok, Hopefully it will get better..

Monday, March 28, 2005

"Fox News Is Bad" Cries Big Baby

A man from Tulsa OK, has "invented" This device that when screwed into the back of your TV will block the Fox News Channel. Apparently this man hasn't heard of any television made after 1984. Any idiot with enough sense to boil water can easily program a TV to block or receive any channel they want. Yet this guy thinks he's making a statement or something. He compares Fox news to "supermarket tabloids." It goes to show you that democrats or as he calls himself, an "independent" will say anything that comes down the pike as long as someone with a D by their name said it first. It's truly the party of the talking point.
And it's not like we can't see through this total adolescent, immature, jealous hissy fit that the left is going through over Fox news. Face it leftists, you lose now when it comes to forcing your views on us during newscasts. Fox News is better than you. And there isn't much you can do about it. Just because Fox doesn't show dead kids in Iraq from stock footage from 15 years ago doesn't mean they are "conservative biased". It means they found a way to do the news better than the competition. To report it in a way that appeals to more.

Have you watched Fox lately? It's just brighter. Have you noticed that? It just feels better. You can tell they aren't pulling punches. Because if you crazies who right them off as right-wing haven't noticed..There are plenty of democrats on Fox. So Mr. Crazy leftist inventor, you can come join the adults again as soon as you snap out of your little fit and wipe the tears from your eyes.

Plus Fox has Laurie Dhue ----> Nuff said!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Christian Persecution?
Not Yet But Our Time Is Coming...

I've talked about this before but it bears repeating. I believe that persecution of Christians is spreading throughout the world. We Christians here in America do not know how good we have it. In China they are attending church underground. In other parts of Asia and Africa they have to jump major hurdles just to have a church. So are we free and clear here in America?

This is where we are. In America protestant Christianity remains the only religion that is fair and open game to be dragged through the mud on television and in movies. It's usually subtle but recently especially on TV there seems to be a jab at Christians in almost every new show. Ususally they portray Christians as being fanatics and hatemongers. Hollywood will mock the religious majority like they were some sort of societal freaks.
Being a Simpsons fan I have watched pretty much every episode ever made. Slowly throughout that show's run I have watched Christianity increasingly become a mockery more and more times. It eventually went beyond Ned Flanders the flawed but lovable religious neighbor. In a recent episode the show took a shot at the crucifixion ("The salad of the Christ") that was so offensive that I became angry and simply shut off the TV for the rest of the night.

No other religion is attacked like this. But we should absolutely not be surprised by it. It will continue to happen and it will happen with more gusto. Jesus told us not to be shocked by what will be done in the future to believers.
This is where my prediction comes in:

I believe that Christianity, mainly protestant evangelical, will continue to be subtly mocked by the elitist media for the next 65 years. I think it will remain subtle yet slightly increase up until then. Somewhere around 65 years from now the persecution of Christians in North America will begin slowly. At first it will be some kind of registration program with churches, and public churches will begin to be regulated by the government. Possibly some sort of religion tax will begin. Probably at first this will include most religions. For the next 50 years the persecution of "Born-again" Christians will be brought into more prominence. After this all hell will break loose as it already has at this point in most of the world, Christians will be registered and monitored heavily. Soon full blown religious persecution will be throughout the entire world. Christians will probably either be put into camps or killed not unlike the Jews during WWII. Eventually it will not be safe for Christians to live publicly anywhere in the world.

Actually this really isn't my prediction, It comes straight out of the Bible. I'm simply putting my timeframe on it. And to be honest a lot of Christians believe that it will happen way before I stated above. But there is no denying that it will happen if you are a believer in God's Word. Ignore books like "Left Behind" and concentrate on the source.

And guess what...The ACLU will be the ones that head the whole thing up from the beginning. Gee, they seem to be practicing now. That's right, the very ACLU that supposedly supports and fights for the constitution (yeah right) will be at the forefront of making sure that Christians, who founded this country and based it's governing document upon the foundations of Christianity, have no rights as afforded in the constitution.

As for right now we ought to get on our knees as believers and thank God daily for where we live and the freedom we have because it isn't going to be like this forever. And unfortunately I think our days of ease in this country are shorter than we realize.

