Friday, February 18, 2005

Let The Schools Teach Evolution As Theory...Not Fact

Don't ever let anyone tell you that macro-evolution is fact. Here in Kansas we are in yet another fight over whether or not the school board should place stickers on science text books that says that evolution is not yet a proven is a theory.

I want them to go a step further and begin to make intelligent-design a part of the ciriculum along side the teaching of evolution. Those that push the pro-evolution/atheist agenda are absolutely threatened by the fact that their years of brainwashing might have to have competition from an equally plausible(more even) theory of our origin. The claim that intelligent design promotes a religion is absolutely ridiculous. All it says is that the universe is so complex that it shows signs of deliberate design.. It makes no claim to who this "designer" is.

This only goes to prove that that evolutionists have created an agenda that is so hostile to God that even hinting any questions against evolution will send them in to a tailspin of rage. And yet they generally claim to have no agenda.

Evolution is a theory no matter how hard they try to claim it to be fact. It is not rocket science or mathematics that can be recreated in a lab or on paper. It is guesswork and have such anger at the prospect of placing a sticker that says "this is a theory" on text very telling. Teach evolution...but don't lie about it.

I have so much more to say about this but I need to keep these little rants and ramblings short. I'll be back!

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Anonymous said...

1) Evolution does not attack religion. It goes quite well with the approach that God created life, and then let it do its own thing, intervening when necessary. (Descartes' God)

2)Science says evolution is a theory. A scientific theory is something that has been observed for an extended amount of time, and has not been disproven. Granted, it could still be disproved, 200 years is a short time in the great scheme of things, but the amount of evidence mounting for it increases from day to day, especially in light of the human genome project. the massive amount of genomic sequenceing that has gone on it the last 15 years is amazing. it has shown that there are many different similarities between various species. For example, Humans and chimpanzees share more than 95% IDENTICAL DNA. The biggest single difference is that sometime a chromosomeal pair was absorbed into another chromosome during the cell cycle, but scientists can still see where the chromosome was added to the other. The human genome consists of 3.2 Billion nucleotides. Just 95% of that is still 3 billion nucleotides. The chance for those to be in the same spot are (1/4)^3billion. That is almost 0. Hence the relatedness of the species. Now as far as macroevolution, we have seen that in Darwin's finches. There are 4 different nucleotides. Science cannot prove anything. It can only disprove something.

3) The argument that intelligent design implies religious attitudes is because a) most of the people who believe in intelligent design are, and sorry for sounding bad or condescending, a bit preachy Christians. Because of this the intelligent designer is associated with the Christian God.

His entire theory is based off of logic. DNA shows similar trends, which support Darwin's hypothesis. Sure, the designer could have made them this way, but that is something we can never prove. That is something beyond the realms of science.

5) if you believe in microevolution, it is almost necessary to believe in macroevolution. the only difference is that that macro deals with large scale changes, where micro deals with small scale changes which cause new species to form. We have observed microevolution occurring with HIV in the battle of drugs.