Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Social Security FAQ For Dummies

I admit to being totally ignorant when it comes to much of the ado surrounding social security. I've done enough reading to realize that the reason we are going to be in a social security quagmire by the time I attempt to retire(from head janitor at NASA probably) is because the worms in congress spent it all instead of putting the money in any kind of safe lockbox. The democrats(you knew they were to blame somehow) of course are now telling you that there is no crisis, yet when Billy Clinton was president the crisis was "looming and imminent"...Can you believe the gall of these guys? They'd sooner watch us all go broke and starve rather than let Bush have an iota of credit for the good stuff he is doing.

Anyway, I found this great article containing FAQ(that's Frenquently Asked Questions for those of you that just came out of a 30 year coma) about the current retirement and social security situation. It's a much needed guide for those of us that aren't all that wise when it comes to government retirement programs. It might be a good one to bookmark.

By the way, even the thought that anyone believed that we could trust the government with managing our retirement money makes me think that they weren't as wise and smart back then as we give them credit for.

Aaron S.

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