I don't mean to get all Jack Van Impe on everyone, I just feel like we had better bring this up every once in awhile so we can be thankful for what we have now.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Liberals Are Wrong

"Maybe this hat will distract people from realizing that I hate America"

After reading Larry Elder's brilliant column this week about how the liberals are wrong and wrong often, I was inspired to tell my own experience with the liberals and why I think they are wrong. Have they ever been right? Well liberalism is not wrong in and of itself. Jesus may have been considered liberal. He made changes that shook society at its foundation, and he was killed for it. Liberalism changed society so that blacks could vote and be counted as humans. These and other issues are great. Liberalism must be a tool that changes society for the better. But not all change is good, and this is where the modern liberal joins the picture.

The modern liberal is generally a democrat that has opened his or her mind so much that their brains have fallen out and onto the floor. describes liberalism as:
A political theory founded on the natural goodness of humans and the autonomy of the individual and favoring civil and political liberties, government by law with the consent of the governed, and protection from arbitrary authority
But that is either an old description or just a really biased one because today's liberalism is nothing more than hedonism, humanism and socialism with all of their boundaries running together. The funny thing is that their "openmindedness" isn't really open at all. It's open until one veers from their path of thinking. For instance, This week the editor of Playgirl magazine was fired because she told the world that she voted republican. Keep in mind I do not endorse pornography of any sort. But the point remains that not thinking like a liberal can cause you to lose your job...Hardly openmindedness.

Liberals are wrong on several levels. For one, socialism and hedonism are terrible ideologies. But that of course is another post, a subject that could have books written about it. But mostly liberals are wrong because they don't even practice their own sermons. They are far from openminded. They will generally drop their openminded stance the second the find out that doing so may buy them an ounce of power. And power may be the one factor that drives liberal politicians to do what they do...The problem is that when power is an ends rather than a means it's society that falls on the losing end.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Evolution Only A Theory....If That.

I'm no scientist..Duh. When people try to explain quantum physics to me I generally pretend I know what they are talking about and then I walk away even more confused. Apparently I'm not ever going to fully understand it. But that's the point of this post. Modern scientists who are out to show us that we are only here after billions of years are failing us. They are trying to get us to take them at their word when they aren't even sure about it themselves.

It's like pulling teeth to get anyone from the world of science to admit flaws in the theory. But THIS article from admits to some dilemmas that are leaving scientists scratching their heads. It's refreshing.

I still want anyone who believes in only natural causes for our universe to explain to me how something came from nothing....Anyone?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Know Your Blogger Pt. V

* He unknowingly had his fly open for over half of his first date.

* Big furry mascots in theme restaurants are attracted to him and feel they need to pick him out of large groups as one they want to hug.

* When he was around 4 years of age his parents would make him and his sister take their bath at the same time. Once he was in the bathtub with his sister and he picked up what he thought was half of a chocolate bar floating by. It wasn't. Chaos ensued. His sister got up and ran from the tub. To this day both him and his sister claim the other one was the culprit.

* One of his fears is seeing people throw up. On a mission trip in Utah he forgot to drink enough water. So when he was hauled to a hospital with dehydration his punishment for not following the rules and drinking enough water was to be placed in the same room with a girl that had tried to overdose on Tylenol...which of course was remedied by pumping her stomach for over an hour. Or as he calls it, the grossest hour of his life.

* His dad once through a bouncy ball at him that bounced off the wall and then flew into his open mouth and got stuck in the back of his throat. His dad then immediately and heroically reached in and dislodged it from his windpipe. What a hero!

* He once accidently spilled his entire fountain drink onto the cash register at a Phillips 66.

* Even up until his first year of college he could shave simply by just plucking out the one hair that grew on his chin. Utterly pathetic!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Euthanasia, Abortion....
Don't Liberals Just Kill Ya!

So far I have remained quite silent on the Terri Schaivo case because I didn't know which way I believed on the subject. I was leaning towards the opinion that she ought to have more time. Now after hearing the democrats doing everything they can to make sure this girls dies I realize how heartless these political leftists are.

