Friday, January 14, 2005

Two Things That Have Angered Me Recently..

Anger is a gift.

* Republicans won the election and not by the smallest margin. But now we are letting the democrats try their same old tricks. We need to be on the offensive. It's time to let them know that we will fight useless change and dangerous flinching in the face desperate terrorists. We will not use world opinion to govern our nation. We will not yank God out of the public square because one atheist fakes offence at it. And yes I believe their "offence" is just a front for a deeper hatred of Christians as a whole.

* What is the deal with the liberal agenda blocking an alternate view other than evolution be taught in schools? What are they threatend by...truth and open-mindedness??? "Truth" and "open-mindedness" is supposedly their baby. What a bunch of liars. They want so badly to control our children's minds. Controlling our minds is the only way they can ever expect to get power because the American people don't stand for their slimy ways at the actual ballot box. This is why they use activist judges to circumvent the American voter. It's a crime and it should be confronted.


kodos423 said...

Dude, I can't really help you too much with the first thing, but as for the, evolution is taught instead of creationism because creationism is theology. It's sorta interesting that you talk about controlling people's minds - you are aware that there are some non-christian people currently residing in the US, right? And that we are not actually a theocracy?
Truth and open-mindedness? Um, yeah, sure, that sort of squares with putting god in the public square.

Anyway, nice kind of guilted me into commenting, I hope I'm not being too reactionary for ya...

Aaroncoal said...

Here's how I view it. The natural view point for the origins of the universe is a bankrupt, silly and just downright ridiculous viewpoint. Ex nihilo nihil fit...which means "out of nothing, nothing comes."

I'm not saying that we preach Christianity I'm saying we simply throw out several viewpoints and say.."here are the theories"
Intelligent Design really isn't much of a theology. I mean it is technically I suppose, but it does not venture a guess if the designer is a God, mother earth, the toothfairy or Elvis. It's up to them to decide because I got news for you...naturalistic evolution is a bankrupt theory that is being abandoned faster than the plague. Darwin failed us all.

Thanks for you comment!