Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Know Your Blogger Pt III

* He is easily taken in by scams...In high school he really thought he was the best one in the school when he was notified that he was chosen for the "who's who" book. What a gullible dope!

* He hates it when people insist on harmonizing the last line of "Happy birthday to you" yet insists on being the guy that adds the "And Many More...." at the end....Everyone hates that guy.

* Once in the middle of math class he sat for about 1 minute before he realized that his nose had been bleeding all over his shirt. In order to cover up the embarrassment and to avoid having people think something serious was wrong, he shouted loudly.."Oh man, my nose is bleeding!" then he got up and ran out of the room. Everyone laughed and he got in trouble for disrupting the class.

* Until he was 17 people would still think he was a female on the phone because of his high voice...Usually to avoid explaining it to them he would just pretend he was a female if there was any confusion. What a handsome lady he was!

* As a very young child he thought that when a couple had a baby they had no choice on what race the baby was going to be...He is literally quoted by his parents as saying "Dad, when I was born did you think I was going to be Chinese?"

* He once worked for 2 days at UPS.. The job was so physically demanding and he was so out of shape that he actually threw up on the first day in the employee bathroom from heat exhaustion. Did I mention that he is still out of shape and that even thinking about UPS now makes him tired?

* In high school he was in the Madrigal ensemble. Once when they were singing at a popular mall a part came up where he was supposed to step forward from the group and sing a solo part. He forgot the words and just stepped forward and hummed. He was never given a solo part again.

Pt IV to follow soon.....

Aaron S.

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