The only way the democrats would want keep Terri Schiavo alive would be if we had her drown her kids in a bathtub or kill a cop. Most of the die hard left only support life for hardcore criminals and rapists. The rest of the innocent ones aren't worth their time. A small baby that hasn't had the convience of being born yet is open season for these democrats.

Most of the left would support putting people in prison for life if they were caught starving a dog to death, but Terri Schaivo isn't a dog so she is fair game.

And this mantra talking point that says that she is a vegetable. Vegetables can't do anything and are on full life support. She isn't even brain dead. She is able to make sounds and move limbs, she breathes on her own. If there is an iota of a chance that she could come to then she should be saved...and there is a great chance she could one day wake up. But my guess is that Terri would never be able to vote again so she is useless to the Democrats. Same goes for an unborn baby. This kid wouldn't be able to vote for 18 years and most of the current politicians will be retired by then so their lives don't equal much to them...
But... A murderer now that person has a chance of voting again if the libs can get that legislation through so we better just spare their lives.

Kill the innocent and save the guilty...Democrats, what's not to like?

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bad Blogs

After I spent days reading other blogs I realized that there are a couple of types of blogs out there that are generally bad. I certainly won't be winning any blog awards myself either or ever get 10,000 hits a day or anything, but I'd hope I have the common decency to spare everyone from having to read bad writing.

Here are two examples:

The my-daily-routine-is-interesting-to-everyone blog

Today Was A Good Day
Today was pretty good. Todd gave me half his french fries at lunch. I didn't want to take them but I was sooooo hungry. I went to the restroom 3 times today. Gee, I wonder if I'm going to go to the bathroom even more tomorrow, probably, if I keep drinking this mountain dew. Melissa from home room is being such a drama queen....

The Verbatum-News blog

The Dow Rizes By Half A Point
Hey everyone, did you hear that the dow rose a half point today. Here's the full 10 page article about the Dow raising half a point....Dow raises half a point. I hope the dow raises more than half a point tomorrow. Here's an article about what happened the last time the dow rasied half a point: Last time the dow raised half a point.

Gee, why can't everyone's blog be just as perfect and fun to read as mine? **polishes halo** kidding of course...or am I? bwahahahahahaha

Friday, March 18, 2005

The Worlds Biggest Lies

"I have held one position on Iraq throughout this campaign"
-- John Kerry --during the last presidential debate and after spending an hour pandering to anyone over 18.

"And I swear that I don't have a gun"
-- Kurt Cobain

"There is no terrorist threat"
-- Michael Moore--Yeah right Michael, and there IS cheese cake left in your fridge.

"I support the troops, just not their mission."
-- Most Liberals

"Don't worry Mary, I'm a great driver"
-- Ted Kennedy-- uhh ok

Thursday, March 17, 2005

<-------New Feature

A link will now be on the side bar to a seperate blog with just photos on it.

Photos taken from my camera.

That's right, I said it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Let Men Be Men Again

This one goes beyond the liberal/conservative debate, although libs tend to be more silly when it comes to this...

Back in the 50's and the few decades that preceded, men were men and women were women. The roles were pretty much set in stone, and for a good reason...Because men and women are different. So then starting in the 60's sometime women started to feel that they were getting the short end of the stick, which may be true in a lot of cases. So they started the women's movement. This movement probably started off with good intentions and did help free women from some jerks who thought of women as sexual challenges only.

But then something went wrong, some women started feeling that they wanted more then equal treatment. They wanted to actually be men, but with breasts and other anatomical parts. And this went on for years. At this point some women found out that they can't be men. That somehow this wasn't going to be achieved..So did they settle on just being thought of as equal but with different roles...No..They decided to de-masculate men. To feminize them. But women are not all to blame..some lazy men thought that this was a great idea and they dreamed of not having to pay for dates and never having to open doors for women. This stuck, and it continues today. It got better during the early 90's. But I think we might be sinking back in to another decade of the girlie man.

Here's what we need to do. Men need to be able to be men again. This doesn't mean we have power over the woman..This doesn't mean we need to make more money. It simply means that we need to be able to be masculine in public. To open doors for women with pride. To be the physically stronger sex without being made to feel guilty about it. To embrace our differences as men and women. Stop over sensitizing us. Let us be the hunters and gatherers we were made to be. We can't live without women..And women can't live without us. So let us be who we are.

