Monday, February 21, 2005

People I Can't Quite Trust

There seems to be a few groups of people that no matter how hard I try I just don't quite fully trust them. I know they are good people, but something seems out of place. Let me just stereotype them now in a very un-PC way...

People I don't fully trust:

* Overly tan sorority girls -- I trust sorority girls, I trust girls with a heavy tan...for some reason I find overly tan sorority girls to be untrustworthy. Something about them conjures up images of girls that break guys hearts and drink too much and then never apologize for puking in your car.

* Guys that own their own pool cue stick -- These guys are just scary. I'm not talking about the ones that own a pool table at home. These are the guys that play pool at smoky pool halls until 2 am. Somehow they just don't seem to fit into society fully and pool is the outlet for their rebellion. And since pool has no exercise value whatsoever they generally are overweight. Also their El Camino has Burger King Whopper wrappers strewn about the backseat and floor.

* Men who have a pony tail and wear a trenchcoat -- These guys are the often the ones that are just waiting to get some kind of anti-society rogue militia started up with the neighbor guy who still lives in his parents basement. Also sometimes they themselves live in their parents basement.

* Women who are into WWF wrestling -- Ok, this is not as much untrustworthy as it is just sad. It's conceivable that some males might be into this stuff, I mean men are easily swayed by some pretty stupid stuff. But for the female gender to choose watching facade wrestling as a past time is just wrong. These women probably have what looks to be a mullet with really long bangs in the front. And they probably have or have recently owned an Aerosmith shirt. I've always told people that when the WWF is in town for a show, that's the best night to go shopping at Walmart....less of a crowd, I think they send half the employees home that night.

* Men who have a pony tail, wear a trenchcoat, and own their own pool cue stick -- These are the most dangerous men in the world. If you see!

Aaron S.


Anonymous said...

lol funny times


markerfactory said...

I've always had a hard time trusting Wal-Mart greeters. They're always over 80 and are extremely selective in whom they greet. If you walk in alone, they might greet you. If you walk in with a friend or friends, don't count on being greeted. They just stand back and are really sly, and sometimes try to run you over with a cart.

metromode said...

i can't trust midgets or people who start sentences with "the reason i see it like that is." don't be fooled, they're always lying.