Saturday, February 12, 2005

Letters To The Editor

Emails I have received from various people about this publication....

Dear Mr. Stigall,

Your blog means so much to me. It is a breath of fresh air to read it as I awake in the morning. Of course I don't get much fresh air here where I am, my cell mate Ahkmar smells like roasted goat and feet.

One blog post I appreciated was the one about Patricia Heaton being a born-again Christian. It's refreshing to see such a lamb among the wolves of Hollywood. Her career really took off after Everybody Loves Raymond became a big hit. Unfortunately we only get a couple of stations down here in my undisclosed-location jail cell. One station is called TMN which of course is The Mohammed Network it's mostly Three's Company reruns, in Arabic of course. And then the only other station we get is The Learning Channel. The bright side is I learned how to spruce up the cell by watching reruns of Trading Spaces. You'd be surprised what a well placed doily and some satin drapes will do with a small room. And by the way, that Paige Davis is a fox, Whoot wooo!

The Americans haven't treated me too bad. But I do get sick of them putting me on a dog leash and making Ahkmar and I build a naked pyramid. What animals! The food isn't so bad either but why do they insist on putting ketchup on everything; I like my broiled rat plain, I told them that thirty times.

Anyway I better get going. Dude, seriously, keep up the great blogging, It truly is a great site.

....Oh I almost forgot...Death to you. Death to George Bush(both of them). And death to America.

Stay cool man,

Saddam Hussein

What a class act all around!

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