There is actually psychologists out there that preach that men and women are exactly the same and that our differences are learned behaviors. This is just the wussification of America spilling over into psychology. There is no way that men and women are or have ever been the same...the chemicals alone are so opposed.

I am not a sexist pig. I do not feel I need to exert power over women. Most of us men just want to be what comes natural to us. We want to know our role and cut the androgeny.

So let's let men be men again..before we all have wives with hyphenated last names!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Quack Liberal California Judges!

If this don't beat all! They must just be handing out judge robes and qualifications to every loon that walks out of a liberal college.
Another quack judge decides that the people of California have no rights to decide things for themselves whether or not they want Rod and Todd getting government benefits and a recognition from the state for their odd union. Judge Richard Kramer says that Californians "Can no longer limit marriage to opposite sex partners..." Can you believe that wording?? Anyone can marry anything under that and call it marriage now. I'm going to move to California and marry my hamster because liberal judge man said it was ok. Or maybe someone with a dual personality could marry themself...Oh but if they had multiple-personalities they'd have to get married in Utah where bigamy isn't as big a deal.

Why are we allowing the left to insert activist judges?? Why aren't we getting up and fighting the insanity?! It's so true, Liberals CAN NOT win issues any longer the democratic way. Why are we still calling them democrats? They should have to change their name to judge-o-crats, or maybe I-hate-the-system-o-crats, or maybe just commies.

All I know is that California is gonna need to put an amendment in their constitution banning gay marriage quick..This is getting crazy. How can one judge's opinion block the wishes of the people? Democrats claim that morality should not be legislated. That's a lie. They love to legislate morality as long as the "morality" is their own twisted agenda.

Democrats..Do you support using the courts to block the the majority opinions of the people?

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Is There A God?

Yes, of course there is. It's obvious. But I think we believers need to go further then just the simple basic answer. Let me just explain a small portion of what I think about that cemented my decision on the existence of God.

The theory that tries to explain our origin by totally natural means is completely bankrupt. The only other way is if the universe itself is eternal, and even that demands a power higher than ourselves. If you keep going backwards in time you have to eventually find a start. Before this start there must have been "nothing". Nothing is a concept that is impossible to even comprehend. But it would have to be there. Atheists will almost always go to some kind of theory that the universe was inverted...But even that must have a beginning. R.C. Sproul says it best...
"If something, anything, exists then something or someone exists necessarily. In other words, if something exists, then something else must have the power of existence within itself."
To me that means that even if only one solitary atom existed, and I mean one solitary atom, then something MUST have the power to create that atom. It can not create itself and nothing existed before it to spawn that atom. Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit...Out of nothing, nothing comes. That's a fact. You cannot get something from nothing without a cause. No effect without a cause. Now I suppose that I will be answering the usual next question, Where did God come from? That will be another post at another time.

Of course, from this point you do not automatically get Jehovah, the God of the Bible...But in a later issue I will explain why I believe that Judeo-Christian God is the one true God.

I couldn't possibly relay all the reasons why I believe in a higher power in this daily post..But the above is definitely a compelling reason and it certainly makes me wonder how anyone could think that we came from nothing....Which of course is an impossibility. Chance is not a power, it is a word that describes mathematical possibility.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

On The Horizon For The Life And Times.

What I plan for this blog in the near future....

* More emphasis on politics..In other words calling the democrats on their lies and lame ideas..possibly more making fun of Ted Kennedy's head.

* I bought a digital camera last night so I plan to annoy you with some annoying photos.

* Ann Coulter is coming to speak at KU on the 29th. I will be attending, Lord willing, so I will bring back a full report plus some photos of the event. I know how you crazy liberals love the Coulter!

* I may have one more Know Your Blogger coming soon.

* When I reach 5000 hits maybe I'll give a pizza party to my three loyal readers.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Fun Facts

* While in captivity Saddam Hussein is only allowed to eat two things, Honeycomb cereal and beef jerky. If he's good on Friday he gets a Twizzler.

