Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A Light In The Darkness

I guess not everyone in Hollywood is a life hating liberal. One person at least is a born again Christian and I think that's something that Christians everywhere should be grateful for. Patricia Heaton is a strong Christian with what seem to be real roots in the Bible and in Jesus Christ:
"I think the bottom line is that God reached down in time and provided us with a way of reaching Him, which is through Himself in the person of Christ, and that the act of the crucifixion and the resurrection was something that was necessary for the whole world to be able to be reconciled to God," Heaton explained.

"I know personally that my only hope for living in eternity with God is the work that was done on the cross," she added

And she gives Christianity more than just lip service. This article at www.religionjournal.com, which contains the above quote, explains where Heaton's faith comes from and how she is taking a stand for life in an industry that portrays morality as farce.

Did I mention that she's also a very attractive woman?

Aaron S.

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