Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Could George W. Bush Be Right?

It would be a shocking discovery if it's true! I mean who would think that freeing people from tyranny would be the right thing to do. Look at all the past leaders who helped people earn their freedom...Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Ghandi, Ronald Reagan..I've barely heard of these guys. Everyone thought they were wrong at the time. The libs thought Reagan was going to cause WWIII, yet it's more likely he kept it from happening.

A German opinion writer named Claus Christian Malzahn wrote this piece yesterday asking the question: Could George W. Bush be right? And I think he makes a great comparison of Bush's speech this week in Germany to Reagan's famous Berlin wall speech in 1987. Bush proposed this week that Germans and all Europeans take a wider role in the reformation of the middle east area. A reformation that would attempt to make Democracies out of tyranny, a feat that most Europeans scoff at. In 1987 Reagan was torn apart in the opinion pieces following his speech telling Gorbachev to "Tear down this wall", speaking of course of the wall that divided East and West Germany. No one believed that it was possible. Yet it happened, maybe not solely because of Reagan but it's doubtful that it would have happened without him. Bush was very Reaganesque this week in his speeches delivered across Europe.

Will Europe finally realize that in order to have peace in the world sometimes you have to have war? Will Europeans finally realize that the future is more important than the past and the present? Will Europeans finally come to grips with the fact that after they die people will come after them and that our actions now will make or break them?

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