* The Burger King Kids Club is one of the most exclusive and secretive clubs in the world. Most experts agree the BKKC controls the worlds banks and it is rumored that they were the ones that had JFK shot.

* Ted Kennedy's head is made up of 10% brain matter 30% vodka and 60% bad liberal ideas.

* U2's Bono is spending the day today having his mullet trimmed at a barber shop in Glasgow. Then he will start the process of working on yet another upcoming U2 CD. Which mainly just involves changing the title of the last one.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Pandering...The Liberal Way

Why can't democrats be who they are? Have you noticed this? Recently Hillary Clinton made positive comments about pro-lifers...That's unbelievable. And I know why she did it...Hillary Clinton is in full on pander mode because she is setting up audiences everywhere to get ready for her now definite 08' presidential run. She is pro-life in front of pro-life audiences and she is pro-abortion in front of liberal groups. She is a champion for women's rights in front of feminist groups and she is a pro-family conservative in front of right-wing groups. And of course I can't begin to name all the positions John Kerry took in order to attempt to get elected president. He was everything to everyone because he thought that we wouldn't notice that he wasn't being himself. Is the party as a whole just a facade? Well no, At least Howard Dean says what he means. For the most part. And where did that get him? Certainly not elected.

I know the answer to the opening question. The reason current modern day democrats can't be who they really are is because at heart the majority of them are anti-individual, anti-American socialists, and for some reason that doesn't go over to well with the majority of Americans. Generations of people have had family members and friends that have died on foreign soil in order to keep individual freedom alive. So you can possibly comprehend why some of us wouldn't be so keen on turning America into Europe-West.

So why would we want to vote for mask wearing socialists? They offer us freebies like so many shady characters offering kids candy from a windowless van. The answer is: I don't know why anyone that isn't a card carrying socialist or commie would vote democratic. But what do I know anyway? Don't answer that.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Know Your Blogger IV

* In 7th grade he was picked to do a math problem on the overhead projector, except somehow he got confused and instead of writing on the projector he started writing on the actual pull down white screen. The teacher yelled stop, but it was too late..Throughout that whole year whenever the teacher pulled down the white screen there was an answer to a math problem permananly written in black marker on it. How embarassing for him!

* Once in Utah on a mission trip he was helping run a VBS for little Navajo children on a reservation. It came time to play Red Rover, you know, the game where you try and break through two peoples interlocked hands. I guess he forgot he was playing with 3 and 4 year olds and in the spirit of competition he rammed through with all his might...two children knocked heads together..screaming ensued. He got yelled at by everyone that was within range of the situation and no one would talk to him for hours.

* He once had to go home from work after one of his co-workers put habanera pepper sauce in his hamburger. He accidently touched his eye with some of it and he couldn't open his eye for an hour. People were staring at him at stoplights because it looked like he had been crying.

* On the fourth of July one year in Tennessee his cousin stuffed a firecracker in a dead lizard and lit it...everybody ran but apparently he did not run far enough, the lizards head landed in his shirt pocket.

* One night before he could drive he went out with friends and then came home late after his parents were asleep. He realized he had forgotten his he pounded on the doors and windows to try and wake up his parents. They would not wake up no matter how hard he he had no choice but to sleep on the front porch...He eventually went and slept in his parents car after he woke up on the porch swing and a stray dog was licking his face.

* He once had to write "I will not disrespect my teachers" 50 times after he called his bald 8th grade shop teacher Mr. Clean during class.

Monday, March 07, 2005

For Democrats Every Day Is Halloween

"Feed me scotch!"

