Thursday, January 20, 2005

Know Your Blogger II

The man behind the blog...

*He was in a fight in the 8th grade. He won the fight only because he hit the other guy twice in the head and then sat on him so until the bell rang and recess was over. He then ran as fast as he could until he was safely in the school...What a huge wuss.

* In kindergarten the kid next to him threw up strawberries all over himself during morning calendar time...The emotional scarring from that incident has never fully healed.

* He used to believe that he would make a great soldier until he learned that you have to get up early. Also he isn't very good with taking orders. Also he doesn't do well if he can't watch TV until he falls asleep. Also exercise is really hard.

* One time during a job interview he was asked about any regrets he has had involving other jobs. He then went into a long story about how at a previous job he was nearly fired because of a big screw up he had made. Realizing that this might not have portrayed him in the best light he nervously tried to backtrack by saying, "but they didn't fire me because they were really short handed at the time". He never heard from that company again. Most likely they burned his job application.

* He'd sooner take a beating than to ever eat a bowl of tomato soup.

* He likes to tell people that he was an avid athlete in the recent past when in all truthfulness he played two seasons of soccer at age 7 and that's it. He didn't score a goal in those two years, but he did hold the record for having the most consecutive games in which he ended up crying at some point during the game.

* You know when you are at a church function and someone starts praying for the dinner or something but you don't realize it and you just keep talking out loud to your buddy really loud and now everyone else has gotten quiet and is trying to shut you up but you obliviously keep talking...That has happened to him a lot.

* He has castrated a calf before..No lie.

* He delivered a baby once in a stuck elevator when he was only 12...No wait...That one actually was a lie.

That concludes part II of a look into the life of this blogger.. Part III will just be around the corner..

Aaron S.


Ilona said...

I get the feeling this guy has red color 'issues'.
heehee heehee heehee.

never mind.

Aaroncoal said...

I never liked the color red much...too flashy. I think the republican states should switch to would make the map look way cooler.

Me said...

Good to know, good to know...

Your blog is interesting, found the address of the TTR forum.