Monday, February 14, 2005

How I Celebrate Black History Month

I am currently obsessed with Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Ray Charles. As a semi-rhythm-less white guy I find no greater pleasure then lounging around and cranking some "A Change Is Gonna Come" up to 10 on my stereo. That song makes me wish I was there to march on Washington along with Martin Luther King. It's one of those rare songs that makes the hair stand up on my skin.

I think that racism is often kept alive by those that constantly still think they are getting screwed by the man, and I have a problem with that. But I do believe that if any race deserves a month of history recognition it's the blacks. Up until 50 years ago blacks were treated like cattle no matter where they were in the world. And they offered so much culture that we so selfishly ignored since the beginning of time.

I used to scoff at "Black history Month", thinking it was only furthering bigotry and racism... But now I think it's a time we can actually reflect on a group of people that weren't even considered people for generations. Sam Cooke and Ray Charles refused to do 2 segregated shows at tour stops, one for the whites and one for the blacks, which was the law in the south, this alone may have changed race relations more than Martin Luther King and Malcom X combined because white people were as big of fans of both singers as were the blacks.

You probably aren't going to see me at a King lecture, but I will definitely be listening to some Otis Redding or Etta James when you do see me. I admire the contributions these and many other singers offered the modern culture. A culture that desperately needs another Sam Cooke to counter the rap culture that now dominates and "speaks" for the Black community. Cooke and Redding died way too young.

I'd like to further add that the myths and outright lies that the left have heaped upon conservatives concerning race relations are coming back to bite them. A basic study will show you that percentage-wise more Republicans than democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act. Republicans helped shape the changes that would help African Americans become full citizens. Democrats often feel the need to lie to the black community in order to keep them tightly in their socialist grasp. It's sad.

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