Remember when the democrats posed a real threat to us republicans? That wasn't long ago. It was when I was young. The republicans were sort of cowering in the face of certain defeat by a party that almost seemed to be able to communicate better with the poorest among us. They used this method called a scare tactic. It's a method that doesn't have to be based on any real truth or ethical foundation. "Republicans are gonna take away your social security", "Republicans want to poison the water and destroy the earth", "Bush is in league with Osama"..... All of these assertions and others similar worked....For a while. Now we find out that the dems have one play and one play only in their political play book. It's not a play to offer up advice, plans, or choice for the American's a play of scare the people into thinking your opponent is either Hitler incarnate or some sort of racist, hater of the poor. Again..that play worked, and then America realized that this was all they had. And then America realized that Republicans weren't actually poisoning water, being racist, or stealing money from grandma. They realized that the dems are too lazy to spend 5 minutes coming up with any type of coherent plan. And while the democrats got stuck in that groove the republicans sped around them offering tax cuts for all, freeing nations, ending cold wars, helping millions off of welfare, reforming education, and killing lots and lots of evil terrorists. And what has the democrats contribution to all of this...Whining and trying to scare people. Yea!!! Go democrats.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Police Codes

Police use a number code to describe different situations and conditions. For instance a 187 is code for homicide, a 207 indicates a kidnapping, a 211 is an armed robbery. Well I found some lesser known codes that the police use...

621 = urination in the public pool. 621-b of course means we have a floater.

314 = suspect coughed up a lung

213 = operating a sit-n-spin while under the influence

389 = someone in Wal-mart without a dirty tank top on

444 = using an iron to make a grilled cheese sandwich

121 = we got a midget throwing rocks at cars

998 = white guy trying to dance in the street

898 = a guy named daryl trying to pass himself off as cool

166 = 3 dudes jump out and just start wailing on this one guy

Wow who knew there were so many specific codes?

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Do Liberals Hate America?

I can honestly say that this is the greatest country on God's green earth. Not because we are better people morally or spiritually, that's certainly not the case, but we are the country that historically has abused our superpower status the least. We may be accused of being arrogant, but it's hard not to brag a little when we have such pride in our land. Baseball and apple pie still rock!

So how come we have a group of people called the liberals that are trying to squelch any sense of nationalism that exists? These are the people that want to turn America into West-Europe. I sometimes wonder, do they just hate America? This week one of the more liberal ones on the Supreme Court cited examples from "international law" when deciding to dis-allow the death penalty to be carried out on anyone under 18 years of age. I thought the Supreme Court's job was to uphold the Constitution, not look at what some guy named Piere decided over in France. Why even have a constitution in the first place if it can be tossed out when it doesn't suit one's agenda?

I'm not convinced that all liberals hate America...But I am convinced that a majority hate it's ideals. They hate patriotism.
Men are still dying for this country. Liberals and anti-American ideas are dangerous in this time of war. We must stand firm as America fans and fight against modern liberalism.

Friday, March 04, 2005

I Need A Vacation

Martha Stewart was let out of federal prison yesterday and is now going to be on house arrest for 5 months. Then I read this and it bothered me:

Forbes article
For the next five months, Stewart must wear an electronic anklet so authorities can track her every move. ......and [she] can leave home for up to 48 hours a week to work, shop or run other approved errands.

Oh my word, minus the anklet part I've been on house arrest for a while now. I need to get go away from here for awhile and take a long vacation. Or maybe I should just go ahead and get an anklet too while I'm at know, make it official.

Fuzzy Facts

* Most people are aware that the sandwich was invented by The Earl of Sandwich but not a lot are aware that Fritos were invented by a guy named Eric Cornchip.

* The reason that Aquaman stayed in the ocean most of the time was because he had severe social anxiety disorder. Plus he was born with gills...that was a big part of it too.

* Doctors from the Wichita area have concluded that Rene Stevens from Spangles resteraunts has Dyslexia...She thinks she's NOT annoying everyone to the point of suicide with her commercials.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Most Arrogant Man On Television

I am not a fan of Bill O'Reilly, I think he is an arrogant commentator. First off I believe that he would sell his mother into slavery if he thought it would buy him one extra point in the ratings. I think he has a crew that tell him which side of each issue he should take, also for ratings. And I believe that he is guilty of harassing that girl that sued him. He paid her off and I don't believe that innocent people are as quick to do this.
So many times the liberals will get all up in my face and accuse me of blindly following Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O'Reilly. I wouldn't follow Bill O'Reilly into a McDonalds much less rely on him for deciding what I believe. Hint: I don't rely on anyone but God for what I believe.

Oh yeah...and even on drugs, Rush is right!